50 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

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Written by

Lucinda Honeycutt


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When you start a dropshipping business, you’ll find plenty of products to sell. One type of dropshipping product that ecommerce sellers offer is fashion clothing. Ecommerce websites sell baby clothing, kid’s clothing, and men’s and women’s clothing.  Many businesses use dropshipping clothing suppliers to get their products.

Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

If you want to sell a product that grabs the eye of Internet shoppers and make a good profit on the sale, check out fashion clothing sales. Dropshipping suppliers offer many apparel items to add to your dropshipping store. If most of your products fall within the fashion industry, dropship companies and wholesale suppliers make it easy for you to stock your ecommerce site with products.  

With the help of a dropshipping service and dropshipping suppliers, you don’t have to handle all the sale and fulfillment duties on your own. You can limit your duties and still profit from the clothing items you sell through your successful dropshipping business.  

Before you buy clothes and accessories to dropship, ask yourself:

  1. What clothing items should I dropship?
  2. Is the clothing niche right for my store?

What Clothing Items Should You Dropship?

Before you start an ecommerce clothing store, decide what to sell. The great news is there are plenty of options!

You can sell generic brand clothing or designer clothing. Your store can specialize in one type of clothing, such as infant clothing, or you can offer many clothing options. Before you settle on one type of clothing, make sure you see if it’s high in demand and will get you a good profit margin. If you said no to both questions, consider other clothing options for your dropship store.

Be aware you’re going to come across a lot of competition in this sales category. Online clothing stores are popular, so there are a lot of ecommerce sites out there that offer apparel items. With that said, the demand is high. People want to buy clothing of all different types, and more and more buyers are turning to ecommerce sites when they do their clothes shopping. Therefore, you have the customers out there willing to buy your clothes. You just have to choose the right options.

Look at clothing trends and see where the sales are. You don’t want trendy clothing that’s here today, gone tomorrow. However, you want to sell clothing that people readily buy online. Make sure the high-quality clothing items are currently popular and not just in-demand right now. 

With this in mind, check out the sales trend statistics and popular dropshipping stores. Doing so will help you zone in on the right clothing products to dropship. 

Is the Clothing Niche Right for Your Ecommerce Store?

Besides selling the right type of clothing, make sure the clothing dropshipping niche is right for your ecommerce site. If your site is new and you are starting your online clothing store from scratch, no worries. You can stock it with whatever products you want.

If you have an existing ecommerce site, make sure a clothing section will fit on it. If you sell automotive parts, maybe adding a clothing section isn’t in your best interest. After all, who wants to buy car parts and formal wear through the same site? You want to keep your ecommerce site streamlined if you want to appear as an expert in the clothing industry. 

If you’re ready to sell clothing items on your ecommerce website, now’s a great time to dropship apparel. You’ll hand off the fulfillment duties to a professional and be able to tend to your other business matters with ease. 

To help you research your clothing dropship items, here’s a list of the 50 best dropshipping clothing suppliers:

50 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

1. My Online Fashion Store

My Online Fashion Store

If you want a dropshipping supplier that focuses on fashion, check out My Online Fashion Store, where the name says it all. Based in the U.S., My Online Fashion Store offers trendy women’s clothing collections right at your fingertips via online access. When you shop My Online Fashion Store, you can find the wholesale clothing and accessories you want at a price that will help you earn the most profits. 

2. BrandsGateway


BrandsGateway is an excellent option if you specialize in high-end brands. BrandsGateway connects designer clothing manufacturers to online fashion retailers. You can rest easy working with this reputable company because of many positive reviews on top rating platforms.

3. Wordans


Wordans is a dropshipping clothing supplier that will help you with your website’s casual apparel product needs. The Canada-based clothing supplier offers fashion items with a relaxed vibe. Add items such as shirts, fleeces, shorts, and jackets on your website and let Wordans handle the fulfillment part of the process for you. 

4. ModeShe


If your dropshipping business sells women’s clothing, ModeShe is a great choice. ModeShe offers swimwear, dresses, tops, bottoms, and other women’s fashion finds. The boutique clothing supplier offers dropshipping services worldwide. 

5. Gertex


Based in Canada, Gertex is a supplier that specializes in loungewear, hosiery, and accessories. You can choose from clothing manufacturer brands or a private label option, depending on what type of products your ecommerce site sells. If you sell these types of clothing items, Gertex is a good dropship supplier to consider. You can stock your online dropshipping store with products from Gertex, and the dropshipper will handle the packing and shipping for you.  

6. A4


A4 is a U.S. clothing supplier that specializes in outerwear and sportswear for men and women. If you’re a dropshipper who wants customized clothing, you can trust A4 to handle the job for you. Some clothing items you’ll find through A4 include t-shirts, hoodies, workwear, promotional clothing, and other popular pieces. 

7. T-Pop


If your ecommerce shop specializes in organic clothing and natural material items, T-Pop can be your go-to product seller. The European dropshipping clothing supplier offers eco-friendly products from France. These items are unique and apparel options you won’t find in every online store, which is good if you want to stand out from the group. In addition, through T-Pop, you can enjoy fully automated product ordering. The result is your customers get their products with ease. 

8. Buy2Bee


U.S.-based dropshipping company Buy2Bee offers clothing for the entire family. Whether you sell adult fashion items or children’s clothing, you can stock your dropshipping store with products from Buy2Bee. This one-stop-shopping feature makes it easy for you to add products to your ecommerce site. 

You want your customers to get their items fast, no matter where they live. Fortunately, Buy2Bee ships worldwide and has two warehouses, one in the U.S. and one in Italy. The exact cost of shipping depends on the package weight and destination. 

9. AnnLoren


AnnLoren offers clothing products for children and babies. If you have a children’s clothing ecommerce shop, AnnLoren might have the exact type of products you need. The apparel is suited for kids 3 months to 14 years of age. When you use a dropshipping model, you can sell kid’s clothing from AnnLoren and have this dropship supplier complete the orders for you. 

10. Contrado


Contrado provides many dropshipping products for online retailers. If you specialize in print-on-demand products, Contrado may be the ideal dropshipping clothing supplier for you. You can design products yourself, and Contrado will make them and ship them.

Do you use the Shopify platform for dropshipping? You will enjoy the Contrado Shopify app. This tech app is easy to use and helps you add Contrado products to your site fast. 

11. Simple Apparel

Simple Apparel

Want to dropship women’s clothing at affordable prices? Look at what Simple Apparel offers. They manufacture their apparel, so you gain access to items shoppers won’t see on every clothing ecommerce site.

This gives your store that extra advantage because of the uniqueness factor. If your ecommerce shop offers casual women’s clothing or even dressier options, Simple Apparel might be right for your clothing supply needs. 

12. Benjamin International

Benjamin International

Benjamin International is more than just a clothing dropshipper. In addition to women’s apparel and children’s clothing, they offer footwear, jewelry, bags, gifts, and toys. They’re a great supplier for those looking to add sarongs, scarves, or ponchos to their offerings.

13. Modalyst


Modalyst provides ecommerce store owners with an easy-to-use BigCommerce app that offers access to millions of dropship products. If you’re an online merchant, you want the biggest variety possible. If you’re dropshipping clothing pieces, Modalyst can help you achieve your sales goals. Modalyst makes it easy for you to find the tops, dresses, and shorts you want from countless clothing vendors. 

14. LA Showroom

LA Showroom

Another clothing dropship company to add to the list is LA Showroom. This clothing wholesaler has a dropshipping program where you can order tops, dresses, and other apparel items for your ecommerce shop. When a customer places an order with your online store, Clothing Showroom steps in and completes the fulfillment part of the process. 

15. KidsBlanks


If your online shop sells kid’s clothing, KidsBlanks is a clothing dropship supplier to explore. The company deals mainly with baby clothing items, but you can also order t-shirts for bigger kids. If you sell baby clothes, check out the KidsBlanks selection of onesies, hats, rompers, and other options for the little ones. KidsBlanks will send the products directly to your customers. In addition, you can use KidsBlanks if you have a personal website or use an ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, eBay, or Amazon. 

16. CCWholesaleClothing


 CCWholesaleClothing offers dropshipping services for women’s clothing ecommerce stores. With over 3,500 items on average, you better believe you have plenty of options to choose from if CCWholesaleClothing is your dropshipping clothing supplier. And new products are added weekly. Plus, when you order products from CCWholesaleClothing, you get access to the wholesale price list. In addition, you can order and dropship one item at a time. 

17. Trendsi


Trendsi is a U.S.-based dropship company in California. With Trendsi on your side, you can stock your online clothing business with products suitable for the female audience.

Trendsi makes it easy to brand your clothing and invoices. It also connects to your Shopify store with an easy-to-use app. 

18. Nordstrom


For clothing sellers who want to deal with a dropshipper that has a well-known name, you’ll like the fact Nordstrom offers clothing dropshipping services. With a name like Nordstrom, high-quality service and even higher quality products are a given. Through the Nordstrom dropshipping program, you can order the products via the Nordstrom website and send the items right to your customers’ doors. 

19. MOY Fashion

MOY Fashion

A Los Angeles-based wholesale company and dropshipper that offers women’s clothing is MOY Fashion. If you connect with their dropship program, you’ll gain access to apparel items such as women’s dresses, tops, sweaters, and plus-size fashion. You can choose from two dropship options, where it’s free to use if you upload the products on your own or pay a fee to have your site automatically updated with items. 

20. Clothes2Order


Clothes2Order offers dropshipping for athletic and workwear. Fruit of the Loom and Russell Athletic are two of the many brands this dropshipper offers. When you use the dropshipping services of Clothes2Order, you can use their specialized software, which allows customers to order products from your website. The system automates billing and updates stock in real-time, which is a bonus. 

21. Airy Mary

airymary.com Screenshot

London-based Airy Mary is a beachwear dropshipping company. You can find great deals on beachwear and accessories through Airy Mary. If you deal with this type of clothing, check out Airy Mary to see all they offer. 

22. Ujena


Another swimwear dropshipper to consider is Ujena. This company is based in California and offers many women’s swimwear, from one-piece suits to bikinis. You’ll also find beachwear accessories on the Ujena product list. 

23. Daring Diva

Daring Diva

For a specialty dropshipper that offers plus-size clothing, check out the Daring Diva website. This Australian company offers plus-size women’s clothing. You can order tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and other apparel pieces from Daring Diva. Sizes range from 14 to 28. This company has certain dropshipping requirements, so just be sure to look at those to make sure your business qualifies.

24. Fashion TIY

Fashion TIY

Fashion TIY offers clothing products and other items as well. The company’s dropshipping service is quite flexible, and there aren’t any restrictions to worry about. If you sell clothing and other products, Fashion TIY may offer everything your ecommerce shop needs. 

25. Immediate Apparel

Immediate Apparel

With more than a dozen clothing categories to choose from, Immediate Apparel is a dropshipper option for apparel. You can stock your shop with tons of products for women, including tops, dresses, jackets, and more. Plus, Immediate Apparel offers both formal wear and casual options. 

26. Handshake


If you deal with Shopify, Handshake is a clothing dropship option to peruse. As Shopify’s official wholesale marketplace, you’ll gain access to products at special prices. Just be sure to sign up if you want to see the deals you’ll receive via Handshake. 

27. Kiyonna Clothing


U.S.-based Kiyonna Clothing is a dropshipping company that gets your apparel products to you with ease. If you want fast fulfillment and eye-catching products, be sure to check out at Kiyonna Clothing. They often ship stock within two days of ordering! Kiyonna Clothing charges a $5 handling fee for each order. 

28. Gooten

Gooten Homepage

If you design your own custom clothing, Gooten may be the dropshipping company for you. Gooten is a print-on-demand dropshipper. The company manufactures the products and fulfills your orders for you. With Gooten on your side, you have a convenient and easy way to make your custom products and get your orders fulfilled

29. Apliiq


Apliiq is a private label clothing dropshipper. Based in Los Angeles, Apliiq offers print-on-demand products for your ecommerce store. The company ships products approximately 1-5 days after they receive the order. The exact shipping time depends on the customer’s location. 

30. Simplee Apparel

Simplee Apparel

Simplee Apparel offers high-quality women’s clothing products. To use the dropshipping model through this company, you need to place each order individually and specify no card and label with each order.

31. DropCommerce


DropCommerce offers the names of U.S.-based suppliers you can shop to dropship your products for you. Plus, with the in-app messaging system, placing product orders is easy as can be. DropCommerce connects you with many drop shippers, including those who specialize in clothing. Choose from three different categories: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and kid’s clothing. 

32. Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin

If your ecommerce store specializes in accessories, Jack Franklin may be the dropshipping option for you. This dropshipper is known for its tie collection. From classic ties to stylish pieces, you’ll find the ideal accessories to add to your online shop. 

33. SaleHoo


If you’re not sure what type of clothing you want to sell on your website, SaleHoo may offer some ideas. This online dropshipping directory lists a variety of products and dropship suppliers located around the world. You can look at the directory to get some ideas about what you want to sell and then contact the dropshippers of your choice. You can even search trending products to see what clothing items online shoppers are buying.

34. Printful


For a print-on-demand option, Printful can handle all your dropshipping needs. You choose the clothing products you want, specify the design you need, and Printful will turn out the products fast. The company has more than a half-dozen warehouses worldwide, so the products reach your customers with ease. Plus, Printful integrates with many platforms, including Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, to name a few. 

35. Spocket


If you want to use an online platform to check out dropshipping companies, Spocket is a well-known site to use. This website lists names of clothing dropshippers in the U.S. and Europe. You can discover information about the companies and the products they offer. You’ll find clothing and accessory items for men, women, kids, and babies. Best of all, Spocket integrates with tons of ecommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. 

36. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is a wholesale distributor and dropshipper that offers women’s clothing. When you use Tasha Apparel for your dropship needs, you’ll find plenty of trending clothing items in stock. 

37. YourNewStyle

Your New Style

YourNewStyle is a Poland-based dropship company. The dropshipper sources products from around Europe and offers the items to ecommerce companies with ease of access through WooCommerce, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and other platforms. YourNewStyle ships to many countries, including the U.S., Russia, and Europe. 

38. Coco-Fashion

Coco Fashion

Coco-Fashion is another Poland-based dropship company. If you source women’s clothing items for your online store, Coco-Fashion can help you out. New styles arrive weekly, and this dropshipper will deliver to your customers worldwide. 

39. Bambini Infant Wear

Bambini Infant Wear

Bambini Infant Wear specializes in sustainable clothing for infants and children. The dropshipper has a main warehouse in California and ships around the globe. If your shop sells a lot of baby clothing, Bambini Infant Wear is a great option, as these are the main products the dropshipping company offers. Shipping costs depend on package weight and size. 

40. Infant Blanks

Infant Blanks

Infant Blanks is another baby clothing dropshipper to add to your list if you specialize in selling this type of clothing. As the name suggests, Infant Blanks offers clothing items you can adorn with your custom designs and sentiments. Choose from a variety of products, including onesies, bibs, hats, t-shirts, and blankets. You select the products you want to add to your website. Infant Blanks will manufacture the item with your custom design and deliver the products to your customers. The company is in Orange County, California.

41. Matterhorn Wholesale

Matterhorn Wholesale

Matterhorn Wholesale is another dropshipper of clothing items and sells women’s apparel, lingerie, and footwear. The Poland-based dropship company sells over 20,000 products and ships worldwide. One thing that stands out with this company is that they only sell items created by Polish manufacturers. If you’re looking for a specialty dropship company, look at all Matterhorn Wholesale offers. 

42. Katydid Wholesale

Katydid Wholesale

Katydid Wholesale offers women’s clothing products to stock in your ecommerce store. With a focus on women’s sportswear and leisure clothing, this dropshipper is an excellent choice if you offer these product categories on your site. The company ships products out in about 1-3 days. If your customers want to return their items, they have to do so within three days of receiving the products. 

43. DHgate


DHgate is a dropshipping platform based in China. It connects ecommerce businesses with vendors who offer clothing, shoes, and accessories. Customer service is a positive aspect of this company, as it’s said to be fast and responsive. 

44. BelleWholesale


With the help of BelleWholesale, you can add products to your website. You can build a customer base due to all the wonderful items you offer via your ecommerce store. Connect with brand manufacturers such as MagicMonday, SportySpace, and MissDenim. The company ships worldwide with express mail. 

45. DressLily


DressLily is a clothing dropshipper that offers different clothing so you can stock your ecommerce store with a variety of products. You can buy women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and accessories. DressLily also offers information on the latest trends and what products are selling the best. This helps you decide what products may sell best on your clothing website. 

46. Male Basics

Male Basics

If your online products focus on men’s clothing, specifically men’s underwear, check out Male Basics. This specialty dropshipper offers tons of men’s underwear products to add to your ecommerce store. Male Basics offers men’s sportswear and swimwear. These products are ideal whether your shop sells men’s clothing only or a bit of everything. 

47. Four Seasons General Merchandise 

Four Seasons General Merchandise

Four Seasons General Merchandise offers a variety of clothing products. Whether you’re looking for general men’s clothing or want licensed apparel for kids, Four Seasons General Merchandise can help you out. You may even grab some great shipping discounts when you use this dropshipping company. 

48. Sportsman’s Supply, Inc.

Sportsman Supply, Inc.

Based in the U.S., Sportsman’s Supply, Inc. deals in outdoor apparel. If your website specializes in clothing for the outdoor enthusiast, you’ll want to take a peek at what this dropshipper offers.

If you sell camping clothing or fishing attire, you can visit the Sportsman’s Supply, Inc. website, check out their inventory, and then add products to your ecommerce site. With a specialty niche such as this one, you’re bound to get tons of interested outdoor enthusiasts headed your way. 

49. 365 Dropship

365 Dropship

With the help of 365 Dropship, you can connect with suppliers to add products to your ecommerce site. This business provides you with access to men’s clothing and accessory items.

The system offers easy access to product availability and makes it simple to choose which products fit your store best. 365 Dropship integrates with ecommerce platforms such as Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Adobe Commerce. 

50. WholesaleForEveryone

Wholesale for Everyone

WholesaleForEveryone is a dropship supplier in the United States. This dropship company offers men’s clothing accessories at wholesale prices.

Choose from a variety of products and add them to your clothing website. You’ll enjoy the unique products WholesaleForEveryone dropships for your business. 

Start Dropshipping Clothing Products Today 

With all these excellent dropshipping companies that offer fashion industry products, you don’t have far to look when stocking your store. From women’s lingerie to men’s t-shirts, you can dropship practically any clothing item you want. 

Which dropship supplier is right for you? Here are a few ways to narrow down the competition and pick the best dropshipping pro of the bunch:

  • Type of clothing products you want to sell
  • Availability to dropship clothing items
  • Numerous products offered
  • Shipping costs
  • Shipping locations 
  • Dropshipper location
  • Ecommerce platform accessibility 
  • Customer reviews
  • Fulfillment costs
  • Latest and greatest products
  • Shipping and fulfillment times
  • Returns policy

When you consider these factors, you can choose the right clothing dropshippers to supply your apparel inventory. You don’t have to deal with one dropshipping supplier. If you find multiple dropship companies that pique your interest, use them all. 

Fast Loading & Easy To Use
Excels With Multichannel Sales
1-Click Selling Apps Available
Weak at SEO/Content Marketing
Checkout Not Customizable
Apps Are Expensive
Value 4.0
Features 3.8
Performance 3.9
Ease of Use 4.9
Design & Themes 4.0
Integrations 4.6
Overall Score
User Rating
28 reviews

If you start with one dropship company and find the products aren’t selling, don’t be afraid to switch things up and choose a different product supplier. Dropshipping is a great opportunity to expand your product catalog and offer those items that sell and do well via online sales. 

Best of all, when you use a dropshipping model, you don’t have to do all the work anymore. You can get the help of a fulfillment pro and focus on other areas of your business, such as marketing and product research. 

Boost your sales numbers for your online store and start your dropshipping clothing business today! 

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