102 Profitable Blogging Niches to Build a Business Around

Written by

Darren DeMatas



Written by

Darren DeMatas


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When you first set out to start a blog, it’s tempting to take the all-encompassing approach. After all, being exhaustive on a topic must have certain benefits, right? However, this isn’t always the case.

You’ll find that selecting a specific subject to write about that’s not so narrow that you run out of things to say but not so broad that you don’t stand out is your best bet. When you select a successful blog niche, you’ll find that you can write faster and generate new topics more easily.

Trying to figure out what your blog’s niche should be, exactly, can be a bit daunting. We’ll start with a short introduction about what a profitable blog niche is and then cover a variety of niches across multiple industries.

What Are Blogging Niches? 

blogging niches

A blogging niche is a category in which your blog’s content could fit. It’s not something super general like “sports” or “real estate“ but rather specialized. Think “sports equipment” or “house flippers.“ Many types of blogs across all niches are monetized in a wide variety of ways. You’ll find that a lot of bloggers secure multiple income streams by utilizing more than a few monetization ideas on their blogs.

When we recently surveyed professional bloggers, we found the statistics shook out as follows: 23% of respondents make money through ads and media networks, 19% sell their services, and 18% bring in revenue through affiliate marketing.

Next were those who sold physical products accounting for 15% of respondents, as well as those who sold e-books and courses at 13% and 11%, respectively. Just one percent of respondents marked “other“ as their income model. 

102 Blog Niche Ideas to Consider

The following list is broken down by industry and offers at least 10 different niches in each industry category to consider. So before you start trying to think of a clever blog name, conducting keyword research, putting together a posting schedule, or coming up with blog post ideas consider first the subject matter you will be discussing. 

Food & Drink

food and drink industry

Food and drink is one of the most popular industries for bloggers at the moment. Food bloggers make a median of $9,169/month according to SEMRush. It’s a viable long-term industry that contains a multitude of niches to pick from. 

For example, online cooking classes have increased in popularity dramatically since the pandemic began, says Forward Fooding, which might make a solid monetization choice for any food blog you create. 

Spoonshot chart
Image source: Spoonshot

And on that front, recipe blog posts perform the best overall, according to research conducted by RankIQ. And they offer plenty of opportunities to monetize as well through ad networks and affiliate program options.

With this information in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most profitable blog niches within the food and drink industry:

Baking: Everything from general baking recipe blogs to blogs devoted to a specific type of baked goods performs well here, i.e. cake blogs, bread blogs, etc.

Wine: Any blog focused on wine has a fighting chance, especially if you bring real knowledge to the table. 

Beer: Blogs that focus on beer also see decent traffic. Consider highlighting beer reviews or food pairings. 

Meal planning for families: Parents are busy and are always on the lookout for ways to save time. Meal prep and planning guides (with recipes and schedules) never miss.

Cooking with kids: related to the above, parents are often looking for fun activities to do with their children. A blog that offers tips on how to engage kids in the art of cooking is a sure hit.

Meal planning for singles/couples: Everybody has to eat! Meal planning focused on the number of people you need to cook for is helpful and takes the guesswork out of buying ingredients. 

Frugal cooking: Most people have had months where the budget was tight meaning a frugal cooking blog will always be relevant. 

Vegan cooking: Those seeking plant-based recipes and a healthier lifestyle will always be on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. 

Gluten-free cooking: Recipes for those with food allergies or sensitivities are another popular choice. A gluten-free cooking blog with relevant recipes could do well, as could any other diet-specific blog, i.e. Keto, paleo, etc.

Food travel: If you’re the type of person who goes on frequent trips and enjoys taking in the local cuisine, you can easily turn that into the premise for a blog. 

BBQ: Though not topping the list of profitable niches, barbeque and grilling is designated as an underserved niche by Jack Cao with decent monthly search engine volume. It has significant ad and affiliate revenue potential and is considered an evergreen niche, so, a totally worthwhile investment.

Kitchen appliances/consumer electronics: Reviewing kitchen appliances and other kitchen consumer electronics could be profitable, especially when paired with affiliate marketing links. 


finance industry

Another popular industry that has a ton of good niches within it to consider is finance. According to SEMRush, those with a personal finance blog make a median of $9,100/month. That works out to an average monthly affiliate income of $4,727 according to The Blog Millionaire, and it’s classified as an evergreen niche by Website Rating, meaning it’ll be relevant no matter the season and no matter the year. 

Here are a few potential niches within the financial sector you may wish to pursue: 

Paying down student loans: A popular blog topic for the ages, offering tips and tricks for paying down student loans faster is an evergreen topic and is sure to resonate with readers for years to come. 

Credit card debt strategies: Similar to the above, offering strategies for paying down credit card debt is timeless advice that’ll bring many readers. 

Investing advice: Many sub-niches within the investing niche could work well, including beginner’s guides, info on stocks and bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. 

Retirement advice: Another financial niche to consider is retirement advice, which can come in many forms, including early starters, late starters, those looking for alternatives to the traditional IRA, and so forth. 

Saving for a mortgage: Saving for a home is harder than ever, so this is a popular niche. Offer guides to saving including expenses to cut, how to manage other debt, and any programs designed to help. 

Cost-reduction/expense management tips/frugal living: Budget guides are an evergreen win when it comes to blogs. Put together your tried and true money management guides and monetize through affiliate income. 

Cryptocurrency: A booming sector right now is cryptocurrency. Every aspect of this niche stands to gain traction for you, including trading guides, guides to the various marketplaces, NFT guides, and more. 

Budget shopping: Guide your fellow consumers on their quest to save money at the store. You could cover just one type of shopping like groceries or cast a wider net and cover budget guides for all consumer goods. 

Budgeting for a family: Similar to the above, cost-savings guides for families will always have an audience. Offering tips and tricks to help families save money is a timeless pursuit and can be monetized through ads, affiliate marketing, and even digital products in some cases. 

Saving for college: Lastly, you can help guide people on their pursuit to save for college with a blog dedicated to the subject. Offer schedules and savings plans with real dollar amounts and projections. 

Beauty & Fashion

beauty and fashion

Another potential industry to dive into would be beauty and fashion. The Blog Millionaire comes through again with the stats, this time noting that beauty and fashion blogs make an average of $5,174/month, with the “lifestyle blog” category accounting for 15% of blogs making over $2,000/month in revenue. A good example of this in practice comes from a blog income report compiled by Liana Desu. In the report, she made $2,104 in a month just with her beauty site. 

Liana Desu blog income

She’s also recently launched a Shopify store off of her blog traffic. And now, here are a few good niche ideas to get your creativity flowing. 

Makeup tips: Makeup tips always perform well. Offer detailed tutorials with photos and videos to make a real impression. 

Makeup reviews: Here’s another high-performing niche. Makeup is expensive and many people want to read a review before committing. 

Style tips: If you have a keen sense of fashion, why not share it on a blog?

Fashion reviews: As with makeup reviews above, many want to read reviews of fashion items before buying them. 

Hairstyling: Offer tutorials for how to create certain hairstyles as well as reviews of the products and tools that make them possible. 

Ethnic-specific hairstyles: If you have specialized knowledge in this area, use it.

Jewelry: Reviews of jewelry brands as well as information about the cuts and quality of gems are areas poised to do well. 

Shoes: Or, if you’d rather, talk about shoe brands. Cover the materials used, the fit, and its functionality.

Kids apparel: Parents will be certain to appreciate your detailed rundowns of children’s clothing brands, their performance, as well as their comfortability. 

Skincare: As with makeup, skincare blogs tend to do well. Offer general skincare advice along with product recommendations with affiliate links for the best effect. 


parenting niche

Or, perhaps the parenting industry is more your speed? It’s certainly a popular choice income-wise, bringing a median revenue of $5,174/month, according to SEMRush. Mommy blogs do especially well and make $2,043/month from affiliate income alone, on average, according to The Blog Millionaire. 

Many parenting blogs rely on affiliate income and ads as their primary modes of monetization. These sites often break up large chunks of text with ads and offer tutorials or walkthroughs of how to complete projects, which lend themselves well to the use of affiliate links. Affiliate programs can be promoted within product reviews of baby and child-related products, too. 

Here are several niches within the parenting industry that might suit your preferences. 

Pregnancy: Content about those tumultuous nine months always resonates with expecting parents.

Parenting tips: Sometimes, parents just need a little guidance to get through the day and a blog with parenting tips for a variety of situations fits the bill. 

Child development: If you have expertise in this area, a child development blog is a great way to carve out a space for yourself. 

Local directory of child-friendly events/places: Making your focus local opens you up to a wide variety of content opportunities.

Kids crafts: Parents looking for fun things to do with their kids will appreciate a kid’s craft-centered blog.

Parenting methods: There are many different parenting styles out there each with its own approaches that deserve discussion. There’s gentle parenting, attachment parenting, and many others. 

Mom-focused content: Speaking directly to the mom crowd gets a lot of traction, especially if you’re speaking from experience. 

Dad-focused content: This is an underserved market. Dad blogs offer plenty of monetization options and an alternative perspective. 

Step-parents: Similar to the above, blogs for step-parents are needed and can provide valuable info to those navigating this sometimes difficult relationship. 

LGBTQ+ parenting: Another underserved market. Those in the LGBTQ+ community face many of the same but also different challenges that deserve to be discussed. 


travel niche

Travel is a highly lucrative niche, with a median income of $5,000/month for bloggers in this space as reported by SEMRush. An impressive $3,128/month in affiliate income is the average according to The Blog Millionaire. 

Whether you like to go on backpacking trips and have hands-on advice on the subject or you know how to get a good deal on hotels or restaurants, there’s likely a place for you within the travel niche. 

A few travel niches to chew on include: 

Travel for work: Tips, tricks, and money-saving guidance for those always on-the-go. 

Working nomad/freelance life: Travel tips for those who can work from anywhere look a bit different than those on stricter timetables. 

Travel on a budget: Not everyone can afford a luxury vacation, so budget travel blogs meet a real need. 

City guides: Expert in a particular location? Make a blog dedicated to just that city. It may become the resource for it.

Vacation planning: If you like making charts and spreadsheets, this niche may be for you.

Budget/minimalist travel: If you’re not fond of packing a ton of suitcases, offering tips for packing light (without missing out) is sure to resonate. 

Backpacking: Those who want to experience nature and love hiking while traveling will enjoy reading your backpacking guides. 

Travel-related tips: A general travel blog filled with tips for making the most of your trips is timeless. 

Travel-related product reviews: Guide readers on what products are helpful for travel and which are better to skip. 

Traveling for specific events: Guides to traveling for the Olympics, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and so forth are always a hit.


education industry

Another industry worth considering is Education, which contains several niches that have a strong potential for profitability: 

Tips for K-12 Educators: If you’re a current or former teacher, a blog centered around tips for specific grade levels is always helpful. 

Study tips for K-12 students: Students (and their parents) looking for ways to improve their studies will find a blog filled with study tips useful. 

Classroom supply reviews: Help out teachers and parents by reviewing classroom supplies.

Homeschooling: Homeschoolers appreciate in-depth curriculum reviews and tips and tricks. 

Classroom management: Teachers can better connect with their students with healthy classroom management tools. 

Online learning support: As many instructors have moved to digital platforms, the process has been confusing for some.

Online courses (using LMS): Resources for those looking to create online courses with learning management software are in high demand.

School-life balance for college students: You could even create a blog that helps college kids navigate a social life alongside their studies. 

Career advice for teachers: Teachers looking to advance their careers need guidance, too. 

College planning: Planning for college is stressful and guiding students during this transition is genuinely helpful. 

Health & Fitness

health and fitness niche

Categorized as an evergreen industry by Website Rating, Health & Fitness provides many niches to build a blog around. Just look at the income report compiled by Fit Mom Journey, which brought in $9,415 in a single month! 

Fit Mom Journey blog income

With that number to inspire you, here are a few niche ideas in this space.

Healthy eating: Eating right and eating well are always topics of interest. 

Yoga and meditation: Helping people learn how to meditate and commit to yoga – especially if you’re an expert – can make a community. 

Weight loss: Sustainable weight loss blogs are often a hit, especially when you steer clear of time-sensitive trends.

Workout ideas/trends: Blogs dedicated to the latest workout craze stand to do well if you jump in on them early.

Exercise equipment reviews: People trying to get in shape will seek out reviews of exercise equipment before buying because they’re expensive.

Sports: This is an underserved area, according to Jack Cao. Several niche opportunities could perform well here including martial arts, dancing, and cheerleading.

Extreme Sports: Fans of extreme sports will certainly love to see another face in this niche.

Marathon running: People who like to run in marathons flock to blogs on how to prepare.

Health/fitness tips for those with a specific medical issue: If you have expertise in living with a particular medical condition, health and fitness advice from you will bear more weight. 

Mental health: Support, resources, and tips in this niche often do well.



Another timeless industry for blogs right here. It may change shape now and then but entertainment will always be relevant – as well as the blogs written on the subject. A few niches that have profit potential include: 

TV or movie recap/review: Give people a rundown on what happened in last night’s episode or write reviews if you possess some media literacy.

Standup comedy: Blogs dedicated to sharing stand-up comedy clips are more likely to go viral. 

Funny viral videos: Similar to the above, short funny clips curated online stand a greater chance of going viral.

Live music: Lots of ways you go about this one, with concert reviews, directories of events, and so forth.

Music genre: If you’re really into a specific type of music, why not make a blog about it? 

Actor or musician fan communities: Fan community blogs can do well, especially if you take an under-served angle.

TV or film genres: Why not put your love of sitcoms or cop-dramas to good use here?

Musical theater: If you keep up-to-date with the latest Broadway news anyway, you can put that knowledge to work.

Locale-based entertainment directories: Collect and categorize live entertainment events in your area.

Nightclubs: A blog about the nightlife scene is sure to resonate with frequent club attendees. 


technology industru

Here’s another evergreen industry, according to Website Rating that’s well-worth pursuing, especially if you have some first-hand knowledge of the subject. Here are a few popular niches to consider.

Web design: Tutorials on how to build websites can perform well. 

Mobile app reviews: There are so many mobile apps available that there would always be something new to review.  

Programming/coding tutorials: App development is an underserved niche according to Jack Cao with high-profit potential.

Consumer mobile tech reviews: Consumer tech can be pricey, so letting people vicariously try before they buy can be helpful. 

Home entertainment systems: Home theater lovers will love reading reviews, brand comparisons, and more.

Video game reviews: Reviews of new games can help people save money.

Game walk-throughs: Sometimes people get stumped in a video game and try to look up a solution. Your blog could be the solution.

Smart home devices: Smart home tech is changing every day. Your blog could help people keep up with the latest trends. 

Other smart technologies: Smartphones, watches, and other personal devices are in high demand.

Future tech: Have an ear to the ground about what’s next in tech? Share that info on a blog and build a community around it. 

Pets & Animals

pets and animals

Our last industry of interest here today revolves around pets and animals. If you have a real passion for this subject area, building a blog around it is an obvious choice that has real profit potential. 

Animal rescue directory: A directory of animal rescues with frequent blog updates could serve a good cause and see decent traffic.

How to care for a specific pet: Pet care advice is popular with pet owners. Zero in on a specific animal to create a community feeling. 

Exotic pets: There’s more to the pet world than cats and dogs. You can offer advice for owners of rats, birds, frogs, and snakes as well. 

Farm animal care: Homesteaders and farmers will find their community with you.

Urban beekeeping: Some urban areas allow for beekeeping, and your blog could serve that demographic.

Urban chicken coops: Same goes for chicken coops. Offer the gamut of care advice and tutorials. 

Wild animal conservation: Your content here could focus on wild animals, conservation groups, habitat loss, and poaching.

Pet supply reviews: Offer reviews of various brands and products and help your readers become informed consumers.

Working animals: If you have some expertise in this area, you could discuss service animals, police dogs, etc.

Pest control: Review the top brands, offer alternative methods, include affiliate links, and more.


Digital marketing, which is projected to reach a $786.2 billion market share by 2016;  food and drink, which saw an 1177.5% increase in online cooking class interest since 2020, according to Forward Fooding; and personal finance, which saw a 75% increase in the Google searches for “financial advisor” since 2020 are the most profitable niches as of 2022.

Consider your interests, life experiences, and expertise before settling on a niche.

After choosing a niche, it’s time to research all the sites in your niche and determine their monetization strategy. Research their keywords, and links. Then it’s time to come up with some topic ideas, consider potential blog names, and secure web hosting and a domain name. 

You can find trending blog niches by using tools such as Google trends, or Exploding Topics. SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs can also help you discover low competitive keywords with commercial intent. Those keywords are usually newer trends, because the competition has not set in yet.

Which Blog Niche Will You Consider?

With 102 niche options listed here, at least one is bound to pique your interest and spark your creativity. Now, all there’s left to do is get started!

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