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Written by

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Are you evaluating Red Stag Fulfillment for your ecommerce business?

Undeniably, picking a reliable and effective fulfillment service can significantly impact your ecommerce operations. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve done extensive analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the company, its unique services, its pricing model, and, importantly, available alternatives in the industry. We also encourage user ratings, so please share your experience with other readers.

Pros and Cons
Red Stag Fulfillment
Red Stag Fulfillment
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Video Monitoring
Same-day Shipping
Experts with Bulky Products
Limited Marketplace Integrations
No Dedicated Account Manager
U.S. Based Locations
Value 4.0
Features 3.5
Customer Support 4.0
Integrations 2.5
Scalability 2.5
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What is Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment, a respected name in the ecommerce sector, embarked on its journey in 2013. The company was brought to life by its entrepreneurial founders, Jordan Mollenhour and Dustin Gross. Identifying a gap in the ecommerce market for solid, efficient, and dependable order fulfillment solutions, they actively pursued this avenue to address the need.

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Red Stag Fulfillment
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

The company’s headquarters is strategically located in Knoxville, Tennessee. This location provides an added advantage to their operation, enabling swift and smooth fulfillment services across North America. As of today, Red Stag Fulfillment has successfully become a trusted partner for many ecommerce sellers, providing meticulous warehousing, effective order fulfillment, and reliable shipping services.

Red Stag fulfillment reviews

Uncovering the fine print is a crucial element before you commit to a fulfillment partner. Pricing is where Red Stag truly distinguishes itself. The structure they offer is not only clear but also predictable, which eases the burden of financial planning for ecommerce businesses. Let’s delve into the specifics of Red Stag fulfillment pricing and fees.

Monthly Order Minimums
Set-Up Fees
Receiving Fees
Monthly Storage Fees
Picking / Packing
Red Stag Fulfillment
Monthly Order Minimums : 100 Orders
Set-Up Fees : None
Receiving Fees : $13.25/Pallet
Monthly Storage Fees : $2/Bin; $15/Pallet
Picking / Packing : $0.30/Item

Pricing Transparency and Clear Billing 

  • Red Stag Fulfillment provides transparent and predictable billing with a ‘No Hidden Fees’ guarantee.
  •  A $1 fee is charged for parcels under 16 ounces.

Minimum Order Requirement and Risk-Free Trial 

  • A minimum order requirement of 200 orders can be a deterrent for small businesses.
  •  Offers a 30-day risk-free trial with no fulfillment fees if the service is not satisfying.

Customizable Pricing for Special Projects 

  • Offers special project rates and adjusts pricing according to specific business requirements.

Free Onboarding Services 

  • Provides free initial account setup, stock migration, and platform integration.

Receiving and Storage Services Costs 

  • Charges are $14.25 per pallet or $6 per non-pallet package for receiving services.
  •  The inventory storage fee is 75 cents per cubic foot, with custom rates offered for long-term storage.

Costs for Pick and Pack Services 

  • Prices range from $1.80 to $2.25 for the first item, while each additional item costs 32 cents in the pick and pack services.
  •  Packaging materials start from 80 cents and include custom-fitted boxes and cushioning.
  •  Offers discounted shipping rates with four carrier partners.

Efficient Return Management Costs 

  • Charges $6 per order for return processing, quality check, and restocking.

Additional Services at Versatile Labor Rates 

  • Charges $40 per man-hour for additional services such as product labeling and supplier management.


Global Logistics
North America
Latin America
Red Stag FulfillmentGlobal Logistics – Red Stag Fulfillment
North America :
Latin America :
Europe :
Asia :
Africa :
Australia :
FedEx :

Navigating the complex world of ecommerce fulfillment can be a real challenge. As such, we’ve diligently examined the pros and cons of Red Stag Fulfillment services for you. Our evaluation is based on numerous aspects, ranging from its operational efficiency and technology to customer service and pricing. We believe this balanced examination of positives and negatives can provide a clear perspective and aid you in making an informed decision about whether Red Stag can satisfy your ecommerce fulfillment needs.

Red Stag Fulfillment Pros

  • Competitive Pricing:  One key advantage is its competitive pricing structure, which ensures customers receive the best value for their services. 
  • Quick Turnaround:  Known for its fast turnaround times, Red Stag Fulfillment is well-positioned to respond to the immediate needs of customers, which is an important aspect for ecommerce sellers. 
  • Advanced Inventory Management Software: The advanced inventory management software provided by Red Stag Fulfillment allows for real-time tracking of inventory and the fulfillment process, contributing to overall efficiency and ease of use. 
  • Custom Logistics Solutions: This platform also allows users to create custom logistics solutions for high-volume clients, a feature not available with every fulfillment service provider. 
  • High Accuracy and On-Time Shipping:  Red Stag Fulfillment boasts an impressive 99.997% accuracy rate and guarantees 100% on-time shipping. 
  • Next-Day Shipping:  They also claim that 13% of addresses can receive next-day shipping, a surprisingly large number of customers who can be reached quickly. 
  • Specialized Handling:  Another distinct advantage is that they specialize in high-value, fragile, hazardous, and oversized goods, which again, is not a service provided by every provider in this industry. 
  • Eligibility for Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime: Red Stag Fulfillment is not just any fulfillment service. This company is among the select few 3PL providers that are eligible for Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP). This unique offering allows you, an ecommerce seller, to leverage SFP for a competitive advantage on the massive Amazon platform. Who wouldn’t want their products tagged with the coveted ‘Prime’ badge and enjoy access to Amazon’s enormous customer base? 
  • Value-Added Services: Besides their core fulfillment services, Red Stag also brings additional value to the table. Did we mention their free liability insurance and custom packaging for fragile or high-value products? Yes, these services come at no additional cost. Red Stag’s leadership has made a pledge to their clients, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch protection for their valuable goods.

Red Stag Fulfillment Cons

  • Minimum Order Requirement:  A minimum order requirement of around 200 orders per month might be a hurdle for some small-scale sellers. 
  • Extra Fee for Small Shipments:  Red Stag applies an extra charge for frequent shipping of parcels weighing less than 16 ounces, which can increase overheads if your key trade items fall within this weight category.
  • Lack of Automatic Itemized Invoicing:  In terms of their invoicing system, the lack of automatic itemized billing might cause inconvenience to some people.
  • No International Locations: No international locations limit the global reach for sellers aiming for an international market. 
  • Limited Support for Certain Fulfillment Types:  Furthermore, there’s no support for batch fulfillment, crowdfunding campaigns, or high-volume subscription boxes, which could limit options for certain types of ecommerce businesses.
  • Limited US Warehouse Network: Red Stag Fulfillment’s warehouse network is limited in scope within the United States. This could be a potential drawback for ecommerce businesses that require vast domestic distribution coverage.
  • Restricted Customer Service Hours: Despite their quality of service, Red Stag Fulfillment has received feedback pertaining to its limited customer service hours. For businesses functioning 24/7, this could pose a challenge when urgent assistance is required outside the provided support time-frame.

Let’s dive deep into the vast array of services that Red Stag Fulfillment offers to ecommerce business owners.

Fulfillment Services
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Climate Control
Kitting Services
Custom Packaging
Lot Tracking
Red Stag FulfillmentFulfillment
B2B :
B2C :
D2C :
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
Climate Control :
Kitting Services :
Custom Packaging :
Lot Tracking :
  • Order Processing: As a trusted provider, Red Stag Fulfillment offers transparency and efficiency when demanding shipments. Their services might have some challenges in some areas, like software usability and a limited shipping network, yet they strive for improvement. With partnerships with major logistics providers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon, and OnTrac, they ensure prompt delivery of orders. 
  •  Omnichannel Fulfillment Services: Red Stag Fulfillment’s omnichannel services help you seamlessly manage your logistics, whether you’re selling on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, or offline retailers. They provide accuracy, prompt delivery, and a consistent customer experience by integrating all sales channels.
  •  Inventory Planning Services: Red Stag Fulfillment provides top-notch inventory planning services, with real-time tracking through its advanced management software. By assisting in managing and forecasting stock levels, they prevent product shortages and overstocks, ensuring seamless growth and customer satisfaction.
  •  Kitting and Assembly Services: Red Stag Fulfillment assists ecommerce sellers with a comprehensive kitting and assembly service for subscription and bundled products. They ensure product safety, speed, and efficiency in packaging and delivery, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.
  •  Picking and Packing Services: Red Stag Fulfillment’s picking and packing services, using advanced tech for speed and accuracy, are commendable. They handle delicate, oversized, hazardous, or high-value items with utmost care and assist clients in choosing suitable packaging to ensure optimal product protection during transit.
  •  Warehouse Facilities and Technology: With its comprehensive network of warehouses located in Salt Lake City, Knoxville, and now, Sweetwater, TN, Red Stag Fulfillment caters to a large part of the US ecommerce market. Their impressive reach ensures two-day delivery to 96% of addresses in the continental United States and three-day delivery to 99% of addresses in the continental United States. Specializing in the safe handling of oversized, high-value, fragile, and hazardous items, they offer robust tracking facilities through cutting-edge inventory management systems. Furthermore, Red Stag’s open-door policy with transparent operations includes warehouse tours, providing clients insight into their efficient fulfillment process.
  •  Inventory Management: Red Stag Fulfillment’s inventory management system is a complete, user-friendly solution aimed at streamlining your ecommerce operations. It efficiently tracks your stock in real time, manages product data, and ensures minimal inventory shrinkage. Any damages? They’ve got you covered with wholesale cost reimbursements. Thus, Red Stag Fulfillment offers a precise and affordable inventory management service.
  •  Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Service: In their broad service offerings, Red Stag Fulfillment also supports Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime standards. This renders them a potent ally for eCommerce merchants who yearn to access the Prime clientele. As an eligible provider for Amazon SFP, Red Stag is adept at navigating the platform’s distinctive logistical challenges, offering a specialized suite of services to help its clients prevail.

Key Features of Red Stag Fulfillment Company That Set it Apart

Red Stag Fulfillment is a suitable choice for a diverse range of merchants. Here, we highlight some business types and the specific needs that Red Stag Fulfillment meets effectively. 

  • A Comprehensive Solution for Ecommerce Sellers: Whether you’re a marketplace, D2C, or B2B seller, Red Stag tailors its ecommerce fulfillment services to suit your unique needs. They manage everything from storage and order processing to final mile delivery, ensuring your products reach customers efficiently. 
  •  Service Level Commitments and Risk-Free Trial: A leading service level agreement (SLA) featuring a 30-day risk-free trial, rapid inbound inventory receiving, guaranteed order shipping accuracy, and tempting compensation packages for any mishaps.
  •  Real-Time Tracking and Reporting Capabilities: One of the main advantages of using Red Stag Fulfillment is its impressive operational speed. Alongside their 48-hour guarantee for inbound order receiving, they also allow for real-time updates and accurate reporting through a cloud-based dashboard. The connectivity they offer is seamless and immediate, giving you an eagle-eye view of your inventory anytime and from anywhere. 
  •  Specialized Handling for High-Value Items: Red Stag Fulfillment distinguishes itself through specialty services catered to specific goods, particularly heavy, large, delicate, or high-value items. By employing unique warehousing strategies and the Accurate Pick, Pack, and Ship process, they provide specialized handling and storage for a vast range of products, from oversized goods to fragile electronics and high-value items. Whether your inventory requires additional security or tailored packaging, Red Stag possesses the requisite expertise to manage it efficiently.
  •  Custom Solutions for High-Volume Clients: Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, Red Stag tailors its services to work with your specific requirements. This means they don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they offer a range of fulfillment services that can be customized – whether you need help with hazardous, heavy, oversized, high-value, or fragile items, Red Stag Fulfillment can offer suitable handling options to ensure their safe storage and delivery. 
  •  Insurance and Added Value Services: Red Stag does not charge extra for value-added services that include important aspects like liability insurance. This means your high-value and fragile items are secured, giving you peace of mind while also making your business operations more efficient. In essence, Red Stag Fulfillment’s service offering brings together the best of both worlds. Their ability to handle special items, provide value-added services, commit to quality, appeal to Amazon sellers, and compensate clients in case of service failures makes them a strong contender in the fulfillment services industry.

Red Stag Fulfillment provides free and swift integrations with leading ecommerce tools, enabling businesses to automate their online ordering processes. They also offer custom API connectivity for an additional cost tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Above all, their fulfillment process ensures a seamless flow of information between your ecommerce operations and their system, providing real-time inventory and order tracking updates. 

Adobe Commerce
New Egg
Red Stag FulfillmentIntegrations – Red Stag Fulfillment
Shopify :
BigCommerce :
WooCommerce :
Adobe Commerce :
Wix :
Amazon :
Walmart :
eBay :
Etsy :
New Egg :
Wayfair :
Shipstation :
QuickBooks :
Square :
Zoho :
Netsuite :
Squarespace :

Consult the table below for a comprehensive overview of all the available integration options offered by Red Stag Fulfillment:

Ecommerce PlatformsOrder Management SystemsMarketplacesPayment Providers, Marketing & CRM Tools
Adobe Business Catalyst
SPS Commerce
Solid Commerce
Spree Commerce
Amazon (Rakuten)
Yahoo Stores
Keap (InfusionSoft)
Salesforce (Demandware)

When it comes specifically to the most popular ecommerce platforms, Red Stag Fulfillment integrates smoothly with Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Ecwid, Shift4shop, and Volusion, to name a few.

Red Stag Fulfillment boasts a support team offering assistance within operational hours. They also provide a 24/7 ticket-based system to address queries beyond business hours. This assures you of support whenever needed, ensuring smooth business operations. 

Customer Support
Dedicated AM
Phone Support
Help Center
24/7 Support
Live Chat
Red Stag FulfillmentCustomer Support – Red Stag Fulfillment
Dedicated AM :
Phone Support :
Help Center :
24/7 Support :
Live Chat :

Despite the firm receiving highly positive reviews for their customer support, these are not easy to find online. Most reviews originate from the company’s employees, and postings on widely-used review platforms are lacking. 

Red Stag’s customer service operating hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays. Businesses requiring assistance outside these hours, during weekends, or in different time zones may face difficulties. Therefore, while Red Stag’s customer support is exceptional, service hours limitation and lack of external reviews could pose concern for some users. 

In conclusion, Red Stag offers a tour of their facility on request, showcasing their transparency and flexibility. They are a strong contender for anyone seeking to outsource their fulfillment needs.

If you’re considering alternatives to The Fulfillment Lab, here are some effective competitors in the market: 

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Red Stag Fulfillment
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 40
Non-U.S. Locations : 9
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 11
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

On occasion, despite its myriad of features and services, Red Stag Fulfillment might not ideally fit the specific needs of your business. But then again, every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, it’s in the form of a host of robust alternatives in the market. The guiding principle while examining these options is to remain tuned into your particular business requirements, be it related to efficient inventory storage or handling and shipping of heavier goods. Below, we delve into a few significant contenders that have successfully maintained their brand strength in this domain.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): A compelling alternative for ecommerce sellers is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If a significant portion of your sales happens through Amazon, using FBA could make your operations much more streamlined. Not only does FBA handle storage and fulfillment, but it also takes on customer service and returns. However, the costs can pile up with storage, especially for slow-moving goods. 
  • ShipBob: As another feasible substitute, you may want to consider ShipBob. They offer a 2-day shipping program, letting your customers receive their products quicker. With warehouses spread across the country, this service is an amazing match for businesses that sell products across several regions. However, their minimum monthly requirement of 200 orders might not suit smaller online shops. 
  • ShipNetwork: Believed to have a robust global infrastructure and remarkable technology, ShipNetwork could be your ticket if you regularly ship orders internationally. They vaunt a network of 15 warehouses spread across the United States, offering 1-2 day delivery. But, the lack of pricing transparency might pose a challenge for some businesses.

Who says there’s a one-size-fits-all when it comes to fulfillment services for your ecommerce business? Explore your options, evaluate features vis-a-vis your needs, and select the best fit. Remember, the perfect ecommerce fulfillment service for you is one that aligns seamlessly with your business strategy, operations, and growth plans.

Share your Experience With Red Stag Fulfillment!

The reputation of Red Stag Fulfillment is built on the value it provides to its clients, and your testimonials are an integral part of maintaining that trust. We kindly request your feedback on whether you have employed their fulfillment services. How did you find their performance? Were you content with the costs? How was your experience with their customer service? It’s not just words we seek; your experience greatly contributes to the trustworthy reputation of Red Stag. 

Both positive and negative feedback are not only useful for potential customers looking for fulfillment companies, but they also aid Red Stag in enhancing their services. Your voice matters because it helps build an honest and reliable picture of Red Stag Fulfillment’s services. We look forward to your testimonial!

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