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When it comes to scaling your ecommerce business, finding the right fulfillment partner is crucial. That’s where ShipMonk steps in, offering a suite of services designed to simplify logistics and help you grow. But you might be wondering, is ShipMonk right for you?

Pros and Cons
Market Leading Integrations
Comprehensive Features
No Startup Fees
Limited Cold Storage
Negative Reviews
Limited Lot Storage
Value 4.0
Features 4.5
Customer Support 5.0
Integrations 4.5
Scalability 3.5
Overall Score
User Rating
3 reviews

And with ShipMonk’s easy-to-use software program, you can track your orders with ease. With this type of access, you always know what’s going on with this side of your business.  

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 8
Non-U.S. Locations : 4
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

ShipMonk provides comprehensive 3PL (third-party logistics) services tailored for DTC ecommerce brands, B2B retail distribution, and omnichannel fulfillment. The company prides itself on its flexibility and a robust support system, aiming to minimize the logistical headaches for growing businesses. Moreover, ShipMonk stands out by not requiring setup fees or order minimums, making it an attractive option for both emerging and established brands.

The backbone of ShipMonk’s services is their advanced technology and warehouse automation, which facilitates efficient inventory management, order processing, and shipping management. This tech-savvy approach does not only enhance operational efficiency but also allows businesses to scale seamlessly. With an emphasis on meticulous customer support, ShipMonk ensures that their clients can focus more on growing their business while they handle the logistics.

Curious about what other features ShipMonk provides? And is this fulfillment company the perfect fit for your ecommerce business? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is ShipMonk?

ShipMonk, a leading fulfillment service, was founded in 2014 by Jan Bednar. The company’s vast presence in North America and Europe accentuates its role in facilitating seamless logistics for ecommerce sellers. 24/7 support and a customer satisfaction guarantee reinforce ShipMonk’s dedication towards its user base. A tiered pricing strategy, underpinned by a comprehensive array of services, makes it a go-to choice for many sellers, although competitors like Red Stag Fulfillment and ShipBob present viable alternatives.

ShipMonk ecommerce services include:

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Subscription box fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • And more!

The ShipMonk software makes order fulfillment so easy. With the ShipMonk software, you can track order fulfillment progress, inventory, and shipping. ShipMonk handles the fulfillment job so you can focus on other areas of your business, like marketing and buying products. 

Main Features 

  • Receiving and Inventory Management: ShipMonk’s advanced system ensures every item received is counted, cataloged, and accurately stored in their warehouses – an essential feature for ecommerce merchants who need to track their inventory effectively.
  • Order Fulfillment: When a customer places an order online, ShipMonk promptly fulfills it, ensuring the merchant’s customer satisfaction.
  • Returns Management: Managing product returns can challenge any ecommerce merchant. That’s why ShipMonk takes care of all returned products, conducts necessary inspections, and follows the merchant’s return policy.
  • Special Projects: If a merchant has special packaging needs or requires kitting and assembly, the team at ShipMonk can handle all these specifications.

Monthly Order Minimums
Set-Up Fees
Receiving Fees
Monthly Storage Fees
Picking / Packing
Monthly Order Minimums : Contact For Quote
Set-Up Fees : None
Receiving Fees : Contact For Quote
Monthly Storage Fees : $1-$4/Bin; $25/Pallet
Picking / Packing : $1.80-$3/Order + $.35-$.75/Item

ShipMonk Pricing

ShipMonk offers various pricing schedules. There are no fees to get started. Plus, there are no receiving fees when you meet specific guidelines.

The monthly storage fees vary, $1-$4 depending on the bin size. For a pallet storage fee, the price is $25 per pallet. 

If you want the ShipMonk team to pick and pack your items, the cost of the pick fees is $1.80-$3 for the first item picked and $.35-$.75 for every item after the first item selected. 

Inner packaging, such as promotion inserts of flyers or catalogs, costs $0.20 per order. 

When you use ShipMonk for your fulfillment needs, you’ll save money by not having to pay any upfront costs. 

And you can indicate how you wish your products packaged ShipMonk can pack the items in regular boxes or use your custom packaging. 

You can also decide which shipping carrier you want to use. Use the ShipMonk shipping rate calculator and figure out which shipping method is the cheapest. Keeping track of shipping prices will help you reduce costs in the long run. 


ShipMonk software also integrates with shipping companies. With its shipping integrations, ShipMonk can connect with the shipping software of many large companies. 

Global Logistics
North America
Latin America
ShipMonkGlobal Logistics – ShipMonk
North America :
Latin America :
Europe :
Asia :
Africa :
Australia :
FedEx :

ShipMonk offers shipping integrations with FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. With this type of shipping provider flexibility, you can choose the company that offers the lowest shipping rates.

If you want one of these shipping providers, ShipMonk software offers the integrations you need to make it happen.

When ShipMonk’s software and the shipping provider connect, orders won’t fall through the cracks. You can track the shipments and see what’s happening on both ends of the transaction.  

Plus, since ShipMonk offers many shipping options, you can compare rates and choose the cheapest company.  

Like everything else, services have peaks and pits. To give you a clear picture of the situation, we’re about to break down the pros and cons of using ShipMonk, which will eventually help you determine whether this service aligns well with your ecommerce processes and suffices the needs of your users. Through extensive research, we’ve gathered insights that reflect the genuine experience of using their service. 

When assessing Shipmonk’s rating through our research, we found various features to bolster your business growth. Understanding the pros and cons of this fulfillment service is essential for you as an ecommerce seller. It allows you to make an informed decision that not only takes into account the current situation of your business but also prioritizes your users’ experience.

ShipMonk Pros

  • Flexible pricing plans that can be adjusted to align with various business goals and financial constraints.
  • Multiple fulfillment locations are needed to ensure swift delivery in today’s fast-paced ecommerce environment.
  • The onboarding process is fairly easy, with ShipMonk assisting you in connecting your store to their fulfillment center and mapping SKUs to their internal inventory codes efficiently.
  • A highly customizable order management system that allows for custom branding, aiding businesses in crafting a unique identity.
  • Real-time package tracking capabilities offer sellers and customers convenience and peace of mind.
  • Substantial shipping discounts that provide a cost-savings advantage are particularly beneficial for small businesses and those on a tight budget.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard for real-time inventory tracking and order updates, assisting businesses in efficiently managing their stock and sales.
  • Also worth noting is the scalability of their services. Their order fulfillment is designed to handle increases. It decreases in order quantity without any drop in performance or speed, delivering consistently excellent service no matter the size of your operations.

ShipMonk Cons

  • Limited climate control: Shipmonk has only 1 facility that offers climate-controlled storage, which could affect sellers dealing with delicate or climate-sensitive products.
  • Lacking Lot Tracking: The lot tracking feature needs to be improved, as some businesses must keep track of their inventory batches.
  • Missing Some Integrations: Shipmonk needs more integration with key ecommerce platforms such as Wayfair, ShipStation, Quickbooks, Zoho, and NetSuite. This may limit their appeal to shops using these platforms.

ShipMonk goes beyond traditional fulfillment services, making it an adaptable choice for different business sizes and needs. Its sophisticated software employs RFID tags and laser precision technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy in order fulfillment. This technology helps in reducing errors and enhancing operational efficiency, ultimately leading to quicker delivery times and higher customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment Services
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Climate Control
Kitting Services
Custom Packaging
Lot Tracking
B2B :
B2C :
D2C :
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
Climate Control :
Kitting Services :
Custom Packaging :
Lot Tracking :

ShipMonk Features

This platform supports B2B retail distribution and omnichannel fulfillment. Whether your orders are direct-to-consumer or destined for retail shelves, ShipMonk has the capability to manage your supply chain seamlessly. This flexibility is a significant advantage for businesses looking to scale without the headache of logistical constraints.

Another standout feature is ShipMonk’s robust customer support, provided by a team of over 2,000 skilled professionals. This ensures that help is always available when you need it, whether it’s for resolving issues, getting insights, or simply receiving advice on how to better utilize their services. Their proactive approach in customer support helps maintain a smooth operational flow and build a trustworthy relationship with clients.

In terms of flexibility, ShipMonk offers excellent integration capabilities. Their platform easily connects with many popular exommerce solutions, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, to name a few. This seamless integration capability ensures that you can manage your business operations without having to juggle between different platforms.

ShipMonk offers many features to make your ecommerce order fulfillment duties easy. Since ShipMonk has an extensive reach, it can handle up to 10,000 orders per day. But that doesn’t mean you need to have many orders filled; there’s no minimum number of orders required with ShipMonk. This is a good thing for small businesses. If you’re a small business, you can still use ShipMonk and not have to pay minimum order fees.

With the ShipMonk software, all cart products are auto-checked to make sure they’re in stock. ShipMonk customers love this one-step-ahead approach. ShipMonk also offers two-way inventory management. With this feature in place, nothing slips between the cracks. Monitor your inventory levels with the ShipMonk software and know what’s coming in and going out.

With ShipMonk as your fulfillment company, you’ll also get address verification services. This lets you know the address on the shipping label is the right one and prevents the possibility of future return charges if the item goes to the wrong address.

If your ecommerce site handles subscription box sales, ShipMonk handles this packing service as well. With the ShipMonk software, you can track your subscription box orders and show what products the fulfillment company should include in the order.

ShipMonk Features

And you probably already know this, but there’s something extra special about custom packaging. If your company offers custom packaging, ShipMonk can ship your orders in your chosen boxes. When you use custom boxes, people will come to know your brand logo and company name.

Additionally, ShipMonk prides itself on not having setup fees or order minimums. This no-barrier entry is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that need a scalable solution without hefty upfront costs.

ShipMonk also offers advanced reporting with its software, so ecommerce owners can easily track their orders and fulfillment status. With the ShipMonk software, you can track stock levels, revenue, and orders in one convenient location.

Overall, ShipMonk’s combination of technology, extensive service offerings, and customer-focused features makes it a compelling choice for businesses looking to optimize their order fulfillment process.

Fulfillment Services Offered

Besides standard order picking, packing, and shipping, Shipmonk, one of the leading fulfillment centers, uniquely offers immense benefits for ecommerce startups. Their commitment to meticulous efficiency and unsurpassed accuracy in operations and processing make them a top choice for startups. Shipmonk extends its services to include exceptional value-added features such as detailed kitting and assembly, bespoke packaging, and professional-grade product photography. These personalized solutions not only enhance the visual attractiveness of the products but also offer a competitive edge via their superior processing efficiency and accuracy in the highly competitive ecommerce arena.

Carrier Partnerships 

A key feature that sets Shipmonk apart from many other fulfillment companies is its extensive carrier partnerships. Leveraging relationships with esteemed carriers like FedEx and UPS, Shipmonk efficiently manages weight considerations, providing swift and precise shipping services. This empowers ecommerce entrepreneurs to extend their reach beyond borders, offering speedy global shipping to their customers, regardless of package weight. Such service significantly enhances their brand’s reputation and allure in foreign markets. 

Real-Time Package Tracking 

Another vital feature that Shipmonk offers is real-time package tracking. This service ensures transparency and real-time updates, giving you and your customers peace of mind throughout shipping. The ability to track each package as it journeys toward its destination eliminates the uncertainty that often comes with online purchases and boosts customer satisfaction. 

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Shipmonk leverages its proprietary warehouse management software within its active warehousing and inventory management systems. This software manages inventory across multiple warehouses using predefined assignment logic and ensures a consistent and reliable automated inventory management system. This practical approach significantly reduces the risk of stockouts and overstocking. As a result, it provides an efficient and effective fulfillment process for your ecommerce business.

Additional Services

  • Freight Management: As an effective partner in your supply chain, Shipmonk takes on the logistical responsibilities from the manufacturer to its warehouse. This service encompasses the intricate dynamics of importing and exporting goods globally.
  • Amazon Prep: Recognizing the distinctive demands of Amazon FBA, Shipmonk provides a specialized service to help sellers tailor their products to satisfy Amazon’s guidelines. From precise labeling to secure bagging or bubble wrapping, Shipmonk toils relentlessly to guarantee that your packages are Amazon-ready.
  • Kitting and Assembly: Shipmonk offers kitting and assembly services to help you understand the complexities of ecommerce businesses. Whether assembling multi-component products or creating custom product bundles, they handle the intricate process so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Custom Packaging: Presentation holds significant sway as a market secret. Thus, Shipmonk provides bespoke packaging solutions. They’ll work with you to design and implement packaging that aligns with your brand, altering the sort and style to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience and solidify brand recognition.

Software integrations are another important feature to consider when choosing a fulfillment provider. Fortunately, ShipMonk offers many site and platform integrations.  

Adobe Commerce
New Egg
ShipMonkIntegrations – ShipMonk
Shopify :
BigCommerce :
WooCommerce :
Adobe Commerce :
Wix :
Amazon :
Walmart :
eBay :
Etsy :
New Egg :
Wayfair :
Shipstation :
QuickBooks :
Square :
Zoho :
Netsuite :
Squarespace :

ShipMonk Integrations

Integrations are what connect your company to other fulfillment providers and ecommerce platforms. These are essential for the seamless flow of your company operations and successful order fulfillment. 

From ecommerce integrations to shipping integrations, ShipMonk software must integrate with many platforms. This ensures you can complete your order fulfillment through various means. 

ShipMonk offers more than 70 marketplace and shopping cart options. When the software connects, order fulfillment is easy to complete. 

Three integrations to consider include:

  • Ecommerce integrations
  • Multichannel integrations
  • Shipping integrations

Ecommerce Integrations

ShipMonk excels in its ability to integrate with a vast array of popular ecommerce platforms. For your Shopify-based online store, ShipMonk’s seamless integration ensures that your orders are automatically sent to their system for quick and accurate fulfillment. The same efficiency extends to other major ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, making it a versatile choice for your business operations.

A direct benefit of these integrations is the real-time syncing of inventory levels and order statuses. This means you’ll receive instant updates on order processing, helping you keep your customers informed and satisfied. Additionally, ShipMonk’s system supports multichannel selling, allowing you to manage orders from numerous sales channels through one centralized dashboard.

Moreover, the company provides exceptional support for custom-built ecommerce solutions through their robust API. If your ecommerce platform isn’t listed among the standard integrations, the API offers a flexible solution to ensure all your fulfillment needs are met without disruption.

Multichannel Integrations

ShipMonk truly embraces the concept of multichannel fulfillment, helping you manage inventory across various sales platforms. With seamless integrations, it’s designed to ensure your inventory is synchronized in real-time, regardless of where the sale happens.

Amazon, eBay, and Walmart: These major marketplaces are completely integrated, making it simpler for you to keep everything in order. When a customer makes a purchase, ShipMonk immediately updates stock levels and processes the order—no manual input required.

Marketplaces and Retailers: Integrations extend beyond just the big names. You’ll find connectivity with numerous niche marketplaces and retailers, allowing you to broaden your sales channels without extra hassle.

Overall, the multichannel integration capabilities of ShipMonk are designed to streamline complex fulfillment tasks, help you avoid stockouts, and ultimately free up your time to focus on scaling your business.

When it comes to customer service, ShipMonk sets itself apart. Their approach is centered around providing personalized support, ensuring that your specific fulfillment needs are met with precision. You’ll find their team to be exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable, which is a rare and valuable combination in the logistics industry.

Customer Support
Dedicated AM
Phone Support
Help Center
24/7 Support
Live Chat
ShipMonkCustomer Support – ShipMonk
Dedicated AM :
Phone Support :
Help Center :
24/7 Support :
Live Chat :

ShipMonk Customer Support

ShipMonk offers dedicated Happiness Engineers, who act as your primary point of contact. These dedicated representatives are not only there to resolve issues but also to proactively provide insights and recommendations to optimize your fulfillment strategy. This hands-on support can significantly enhance your operational efficiency.

Another highlight of ShipMonk’s customer service is their comprehensive knowledge base and support resources. Whether you prefer solving issues independently using detailed guides and FAQs or you want direct assistance through live chat or email, ShipMonk has you covered.

The responsiveness extends to their advanced ticketing system, ensuring that your queries are addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, they offer consistent updates and communication, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about your fulfillment processes.

Overall, ShipMonk’s commitment to stellar customer service means that as a client, you can focus more on growing your business and less on managing its logistics hassles.

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 8
Non-U.S. Locations : 4
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 40
Non-U.S. Locations : 9
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 2
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 4
Non-U.S. Locations : 4
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 11
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

Alternatives to ShipMonk

When considering alternatives to ShipMonk, it’s essential to explore other reputable fulfillment service providers. Each alternative comes with its unique strengths and differentiating features. Here are a few noteworthy options:


With a mission to make shipping fast and affordable for ecommerce businesses, ShipBob offers 2-day shipping, a distributed network of fulfillment centers, and advanced analytics to help optimize inventory and improve customer satisfaction.


Known for its flexibility and customer support, ShipHype caters specifically to startups and small businesses. They offer warehousing, pick and pack, and kitting services, aiming to scale as your business grows. 

As a global 3PL company, emphasizes speed and reliability. They offer seamless integrations with popular ecommerce platforms and real-time tracking to ensure that your logistics run smoothly.


Formerly known as Rakuten Super Logistics, ShipNetwork prides itself on providing high-speed shipping solutions. Their SmartSuite of services includes everything from warehouse management to order processing, making them a strong contender in the fulfillment space.


This integration-focused provider offers a robust set of shipping solutions. With features such as international shipping and crowdfunding fulfillment, eShipper stands out for businesses looking for varied and specialized shipping needs.

Ultimately, the best choice among these alternatives will depend on your specific business needs, such as scale, budget, and the level of customer support you require. Each of these providers brings something unique to the table, so it’s worth taking the time to explore your options.

Is ShipMonk Right for You?

Consider the following questions to decide if ShipMonk is right for you:

  • Do I want a U.S.-based provider?
  • Do I want many customer support options?
  • Do I want a plan without setup fees?
  • Do I want low shipping costs?
  • Do I want address verification?
  • Do I want custom packaging?
  • Do I want advanced reporting?
  • Do I want cheap shipping rates?
  • Do I want tons of integrations?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above, ShipMonk might be the perfect fulfillment company for you!

Share Your Shipmonk Reviews and Experience

Have you used ShipMonk software before? What do you think of ShipMonk services? What worked for your company and what didn’t do the trick? Leave your review below and help other ecommerce website owners decide if ShipMonk is right for them.  

Whether you’ve engaged with ShipMonk’s customer support or utilized their services, we value your comments and opinions. Your thoughts, encounters and success stories can guide businesses searching for a trustworthy fulfillment service. By sharing your experiences, you illustrate how ShipMonk provides a trustworthy, affordable, high-quality service. Your shared insights contribute to a knowledgeable and successful ecommerce community. Don’t hesitate – share your experiences today!

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User Reviews:

1/5 (3 votes)
May 22, 2024

Shipmonk are scammers with huge hidden fees

They overcharged me by several thousands of dollars per month with hidden fees. Ryan from Shipmonk asked me to take down my negative review before giving me my balance back. Shady on many different levels. They were sued in 2021 by Bedabox for their dishonest fees. They still sneak them in til this day When I left Shipmonk, they poorly packaged my goods. They arrived damaged to new logistics partner. They also overcharged for packing up my stuff and shipping it. Around $10,000 just to pack and ship a few hundred shoes
Hans Witthoeft
May 4, 2022

Worst and most expensive company I have ever worked with

Shipmonk has stupid high shipping. I have products that cost up to $100 to ship and they split it into two shipments AND charge the fulfillment fee for each. Which ends up being an additional $9. You will be paying the fulfillment fee monthly whether you ship the items or not. These fees are the same price as the storage fees so storage is double the price they say it is. Another thing about storage is that the allowable height of a pallet is on the lower side meaning they charge more than you can find elsewhere per pallet. When I started with them, they would reply to my emails and tickets within 24 hrs and now it takes them 4+ days. Many of the questions I ask them are for customers of mine (sometimes shipping delays and even not receiving). And then I often end up just giving my customers their money back While I wait for Shipmonk's reply. I found a company that has cheaper storage (larger pallets for same monthly fee) plus they don't charge the additional fulfillment fees AND they don't have a minimum monthly order. (The storage is literally half the price) And a HUGE advantage of this new company is the amazingly lower shipping cost. This $100 Shipping cost plus $9 fulfillment fees through Shipmonk is now only costing me a total of $30 with this new company - that includes fulfillment! (Went from $109 to $30) I unfortunately still have products in their warehouse and being charged a stupid amount. I have paid this other fulfillment company to pick them up. I will still need to pay Shipmonk a large amount on top of that for this other company to pick them up. Do not go with Shipmonk!!!
M Stewart
October 22, 2021

Bad Experience, Never Again

Seemingly every order came back with issues and errors and ShipMonk's customer service was frustratingly slow and unhelpful.

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