Our Mission Is To Take The Mystery Out of eCommerce

Darren DeMatas, MBA and co-founder of selfstartr
Darren DeMatas, MBA and co-founder of Ecommerce CEO

Have you ever had an awesome idea for an ecommerce business but weren’t sure exactly where to begin? Unfortunately, this happens to too many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Starting your own ecommerce business is probably the best way to generate a steady stream of income but it can also be the most daunting, leaving many first-time entrepreneurs running for the hills.

There is almost too much information out there and no great single resource to help you digest it all. Should I use Shopify or WooCommerce? Or how about for payments – Stripe or Paypal? And don’t get me started on fulfillment – Amazon or Shipwire?

Stitching together the right technology to sell and ship product is just the first hurdle. For long-term success, you need to generate traffic, build customer trust and optimize your conversion rate. All while maintaining a profitable bottom line.

Enter Ecommerce CEO.

Our mission is to provide you with well-organized content for every single step of creating an ecommerce business with live examples. We take the complexity and the mystery out of ecommerce.

By providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to get started, you can master everything from idea generation and manufacturing to marketing and fulfillment. We will stay with you every step of the way.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of ecommerce companies launch and reach their goals, and we want to share these valuable insights with you. If you want us to help your company directly check out our monthly services.

Choose Yourself.

Like most things worth having in life, creating your own business will take work. If you’re willing to invest a little elbow grease, we’ll give you all the knowledge you need to be successful.

Our Founders

In 2013, I (Darren) left my full time job at one of the largest internet marketing companies in the world. I wanted the freedom to work from home and spend more time with my family. I decided to turn my side gig of consulting into a full time job.

Darren DeMatas has an MBA in Internet Marketing, but hangs his hat on a decade of experience making retail brands profitable. He’s marketed global Fortune 500 companies and small 1-man ecommerce niche brands. I work from home and enjoy my kids and family as much as I can. I am a Christian that values time over money.

Sameer Reddy has nine years of experience on Wall Street, most recently as a Vice President at a major investment bank. He’s helped several companies ranging from venture capital-backed startups to major Fortune 500 companies think around critical strategic business decisions.