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3.1/5 (8 votes)
Deepak Jhaveri
October 19, 2020

Not too happy

Tried using shopify during the free trial period, but didn't seem too friendly as everyone mentions it. In fact, BigCommerce was more user friendly compared to shopify and working on it currently & has more scalability options, too.
Willy nunez
October 19, 2020

Everything worth it

Everything i see and experience was great
Preston Barton
October 13, 2020

Is Shopify Worth it?

When it all boils down to it; the answer depends on how well YOU can advertise. Shopify tries to make everything easier for you to launch and even give you access to helpful tools to run your business; however, if you do not have money to sink I to advertising, you’re going to have to put in ALOT of work to get noticed. The easiest way is to hire someone to configure your SEO and place your ads where traffic can be routed to your website. As for me, I’ve had little to no extra money to sink I to my website provided by Shopify. I have found MORE success via Etsy and FB Live sales than ANY OTHER PLACE. Shopify didn’t provide that. I did. Nobody hardly even uses my website. The only reason I keep my website is because we have an embedded product Customizer tool provided by a third party app via Shopify called SPOD. This allows customers to go to my site if they prefer a customized design they can design themselves. Aside from that I am untapped in that audience at the moment but plan on trying to tap in. So is Shopify worth it? Aside from their awesome customer service and tools they me at this point; not at the moment, but I’m hanging in there on the hopes I can drive more traffic to my site.
Joseph perazza
October 13, 2020


Lacks the ability to customize the themes. Any change is always an expensive APP. All other platforms include many of the basics that Shopify wants to charge for. Disappointed.
Kesar Long
October 9, 2020

It’s the most popular and easiest e-commerce platform

Shopify is great for store owners looking for an easy way to get their online store up and running. It has a ton of app integrations that makes it really easy to add products across multiple sales channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram. However, when it comes to blogging and for SEO purposes, it's not a good as WordPress. The best solution would be to use Shopify for managing your products and then integrate WP for blogging and SEO purposes.
September 30, 2020

Good for beginners. Disappointing for professional.

At first, Shopify impresses with its simplicity and feature richness. One can truly enjoy creating online stores with this platform. But as soon as your business, Shopify, an online shop builder for beginners, starts constraining you enormously. Instead of working on the business, the store owner starts working in the Shopify's nitty-gritty administrivia. Everything from slow and clunky product editor to unintuitive and dead-born Liquid language frustrates massively. It takes them ages to fix bugs, long-term issues reported by dozens of users get ignored. In the end, Shopify Inc. has become yet another soulless corporation. So it's time to look elsewhere for your next e-commerce solution.
August 20, 2020

It’s the best e-commerce software

I can't fault Shopify it's fast, easy to use, has all the features any store could want. Cheap to run and never breaks or causes tech headaches. It's the best ecommerce software Ive tried them all.

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