13 Best Amazon Keyword Tools For Finding Money Keywords

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So, you have your products listed on an online marketplace or maybe you’re still trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon.

Whether you’ve been selling products on Amazon for years or are a newbie in the Amazon affiliate marketing field, knowing what keywords are the most popular on the #1 ecommerce search engine is a true game-changer.

Without this crucial information, you’ll be working blind.

When you know the best keywords, you’ll be able to pick products that are popular. You’ll also figure out the best words to use to optimize your product listings or affiliate blog posts. Put this information to work whenever you have new product ideas. It’ll help you have a chance against your competitors.

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Best Amazon Keyword Tools

Using these tools will help you find relevant keywords to use when selling products on Amazon or engaging in Amazon affiliate marketing. Using keywords with your product descriptions and ads will draw customers in and ensure your products will fly out of your Amazon store.

1. Sellzone


Sellzone is a powerful toolkit for Amazon sellers brought to you by digital marketing industry leader Semrush. It started one year ago as a tool for creating split tests on your Amazon product listings. It has since grown into a full toolbox dedicated to helping Amazon sellers make the most of their time and budget.

Beyond Split Testing tool, it also offers Traffic Insights, Listing Protection, Listing Quality Check, Keyword Wizard tools and 2 NEW: Amazon Product Research and PPC Optimizer tools

Keyword Wizard tool has more than 200 million keywords, it is one of the largest keyword research databases available on the market today, and it just keeps growing. Best of all? There’s a free version available.

If you’ve ever used the Semrush Keyword Magic tool, you’ll notice similar technology here. The difference is the primary focus is on Amazon’s search results and product listings. The keyword tool pulls up top keywords and helps you find high volume, low competition terms, with search volume data backed by Semrush.

You’ll start with a search term relevant to your product, known as your seed keyword. You can use smart filters to generate keyword phrases specific to your product. The tool includes not only the most popular keywords, but filters allow you to access a list of long-tail keywords by phrase, broad, exact or related match. Filters also make it easy to exclude any irrelevant words and phrases. From there, you’ll be able to find the easy wins to optimize your listings around. You can export the list of keywords and phrases to further improve your product listing.

With a free Sellzone account, you can use the Keyword Wizard to run reports on up to 3 seed keywords every day, with 100 keywords maximum. It does not include different match types, filtering, or exporting.

Paid plans start at $50/month. With a paid plan, there are no limits in the number of keyword results with each search. You can run an unlimited number of seed keyword reports. You’ll have full access to match types, filtering, and exporting.

Upgrading to the Pro plan for $85/month gives you all the same features plus a personal account manager, private onboarding, and extended limits. Save $10 a month on the Growth plan and $15 on the Pro plan with an annual plan.

You can get a 7-day free trial to test all the features before committing.

At this time, these tools are only available for the U.S. Amazon Marketplace.

Sellzone Ad

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon keyword research tool and so much more. It’s a collection of tools that Amazon sellers can always put to good use to boost their online sales.

The Amazon keyword research tool offered on Jungle Scout called Keyword Scout does the following:

  • Generates valuable keyword ideas to use in your Amazon PPC ad campaigns and product listings
  • Uses actual Amazon data to provide the broad and monthly exact search volume for keywords
  • Helps you create a proper ad budget
  • Calculates promotional giveaway volume
  • Details a relevancy score
  • Includes a reverse ASIN lookup tool to help you see what your competitors are doing with their Amazon pages

Jungle Scout is $19-$69, depending on the plan you choose and whether you pay in monthly installments or annually.

There are no free trials or free plans available with Jungle Scout. However, the company offers a 14-day refund period so you can test out the product for two weeks and get a refund if you don’t like it.

Jungle Scout currently supports nine Amazon marketplaces, including the following:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

As for Keyword Scout, this tool applies to all of the previously-mentioned countries except India.

3. Keyword Dominator

Keyword Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a spot-on keyword tool that can help you choose the right Amazon keywords for your business.

You’ll have access to a list of long-tail keywords that should be used when advertising your product and describing it on Amazon.

It’s also really easy to use. You just enter your keyword of choice and you’ll have a list of long-tail keywords to choose from that you can put to good use with your Amazon sales.

Keyword Tool Dominator also features a download keyword list that users like.

This keyword-sourcing tool is $49.99 to purchase and the tool covers the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Try Keyword Dominator for Free

4. Sonar


If you want to optimize your product listing and need an easy-to-use tool to do so, check out Sonar.

With this online keyword tool, you enter relevant terms or phrases and you will get a list of relevant keywords.

Sonar provides you with data that comes directly from Amazon (third-party data isn’t used) so you know that the keywords are relevant to your sales and products on Amazon.

Another great aspect of Sonar? It’s a free Amazon keyword tool!

Sonar is available for Amazon US and Amazon EU, which includes Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

5. Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 boasts its product as being an insanely powerful software tool for Amazon sellers. And for good reason.

This keyword tool is one of the most powerful tools available right now.

To use Helium 10, you simply insert the keyword that you want to look up and you’ll be met with extremely detailed results, such as search volume, distribution, top products, and word frequency.

You can choose your most ideal keywords from the list Helium 10 generates and put them to use in your product page copy on Amazon.

If you want to try out Helium 10 or use it on an occasional basis, you can sign up for the free plan with provides you with up to 20 keyword searches per month. There are also paid plans available if you’ll be using the keyword tracker component on a more frequent basis.

The keyword tracker is available in the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

6. SellerApp


The SellerApp tool will help you with keyword identification for Amazon product listings and PPC campaigns.

SellerApp has an impressive database of more than 100 million keyword suggestions and provides you with extensive search capabilities.

Finding low competition level keywords that will work to your benefit with Amazon sales, you can increase those sales and unload your inventory.

SellerApp offers this keyword tool for free. If you want to take advantage of the entire SellerApp program, you can test it out for seven days and, if you like it, purchase the plan for $199 per month.

At this time, Seller App supports Amazon US and Amazon AU.

7. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a suite of products for Amazon, including a keyword research tool.

Once you enter your desired keyword in the search bar, you’ll have a long list of relevant keywords at your fingertips, including useful metrics for priority means.

By exporting the results, you can organize them in a helpful manner and pull them up in the future when needed.

The plans start at $83 per month and the Amazon keyword research tool is currently only available in the United States.

Start a free Viral Launch Trial.

8. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Tools Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

Ahrefs is a highly-applauded keyword research tool with backlinking capabilities. Using the Ahrefs site explorer helps you see all the keywords a page ranks for in Google. But, it works for Amazon, too.

The Keywords Explorer tool on Ahrefs works with Amazon to help sellers find the most relevant keywords from a database of 3 billion options.

When you use Keywords Explorer on Ahrefs, you just enter the keyword you’re targeting, click on Amazon, and wait for the impressive results to head your way.

The keyword research tool is just one of many extraordinarily helpful tools you’ll find on Ahrefs to use in your Amazon business.

Try out Ahrefs for seven days for $7 and see if you like it. If you find you can’t live without this online tool, you can sign up for a plan. Plans start at $99 per month.

9. Scope by SellerLabs

Scope Amazon Keywords Tool Products Research Software

With Scope, not only can you find profitable keywords but products as well.

This is a good option for sellers who are already up and running with their Amazon store and use Amazon FBA.

These are paid plans only with no free trial period, so you want to read the details of each plan carefully before clicking the pay button.

Paid plans start at $32.50 per month and Scope is available in the United States.

10. MerchantWords

MerchantWords The Largest Database of Shopper Search Trends
MerchantWords claims to have the world’s largest database containing actual Amazon shopper search data, so it uses Amazon autocomplete in order to get the data.

When you use MerchantWords, you enter your keyword and you’ll receive a list of Amazon search terms plus the search volume, depth, seasonality, and dominant categories.

This keyword research tool has plans starting at $29 per month and includes data from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

11. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker The Perfect Amazon Toolkit Boost Your Rankings Promotions Tool

AMZ Tracker boasts its offense and defense assistance for Amazon sellers. The tools that help Amazon sellers achieve their goals include first page ranking techniques, promotions assistance, and keyword tracking and research.

The AMZ Tracker keyword research tool helps you find the words and phrases that online shoppers are searching for and will help you put the right keywords in your product descriptions and ads.

You can use this tool to avoid wasting advertising dollars along with content space.

The plan pricing starts at $50 per month but you can try this tool out for free for seven days to see if you like it.

AMZ Tracker supports the following countries/Amazon domains:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

12. Keyword Keg

Get the Unfair Advantage by using the Right Keyword Tools

When you use the right keyword tools, you get the unfair advantage, as Keyword Keg calls it.

The Keyword Keg team offers exceptional features, all built upon by the feedback received from top SEO agencies.

Keyword research offerings provided by Keyword Keg include:

  • Ability to enter up to 30 seed keywords at a time
  • Target keywords with specific SERP features in mind
  • Import keywords from your files
  • Categorize keywords by intent
  • SEO metrics
  • And so much more!

Keyword Keg plans start at $40 per month. There’s no free trial available, however, Keyword Keg has a 48-hour money-back guarantee.

This keyword research tool currently supports the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

13. Unicorn Smasher

Amazon Product Research Tool Unicorn Smasher Free Alternative to Jungle Scout

Unicorn Smasher is a Chrome extension tool that helps with product research.

If you’re an Amazon seller, you’re going to want to consider using Unicorn Smasher to find profitable keywords.

Users can also integrate with AMZ Tracker, which is the creator of Unicorn Smasher.

To use Unicorn Smasher, the Amazon seller opens the Amazon website, searches for keywords, and uses Unicorn Smasher to get the data on each keyword.

Best of all? This tool is free to use!

Unicorn Smasher has capabilities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

How Do I Optimize an Amazon Listing?

Before you can start your Amazon listing optimization on all your new products, you need to be sure you understand how the algorithm works. Like Google, Amazon regularly makes adjustments to how they rank products. The A10 algorithm is the most recent update – pushed live in 2021. Amazon’s search engine considers:

  • Organic sales: This is the volume of products purchased from the Amazon search results pages without advertising.
  • Sales performance history: The more sales you generate, the higher you’ll move through the rankings. Keep your customers happy! If you generate a ton of sales but have upset buyers, Amazon will push your rank down.
  • Seller authority: This is all about having healthy seller performance metrics, good feedback ratings, the number of ASINs in your catalog, and other seller-related information.
  • Product ratings: The higher your product ratings, the higher you’ll rank. It’s not the number of ratings and reviews that directly influence your rank. However, they do influence click-through and conversion ranks. Essentially, if you’re selling a poor quality product or something that’s not as described, Amazon won’t rank you as high. They want their customers happy, too.
  • Impressions: The more views your products have, the higher they will rank.
  • Click-through rate: The more clicks that your products get from the search results, the higher they will rank.
  • Conversion rate: The more product views and clicks that convert to sales, the better your product will rank.
  • Inventory level: If you don’t have enough inventory to support high sales volume, you’ll rank lower naturally.
  • Amazon PPC: What was once a major factor in how Amazon ranked products for search queries, matters less in A10. Now, it’s more about relevancy and customer behavior.
  • External sales: The newest version of the algorithm emphasizes outside traffic. That means more customers for Amazon. Any sales you make outside of Amazon will count more than the sales you make through Amazon PPC.

You’re going to want to optimize your Amazon listing to impact organic rankings and sales. The first step is to use Amazon SEO tactics. Once you’ve optimized your listing with SEO tactics you can see how the product sales are doing by using Amazon rank tracking.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO consists of optimizing your product listings so that they’ll be located on the top of Amazon search results. When you optimize your product listings you’ll get better rankings and more visibility. All of this means more sales!

In order to optimize for SEO, you have to find the right keywords and use those in your product listing. Doing so will make your product listing keyword-friendly which will ultimately attract viewers searching for your type of product. The more optimized the content is, the higher your products are in the Amazon search results.

On Amazon, there are two types of keywords:

Frontend keywords: These are the keywords in your product listing. You’ll include them in the product title, bullet points, and product description. Your customers can see them. The Amazon A10 algorithm indexes them. Beyond a keyword tool, you can use Amazon’s search bars to find these. Simply start searching for something and let the autocomplete give you a list of longtail keywords you can use.

Backend keywords: These are keywords that are hidden from your customers, but are still indexed. These are things that you won’t get from an Amazon SEO tool – like the intended use, target audience, subject matter, and other product attributes.

Amazon Rank Tracking

Once you’ve added the right keywords for your Amazon SEO, you’ll want to see if your efforts are paying off. This is where Amazon rank tracking comes in.

Amazon rank tracking is essential for monitoring how products are selling. It’s also a good way to determine if you want to sell a certain product if you’ve been up in the air as to whether or not to add a certain item to your inventory. The better a product ranks, the more likely you are to sell it through your Amazon store.

How Will You Do Your Amazon Product Research?

Now that you have a list of Amazon keyword research tools, you can get the ball rolling and start exploring the best keywords to use in your Amazon sales.

When the time comes to do your Amazon product research, be sure to download my ebook that will provide you with hundreds of ideas on the best Amazon products, backed by actual data from Google and Amazon. Trust me. This will definitely up your game. It’s one thing to know about Google SEO. It’s another to know Amazon SEO, too.

Good luck with your Amazon sales prep work and wishing you the best with your future Amazon shop!

What Amazon tools will you use?

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