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“Results speak for themselves. I’ve seen, firsthand, Darren’s impact on traffic and revenue on multiple web properties.​.”

Vladimir Gritsenko​

VP Of Marketing At X-Cart​


“Darren is one of the best internet marketers that I’ve ever met.”

Eddie Machaalani

Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of BigCommerce


“I highly reccommend Darren as an internet marketing teacher.”

Vikas Rijsinghani

Senior Executive President of Online Marketing at Solutions

Adam W

 I had a 30 – minute call with Darren DeMatas a few weeks ago, he gave me some straight forward advice to quickly implement and got me amazing results. I had been working on this issue for 18 months as you can see from the graph. I could not figure it out had several SEO’s look at it but you are the best Darren.

Adam Watson

CEO of Hollywood Mirrors

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