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A Step-by-Step Course To

 Market, Brand and Accelerate Your Ecommerce Biz

in 100 days

claim your stake in the rapid growth of ecommerce

Without broken business models, confusing uneducated advice or wasted capital.

If you’re a working stiff, Amazon seller or digital marketer ready to replace your 9-5 with your own ecommerce business, then you already know you need to niche down.

Ecommerce Growth

Even with the rapid growth of ecommerce, online sales only account for less than 15% of overall product sales. This means that lots of untapped ecommerce product niches emerge all the time.

E-commerce share of total global retail sales from 2015 to 2021

You already know the giant Gorilla in the room, Amazon. They account for over 40% of all ecommerce sales (source: eMarketer). Amazon’s massive reach of customers (and their stored credit card numbers) is something no ecommerce entrepreneur can ignore.

While it is possible for a brand to succeed on Amazon, you’ll face stiff competition and tight margins on their turf.

Perhaps you’ve already invested $10K+ into selling on Amazon with little to no luck? A $10K investment in your own website will go 100X further.

So how can you flip the script on them?

As a self-starter who has the internal drive to succeed, you should be able to grow and monetize your own website (with or without products).

Heres What YOU


Even if you’re lucky enough to drum up a few sales DROPSHIPPING OR SELLING ON AMAZON…

…. having your own brand on your OWN website…

Puts You In Control Of Your Own Business

You should be able to reap the financial rewards of your own hard work. You’ve earned the right to make your own path as an Ecommerce CEO – instead of someone that grinds to see someone else shine.

Let’s be real:

You’re not looking to be an overnight internet millionaire success story. Escaping your dead-end job and becoming the shot caller on your business is what drives you.

At this point in your career, you’re allowed to spend more time with your kids than chained to a desk. And you’ve already put too much time into growing a business that wasn’t yours.

Generates Multiple, Consistent Income Streams

Even if you’re happy just selling your own branded product line, once you have a successful niche site, you’ll be able to generate Amazon affiliate income from other products in your niche.

If you’re private labeling Vegan lipstick, why not monetize the traffic for vegan handbags, sandals and makeup brushes too?

Selling private label physical products and affiliate marketing are two of the most scalable online businesses.

Gives You A Distinct Competitive Advantage

While everyone else is drop shipping generic products, you’ll be able to carve out a unique market position that commands higher margins.

Anyone can duplicate your products and designs.

The real connection your brand marketing creates with your target audience is much harder to copy.

With strategic brand planning, you’ll avoid the pricing race to the bottom and be in complete control of your margins.

Positions You For Future Growth

When you zero in on a micro niche, you’ll be able to get traction and expand your line of products as you scale. People forget all the time that Amazon started with just books.

Once you build up your rankings on Google, you’ll be able to get consistent traffic you can monetize by selling your private labeled products or pushing that traffic to Amazon for a commission.

Once you’ve mastered your first product line, you’ll already have traffic on tap for your next line.


The path to getting started is anything but

Start My Niche Ecommerce Website?


But where do i start?

You have every intention of one day (eventually) starting your own business.

You might even have thought of a catchy name for your LLC and scooped domains on GoDaddy.

Maybe you’ve even listed products on Amazon, or Shopify.

Here’s why most ecommerce startups never get started…

When you jump into entrepreneurship, there’s no one there to tell you how to do your job.

You’ve got to figure it out on your own.

When it comes to your “side hustle” – not knowing what to do next or how to focus your attention is your biggest kryptonite.

So your GoDaddy account turns into a graveyard of domains and your monthly Shopify bill is a harsh reminder of how little progress you’ve made.

Your Facebook feed gets filled with ads from ecommerce guru’s driving Lamborghinis, pushing shiny object business models that make turning a profit seem like taking candy from a baby.

But you’re smart enough to recognize a scam when you see one. You know that a legit business needs capital and a smart growth strategy – but you’ve never been able to string it together methodically.

The growth of ecommerce is real. But it’s easy to get jaded and confused trying to turn bite-sized tips into an actionable business strategy.

I took 5 slow years to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. If I had a clear, step-by-step plan in 2008, I would have done it in 2 years, tops.

5 Practical Reasons

Most Ecommerce Businesses FaiL


Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3
Reason #4
Reason #5
Reason #1

Poorly Leveraged Business Model

All right let’s get this out of the way right now. You CAN NOT build a sustainable business by dropshipping generic products…building someone else’s brand…pouring money into a selling platform you don’t own…positioning on price alone…relying on one-hit wonders…

So many people are out there masking “get rich quick” schemes as “simple” ecommerce business models you can start with “no investment.”

If you’re not investing resources in your own brand and website – you’re playing the wrong game.

No amount of hustle, money or time will fix a poorly leveraged business model.

What should you do instead?

Creating your own branded website and generating your own traffic is the foundation of EVERY smart online business model.

Period. End of story. Bottom line.

Growing your own product niche website allows you to scale and monetize your traffic using two business models (private label and affiliate marketing).

You need to be in a position to sell your own private label products and dip into Amazon’s revenue stream – instead of them dipping into yours all the time.

Reason #2

Missing The 3 P’s Of Product-Market Fit

My email subscribers ask me to look at their sites every single day.

And every day, I see ecommerce sites with a mix mash of products and no clear target audience.

And I have to give them this awkward answer:

“No offense, but I don’t think your users will buy a necklace and a treadmill from you.”

… or a t-shirt and a laptop…

Throwing up a bunch of random products and seeing what sticks ain’t gonna fly in 2019.

Trendy products won’t replace a smart business model either.

If you cashed in on fidget spinners, good for you. For every ONE of you – there’re THOUSANDS of retailers with dead money tied up in fidget spinner inventory.

What should you do instead?

For everyone else, you need to “niche down” and look for these 3 things.

  1. Product Demand
  2. Precise Target Market Size
  3. Potential For Brand Marketing

I call these the 3 P’s of Ecommerce Product-Market Fit

The good news is, because of the rapid growth of ecommerce, untapped product niches emerge daily. And all you need is one product or category that meets that criteria.

Finding product-market fit is a repeatable and data-driven process. There are data points for each of the 3 P’s Of Product-Market Fit.

One of the biggest mistakes is entering a market without any idea of your potential target market size. When the data is right there in front of you. You just have to learn how to use it.

Reason #3

Branding Is An Afterthought (If Thought Of At All)

My first venture into ecommerce was quite the failure. We had a losing business model (but we didn’t know it then).

We were selling other people’s brands (via wholesale) and not investing in our own.

The margins were razor thin, and our visitors were always one Amazon search away from finding a better price for the brands we were carrying.

We had the traffic and following, but we didn’t have the right foundation. We were always promoting other brands.

Why would people buy from us, if there wasn’t anything unique about our brand? No deeper connection?

Just because everyone wants to buy fidget spinners, doesn’t mean they want to buy YOUR fidget spinner. Your brand needs to deliver value beyond the products you sell.

What should you do instead?

The funny thing is…

Brand marketing does not have to cost you a penny.

And luckily for you, very few businesses have a documented brand marketing strategy.

You need to develop your brand identity, market positioning, and competitive strategy before spending a dime.

Reason #4

No Scalable System or Processes

You can’t just “wing it.”

There’s too much at stake.

Your money. Your time. Your hustle.

You can’t let it waste by tinkering around on a never-ending hobby.

Setting up a website that accepts payment is a pretty simple proposition.

But it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by all the tactics, strategies and product trends that seem to emerge daily.

  • How do I choose the right niche
  • How will I get sales?
  • What ecommerce platform should I use?
  • How to find the right keywords?
  • What the heck is a funnel?
  • How do I get traffic? Facebook ads? Influencer outreach? Guest posting?
  • Does Shopify Integrate with MailChimp?

Trying to get from A – Z without a process is tough.

All these questions swirl around in your head and you spend too long in over-thinking mode.

Then Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) strikes.

SOS is a real thing. And without a clear next step, that Facebook notification will command your attention before you can create any momentum.

So you end up getting lost in the weeds of self-doubt.

What You Should Do Instead

You need to leverage practical, repeatable steps in every area of your online business.

So you know what to do when to do it, and how to do efficiently.

Having a clear step-by-step process gives you the confidence to push the pedal to the metal.

And stop the second-guessing that’s keeping you stuck in first gear.

Reason #5

No Content Marketing Strategy

Too many entrepreneurs expect people to buy on the first visit. They set up a product page, spend $500 on Facebook ads, generate $73 of sales and quit without giving their brand or content any real chance.

When in reality it takes 6-7 interactions with a brand before people will buy (Source: Marketo)

Yet, 99.9% of entrepreneurs only have a plan to generate 1 interaction.

What You Should Do Instead

Don’t invest money in ads without a customer-driven content marketing strategy.

Constantly “mixing things up” is not a strategy.

Leverage your customer generating content and automate your sales and marketing funnel.

Lucky for you, most ecommerce brands get content completely wrong.

There’s a process of creating content that’s mapped to the buyer journey. You can learn and implement it.

The Good News is…

Starting Your Own Niche Ecommerce Website Can Be Boiled Down To A Science

As you already saw, ecommerce is growing like crazy, but still only a tiny fraction of overall retail.

That means it’s not too late to dust off your ideas and get them on track.

You are completely capable of starting an online business if you follow a systematic approach to Market, Brand and Accelerate (MBA) it…

When you have a clear framework to follow, you’ll

  • Avoid the anxiety pumping question of “what to do next?”
  • Penetrate unsaturated markets and establish a presence before big brands notice
  • Have a crystal clear understanding of how to position your brand
  • Be in control of a highly leveraged business model, where you reap the rewards of your time, hustle and resources
  • Own a powerful and consistently growing asset that can generate revenue from two separate monetization strategies (private label and affiliate marketing)
  • Have a “big picture” understanding of marketing and be able to generate and scale traffic for long term success

YES, these outcomes are totally within your reach (whether you are starting from scratch, or hitting the reset button for the 10th time)…

Investing your resources in a product-focused micro niche brand is the smartest way to tap into two smart ecommerce business models.

But you have to follow a straight line, step-by-step approach.

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my signature niche site building system….


Ecommerce MBA

A Complete System To Market, Brand and Accelerate Your Niche Ecommerce Website

Is THe FIRST and ONLY Program of Its Kind That…

  • Shows you how to monetize your niche ecommerce site with private label products and affiliate marketing
  • Gives you a data-driven approach to discover, validate and enter a product niche
  • Helps you translate marketing fundamentals to tangible tasks that increase your brand perception and value
  • Prevents you from getting hung up on the tech stuff so you can deploy an ecommerce website marketing machine
  • Shows you how to get traffic to your website from content marketing and advertising

I’ve made it work “out in the wild” for over a decade. I’ve trained corporate teams, startups, and even virtual assistants the processes I used to market, brand and accelerate website growth.

If you’re serious about learning how to launch an ecommerce business, I’m ready and willing to help you learn the ropes.

Darren DeMatas
Instructor, Darren DeMatas

I’ve packed my MBA in Internet Marketing, Bachelors in Advertising and over a decade of Internet marketing experience consulting for 7-figure brands into paving your way to online entrepreneurship.

Ecommerce MBA is not some stuffy classroom program or phony “internet millionaire” Hollywood production style course with no substance.

Ecommerce MBA is real education. Based on real results and solid marketing principles.

Ecommerce Affiliate Webinar Spring 2019 2
Increased Revenue By 7-Figures In 9 Months
I increased campaign profitability.
Increased ROI By 1550%
Ecommerce Affiliate Webinar Spring 2019
From Launch to 1M Users In 18 Months
Ecommerce Affiliate Webinar Spring 2019 1
51% Increase In Revenue In One Month – With Less Traffic
Ecommerce Affiliate Webinar Spring 2019 3
Turned On SEO and Content Marketing

Results speak for themselves. I’ve seen, firsthand, Darren’s impact on traffic and revenue on multiple web properties.
Testimonials Headshots3
Vladimir Gritsenko
VP Of Marketing At X-Cart
Darren is one of the best internet marketers that I’ve ever met.
Eddie Machaalani
Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of BigCommerce
Each week, he ran a live webinar to train internet marketing best practices to hundreds of our staff. He teaches people in a way that they actually learn.
Vikas Rijsinghani
Senior Executive President of Online Marketing at
I got my first 100 orders after taking Darren’s advice! I can’t wait for the course.
Testimonials Headshots7
Haylee Perez
Founder Of Vida Soap

Ecommerce MBA is real training. From a real practitioner and highly educated trainer.

My case studies (dating back to 2014) caught the attention of publications including Forbes, SEMrush and

I have 10 years of corporate marketing experience for retail, manufacturing and Internet marketing companies. More importantly, a decade in the trenches growing websites by putting in the hustle.


Ecommerce MBA

Module #1
Module #2
Module #3
Module #4
Module #5
Module #1

Product Market Fit and Niche Validation

Now – I’ll be the first to tell you that building and monetizing websites is hard work and building a brand takes time.

But you can make that process easier by choosing the right niche.

Stack the odds in your favor before you even start.

Module #1 Highlights

  • Learn the 3 P’s of product market fit and the tell-tale signs of saturated markets
  • Discover how to brainstorm ideas on what product niches to enter
  • Learn exactly how to zero in on affiliate and private label opportunities
  • Leverage Amazon, Google, Facebook and other tools to gauge demand, competition and market potential of your niche ideas
  • Learn how to compare your ideas objectively and choose the most viable ones

Module #2

Sourcing Branding Products

By the end of this module, you’ll possess the knowledge and resources needed to secure a reliable supplier for your product niche.

I’ll also teach you how to avoid the common supply chain scams lurking on the internet.

You’ll end up with samples of products you can brand as your own. Without wasting time researching suppliers.

Product Sourcing Highlights

  • I’ll show you tons of examples of easily brandable product ideas and 3 ways to source them
  • Tips and strategies to help you avoid products customers instantly recognize as generic
  • How to avoid the 10 most common scams and red flags of suppliers
  • A “common sense” 3-step supplier verification process, so you can quickly find, contact and negotiate with suppliers
  • Word for word email templates for reaching out and negotiating with suppliers, so you don’t sound like a complete amateur

Module #3

7-figure brand marketing that you can do yourself

You can’t dominate a market you don’t understand.

We’ll conduct a thorough competitive analysis and dive deep into potential target audiences.

Once you have dialed in your competitive analysis and persona development, you’ll be in a prime position to develop your core brand identity.

Brand Marketing Highlights

  • Get a full picture of the competitive landscape with a Blueprint and Template that walks you through the entire process of data-driven market analysis.
  • Reverse engineer successful brand marketing so customers instantly recognize you as a legit market player.
  • Spy on your competitor’s target audience using “Facebook Personas” and “Interest Stacking”
  • Learn how to use the 5 Dimensions of Brand Personality to create a congruent brand image.
  • A Brand Style Guide with plug and play templates for your value proposition, brand positioning, and voice.
  • The “Floor / Ceiling” Pricing Strategy that guarantees profitability even If you discount your price.

Module #4

Ecommerce Content Marketing Automation

Now that we finally understand our competitors, our target market and our brand position – it’s time to create some web content, build your website and set up your sales and marketing funnels.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with tech recommendations and walk-through style video tutorials.

You’ll start by following my keyword research blueprint to find “easy traffic” keywords and shareable topic ideas.

We will only be focusing on keywords along the path of the buyer so you won’t waste any time creating irrelevant content.

Content and Automation Highlights

  • Learn how to create a “Buyer Map” keyword list focuses on products and personas
  • How to conduct competitive keyword analysis to take advantage of low hanging keywords
  • How to use Search Intent Optimization to get the most possible clicks from Google
  • A newbie friendly standard operating process to create on brand, semantically optimized content that consistently ranks in Google
  • Getting started walk-through tutorials of WordPress, WooCommerce, and email marketing automation

Module #5

Website Promotion Strategies To Accelerate Your Brands Growth

Just because your website is “Live” on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s officially “launched.” It’s time to turn the traffic on.

We’re not going to go crazy with the budget, we just want enough initial traffic to start greasing the wheel.

You’ll learn on-demand traffic generation and how to get long term organic SEO traffic.

Website Promotion Highlights

  • Content Campaign Blueprints to help you create that people want to share
  • Promotion strategies to kick-start your brand awareness the second you launch
  • Facebook advertising campaign set up and walkthrough
  • My 7-step outreach process that I’ve used to get brands mentioned on sites like Bloomberg, TechCrunch and Forbes
  • Templates for outreach, replies, and negotiations to make the process easier
  • Promotion and link building tutorials to soar your search engine rank and increase the authority and popularity of your site.
  • Low-cost niche advertising opportunities that will align with your brand and drive traffic.

Bonus 1: Unlimited Email Support For 100 Days

I’ll personally answer every single question you have about my program and your business.

Get the same level of support my paying 7-figure clients get. You’ll get attentive feedback and private input to your ideas.

Bonus 2: Private Facebook Accountability Group

The hardest part of online entrepreneurship is the loneliness. It’s easy to get stuck and fall into a black hole. If you need a swift kick in the butt, an ear to bounce ideas off of, need a digital high five or even a shoulder to cry on – I’ll personally offer that in the Facebook private group.

Sometimes just knowing that other people want to see you succeed is psychologically huge.

Bonus 3: Live Office Hours

During Office Hours, I will be available for private Live Chat Support. I’ll also pop in the Facebook group answer questions and share “what’s working now.”

Having a dedicated time where course instructor is available to help is something that few (if any) courses offer.


Lifetime Access To “Ecommerce MBA”
($2,497 Value)

  • 42 Video Training (Lessons, Tutorials and Walk-throughs)
  • 28 Blueprints, Workbooks, Templates, Ebooks and Checklists
  • Find Untapped Ecommerce Markets Using a Proven Framework For Product-Market Fit
  • 7-figure Brand Marketing Strategies That Create Customers and Trumps Competitors
  • Learn How To Monetize Your Website With Or Without Private Label Products
  • Learn How To Use Content and Funnels To Automate Sales On Your Ecommerce Website
  • Promote Your Website Using PR, Facebook Ads, Niche Advertising, Content Promotion and Link Building
  • Bonus 1 – Unlimited Email Support For 100 Days ($1,497 Value)
  • Bonus 2 – Exclusive Peer Accountability Facebook Group ($297 Value)
  • Bonus 3 – Live Chat / Office Hours ($1,497 Value)

Take The Profitable Ecommerce Niche Challenge

Let me say this up front:

Ecommerce MBA is the most efficient, step-by-step implementation program for entrepreneurs who are excited and committed about marketing, branding and accelerating a niche site this year.

So you can finally transition away from spending the best years of your life making other people rich. But you got to learn the ropes and put in the work.

This Ecommerce MBA program is the REAL education, training, practical steps and guidance you need from an experienced and credible Internet marketing professional.

Unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait 8 weeks before you can kinda, sorta get results. Or even worse, I don’t expect you to invest $2,495 or more with absolutely no refund policy.

That’s crazy! I can’t believe so many gurus are getting away with that.

Learning online shouldn’t be like that.

Once you enroll, you’ll have access to the first 3 modules, and the Niche Selection Blueprint within the first 30 days. Meaning you’ll have the opportunity to find and validate your product niche and start developing your core brand BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel like you are on your way to a profitable niche site just send me an email at show me you tried and I’ll gladly refund your purchase within 30 days. No questions asked.

Total Value over $5,700

You get a Master’s level education in ecommerce, step-by-step blueprints and support from the course creator.


$ 99

  • Lifetime Access To Ecommerce MBA
  • 40+ Video Lessons To Help You Monetize Your Website With Or Without Products
  • 100 Days Of Unlimited Email Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Designated Office Hours With Live Chat

30-Day Money Back Guarantee



$ 999

  • Lifetime Access To Ecommerce MBA​
  • 40+ Video Lessons To Help You Monetize Your Website With Or Without Products
  • 100 Days Of Unlimited Email Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Designated Office Hours With Live Chat

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Save $189

What people asked before signing up for Ecommerce MBA

How much money do I need to start a niche ecommerce site?

Ecommerce MBA on using a system of checks and balances to ensure that you don’t waste money pursuing a bad business idea.

Let me be the first to tell you that starting ANY legit business requires financial resources. The goal of a business is to put $1 in and get $2 back.

There’s no clear cut “one budget fits all” answer on the exact amount. How much you put into it depends on a few things.

After you enroll, you’ll start the market research process, using a tool you can try for $7. You can do most of your market research for free.

Once it is time to set up your business and website, you’ll need to understand the potential costs involved:

  • domain and hosting
  • website and marketing software
  • content, photos, and images
  • business licenses (optional at the start)
  • source products (optional at the start)
  • advertising (optional at the start)

If you plan to launch without products and bootstrap everything – you can cut a lot of costs like business set up and product sourcing. You should expect to invest at least $1K over the first 6 months of your website launch – but that is really bootstrapping it.

For a solid private label product launch and 6 months of marketing, I would budget anywhere between $5K and $20K. The cost is higher because there’s more overhead involved. Plus you’ll need to advertise your website to get traffic right away. Flat out, there’s just more to do and more software you’ll need.

Of course, you can spend more than that, if you hire an agency and quickly scale your Facebook ads.

Compared to the cost of renting a strip mall space for 12 months – I think it’s a modest investment. Even though there’s a lot less overhead running a website than a brick and mortar business – you still need to have capital.

But when you invest in your own website, you’ll possess a highly leveraged monetized asset that you can keep growing, or sell. You’re not just handing cash over to Amazon.

You are the owner of the business. Not paying rent.

How long before I can expect to generate revenue from my website?

Ecommerce MBA guides you through the process of a 100-day launch – and gives you the resources to continue marketing your website for years to come.

If you are selling private label physical products and follow the program step-by-step and in order, you should expect to get sales within a few days after you launch. Because we will be using sales funnels and Facebook ads to generate traffic to your new site.

If you launch without products, we will not be using Facebook ads and will rely solely on organic SEO, content promotion and link building to generate traffic. Typically it takes 4-9 months to for a brand new website to get traction in Google. So you should not expect any affiliate marketing revenue from your website until after that point.

The long term goal is to possess an online property that consistently generates 4, 5, or 6 figures per month.

This is the ONLY program on the web that will show you how to build a niche site and effectively monetize it using two different business models.

This gives you tremendous flexibility in how you approach it.

How much time do I need to spend on this project to get it going?

I work 20 – 40 hours per week doing this full-time. And I’m typically marketing 3 – 6 sites on any given month. When you are learning this stuff, give yourself time.

Once you watch the videos and learn the processes laid out in each module, give yourself 6 – 12 hours per week to implement.

The program is designed for people already working a 9-5, but are willing and able to dedicate time building their online business after work or on the weekends.

That’s what I did when I started out with online marketing. I was working 50+ hours in a corporate marketing job for one of the largest internet marketing companies in the world. Plus I had a newborn baby.

What type of support will I get?

While other courses rely on you getting help from “community support” – I don’t. I will answer all questions you have about the program or your business.

You get unlimited email support and access to live chat during office hours.

I want to make sure you understand that I provide zero technical support.

I don’t design or development services. So if you have a glitch with your theme or a software tool isn’t working, you must contact the provider. If you have questions about my specific steps – where a technical step is not working how I explained, let me know and I will look into it.

Is this a passive income business model?

No. There’s nothing passive about starting a new business. It’s a lot of work and it takes more than just dumping money into it. You’ve got to have hustle and know how to get things going.

If you follow the steps (in the order) of the program – you will earn money – provided that you work hard promoting and growing your website following the steps in the training.

Will I have instant access to the course?

After you enroll, you will have instant access to module 1 on product-market fit.

The other 4 modules will drip out over the next 5 weeks – to keep you focused on the tasks right in front of you.

I’ve laid everything out in the most effective way. There’s a lot of research and planning involved before you can even think about getting your website live.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen too many c****y sites and I will make sure – yours is not one.

You will have access to all 5 modules in 5 weeks.

I have a Shopify site will this course help me?

If you have an existing Shopify site selling private label products and are familiar with Shopify, this course will help you.

There are 40+ videos in Ecommerce MBA and only 2 of them are WordPress / WooCommerce specific. 

The rest are platform independent.

Module 1, 2, 3 and 5 are going to be 100% relevant for those wanting to use Shopify.

Module 4 will also be relevant to Shopify sites because of the training covers, keyword research, content creation, and email marketing automation.

Having said that, there are NO Shopify tutorials in this course. I have WordPress and WooCommerce tutorials because that is the best single site set up to run a hybrid affiliate/private label business.

If you are building a content-driven ecommerce site, I would not recommend Shopify. The SEO is not as robust as WordPress/WooCommerce.

Can you remind me what’s included when I enroll today?

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to a 5 – module step-by-step system for building a niche ecommerce site. This includes 40+ video lessons of 13+ hours of video training that succinctly walks you through each step of building an ecommerce niche site.

There’s also 28 blueprints, templates, and workbooks.

Module 1: Product Market Fit and Validation (~1 Hour 15 Minutes)

You’ll learn a data-driven approach to choosing a viable product niche.

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Ecommerce Niches
  • Lesson 2: Brainstorming Niche Ideas
  • Lesson 3: Determining Product Demand
  • Lesson 4: Narrowing To A Brandable Niche
  • Niche Selection Guide and Checklist
  • Niche Selection Blueprint (PDF)
  • Niche Selection Research Workbook

Module 2: Product Sourcing (~1 Hour 10 Minutes)

You’ll learn how to research suppliers and source branded product samples.

  • Lesson 1: Sourcing DIY Brandable Products
  • Lesson 2: Sourcing White Label Products
  • Lesson 3: Sourcing Private Label Products
  • Lesson 4: How To Find Suppliers
  • Lesson 5: How To Qualify and Negotiate With Suppliers
  • Supplier Outreach Email Templates
  • List of Domestic and Overseas Suppliers

Module 3: Brand Marketing (~2 Hours 30 Minutes)

You’ll learn how to craft a brand with a purpose.

  • Lesson 1: Competitive Research (Finding Competitors)
  • Lesson 2: Competitive Analysis (Niche Branding Audit)
  • Lesson 3: Persona Development
  • Lesson 4: Crafting Brand Value
  • Lesson 5: Choosing a Brand Name
  • Lesson 6: Creating A Brand Identity
  • Lesson 7: Product Marketing (Pricing, Photos, Etc)
  • Competitive Analysis Blueprint
  • Niche Brand Analysis Template
  • Niche Brand Analysis Example
  • Persona Blueprint (PDF)
  • Facebook Persona Template
  • Facebook Persona Example
  • Brand Style Guide Template
  • Pricing and Offers Sheet

Module 4: Content and Ecommerce Automation (~3 Hours 30 Minutes)

You’ll learn how to build a content driven website from scratch and set up marketing automation.

  • Lesson 1: Keyword Research Part 1: Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Keyword Research Part 2: Keyword List
  • Lesson 3: Content Creation
  • Lesson 3: Setting Up Site And Adding Content + Navigation
  • Lesson 4: Automated Sales Funnels
  • Lesson 5: Email Marketing Automation Overview and Set Up
  • Tutorial: WordPress / WooCommerce Set Up
  • Tutorial: Pre Purchase Emails
  • Tutorial: Post Purchase Emails
  • New Site Keyword Research Blueprint (PDF)
  • Content Creation Blueprint + Checklist (PDF)
  • Website Set Up Checklist (PDF)

Module 5: Website Promotion (~6 Hours 30 Minutes)

This website promotion training will give you everything you need to grow your website for years to come. This module could sell for thousands of dollars by itself.

  • Lesson 1: Facebook Advertising For New Sites
  • Lesson 2: Content Promotion and PR 101
  • Lesson 3: Content Link Building Part 1
  • Lesson 4: Content Link Building Part 2
  • Lesson 5: Brand Promotion
  • Outreach 101 Guide (PDF)
  • Infographic Campaign Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Group Interview Campaign Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Ultimate Guide Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Pre-Pump Content Promotion Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Sources Bait Content Promotion Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Fresh Press Content Promotion Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Roundup Link Building Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Resource Page Link Building Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Broken Link Building Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Product Review and Giveaway Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Sponsorships and Niche Advertising Blueprint (Video and PDF)
  • Guest Posting Blueprint (Video and PDF)

Ecommerce MBA


  • You understand the growth and potential of ecommerce and want to get it right the first time around.
  • You are ready to take a new market niche by storm but are not sure which market to enter.
  • You already have a private label brand and are looking to launch and market it on your own website.
  • You already have a website you are investing 4+/hrs a week in and have yet to get traction.
  • You are ready to learn and put in the work.
  • You already have an affiliate website and you want to learn how to market and sell private label products.
  • You already have a revenue-generating product niche website and are looking for ways to scale growth.
  • You are ready to move away from selling products on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy and grow your branded website.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I look forward to meeting you inside Ecommerce MBA.

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  • Lifetime Access To Ecommerce MBA​
  • 40+ Video Lessons To Help You Monetize Your Website With Or Without Products
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