Ecommerce Consulting To Fast Track Your Online Business

Looking for an ecommerce consultant? Tired of hype-filled “experts” peddling tricks over sound business strategy? Maybe I can help.

Need Some Quick Direction?

Ecommerce Business Blueprint

For entrepreneurs stuck in first gear and want a step-by-step course on choosing a business model and a marketable niche.

1-Hour Clarity Call

For entrepreneurs and CEOs facing a specific business problem, you’ll get an outside perspective on solving your particular challenge.

Startup Coaching Calls

For entrepreneurs ready to invest resources into a startup. You’ll get a detailed review of your business plan, revenue forecasts, and niche selection.

Need Something more?

Brand & Content Marketing Roadmap

For startups looking for a “go-to market” strategy. You’ll get recommendations on your target audience, brand positioning, technology, and content strategy.

Digital Marketing Consulting

For established brands looking to scale traffic and revenue. You’ll get the creation and execution of a comprehensive growth strategy that includes content marketing, PR, and sales automation.


“Results speak for themselves. I’ve seen, firsthand, Darren’s impact on traffic and revenue on multiple web properties.​.”

Vladimir Gritsenko​​

VP Of Marketing At X-Cart​


“Darren is one of the best internet marketers that I’ve ever met.”

Eddie Machaalani

Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of BigCommerce


“Darren’s ability to teach internet marketing is unparalleled..”

Vikas Rijsinghani

SVP of Online Marketing at Solutions

I've Quietly Crushed It For years.

Never heard of me? That’s by design. I’ve been in the online game for a minute (12 years actually). But you won’t see me on YouTube driving lambo’s or shooting flamethrowers on Facebook ads.  I’d rather stay behind the scenes, quietly crushing it. 

I increased campaign profitability.
Increased Revenue By 7-Figures In 9 Months (This Case Study Was Mentioned on Forbes)
Ecommerce Case Studies
Increased Revenue By 7-Figures In 9 Months
51% Increase In Revenue In One Month - With Less Traffic
51% Increase In Revenue In One Month - With Less Traffic
From Launch To 1M Visitors In 18 Months
From Launch To 1M Visitors In 18 Months



Darren helped me transition my brick and mortar store into an online presence. I can’t thank him enough for helping me refine by brand and find my niche online.

Denise McDonald​

Ka Pai Jewelry Boutique

“I got my first 100 orders after taking Darren’s advice! As a private label startup brand  it’s hard to figure out how to get results from the money we spend.”

Haylee Perez

Vida Soap

Darren cares about his students’ success. His authenticity is what separates him from the crowd. I recommend him to anyone who wants to start an online business.

Ryan Lillies

Oath Essentials

Why Work With Me?

I have an MBA in Internet Marketing, a Bachelor’s in Advertising, and over a decade of experience helping brands in virtually every industry.

I’ve worked in marketing and business development for an 8-figure retail corporation with 32 brick and mortar stores. Where we sold brands like Disney, Crocs, Marvel, and Quicksilver.

I’ve also sold electronics online for a 9-figure B2B electronics manufacturing company. I’ve also worked in product development and training for a billion-dollar internet company.

Outside of the corporate world, I’ve consulted 6 and 7-figure SaaS companies, private label brands, and ecommerce startups.

My case studies and content have been mentioned on sites like Forbes, SEMRush, Neil Patel, Adweek, HubSpot & more.

Last but not least, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on marketing services. Other ecommerce consultants simply don’t provide this.

My digital marketing services typically start at $20K – and are based on increasing traffic and revenue. If you implement 100% of my suggestions without an increase in traffic and revenue – I’ll write you a check. I’ve marketed websites for 10 years with this policy and haven’t written any checks yet.

About Darren DeMatas

Are You A Good Fit For My Ecommerce Consulting Services?

Look, I’ll get straight to the point. I’m very picky about the clients and sites I work with. I only work with people and projects that energize me.

We're a good fit if you:

We're NOT a good fit if you:

Startup Coaching Calls

Serious about launching, but not quite sure about your plan?

Get Insight and Direction For Your Startup

I’ll review your business plan to ensure your margins and revenue forecasts are viable. I’ll carefully consider your niche ideas and help you choose the market with the highest potential. Includes two live 60-minute consulting and planning sessions.

  • Private Personal Feedback On Your Business Idea: I’ll provide you with a detailed video review of your business plan. I’ll work with you to create accurate revenue projections are sound.
  • Two Live 60-minute Consulting and Planning Sessions: We’ll discuss essential action items you need to take to launch your business. I’ll help give clarity and direction to your brand and target market.
  • One Month Of Unlimited Email Access: I’ll review and respond to all of your questions about your business model or niche to help you get over the hump.

Brand & Content Marketing Roadmap

Ready To Hit the Market Running?

Build and Launch A Strong Brand

I’ll analyze the brands in your market and make recommendations on your target audience, brand positioning, and messaging. I’ll also help you choose the right technology and content for a successful website launch. Includes five 60-minute consulting calls. Typically a 2-3 month engagement. I create the plan, and you implement it. Projects start at $10K.

  • Competitive Brand Analysis: I’ll help you understand the competitive landscape, including pricing, points of parity, and differentiation, so customers instantly recognize you as a player in your market.
  • Target Audience and Persona Development: I’ll create Facebook based personas to uncover consumer pain points so you can target and connect with your target audience.
  • Platform and Automation Consulting: I’ll help you decide on the best technology stack to automate your business. 
  • 12-Month Content Roadmap: I’ll create a customer-focused keyword strategy designed towards moving people down the buyers’ path.
  • 10-Content Briefs: I’ll create 10 detailed content briefs for your launch to ensure your content attracts and converts customers. 

Projects start at $10K

Hands-On Digital Marketing Consulting

Ready To Scale Growth?

Increase Traffic and Revenue

I’ll review your website and sales channels for SEO & content improvements so you can reach and convert more customers. I’ll help you promote your brand via Public Relations and blogger/influencer outreach. Includes general marketing oversight of your entire strategy, including implementation. You’ll also get 3 monthly 60-minute consulting calls. Typically a 6-12 month engagement.

  • SEO Audit: I’ll review your current website for technical or content issues preventing you from getting more traffic.
  • 12-Month Content Roadmap: I’ll create a customer-focused keyword strategy designed towards moving people down the buyers’ path.
  • Content Strategy: I’ll create detailed content briefs to ensure your content is “on brand” and creates customers. 
  • Content Promotion: I’ll create content designed to generate social shares that instantly improve your brand visibility.
  • Link Building: I’ll design and implement link building strategies to increase traffic to your ecommerce website.
  • Email Marketing Automation: I’ll review your current email efforts and ensure the right automation and messaging/offers are in place. I’ll help you plan campaigns to increase your subscribers and generate customers.

Projects start at $10K

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