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If you’re an ecommerce vendor exploring options to streamline your business workflow, discovering the perfect fulfillment service becomes vital. An effective fulfillment strategy can transform your operations by ensuring swift delivery, exceptional customer service, and effortless returns.

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The discussion signals a service such as eShipper. This impartial review of eShipper aims to establish a comprehensive idea about the company’s services, pros and cons, cost structure, and comparative position against market competitors to assist you in determining if it meets your business requirements.

What is eShipper

Founded in 2005 by Mo Datoo and Reza Zare, eShipper is a comprehensive shipping solution provider that simplifies logistics for ecommerce businesses. With two locations in the United States and one other internationally, the platform is strategically situated to handle broad-based shipping requirements for companies worldwide. Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, eShipper offers a broad spectrum of services – order fulfillment, inventory management, and freight management services. eShipper expertly navigates complex shipping logistics, allowing ecommerce businesses to function more effectively and focus more on their core operations.

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 1
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

eShipper’s services are priced competitively, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and accommodating various ecommerce businesses’ unique requirements. An accessible online quote system comes at no additional cost, injecting transparency into the pricing process to facilitate budget planning and comparison shopping. Key features of their user-friendly interface include detailed shipping and spending analytics, automated shipment tracking updates in real-time, and smooth integration with major ecommerce platforms.

Now, let’s talk numbers. eShipper’s pricing model stipulates a minimum monthly order of 250 or 10 orders per day. Their upfront costs include a set-up fee starting at $750. Additionally, eShipper’s unique receiving fees are pegged at $40. As for storage, monthly expenses are $32.50 per pallet, $12.50 per shelf, and $5.50 per bin. Picking and packing services are available at a standard rate of $3 per package. 

These pricing details underscore eShipper’s dedication to offering a high-quality, cost-effective shipping solution that pairs essential features like analytics and tracking with straightforward, transparent Pricing.

Monthly Order Minimums
Set-Up Fees
Receiving Fees
Monthly Storage Fees
Picking / Packing
Monthly Order Minimums : 250 Orders
Set-Up Fees : $750+
Receiving Fees : $40
Monthly Storage Fees : $5.50/Bin; $12.50/Shelf; $32.50/Pallet
Picking / Packing : $3/Order

When using eShipper, there are no hidden fees to worry about. The company prides itself on transparency and ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their shipping needs. All fees, including shipping rates, customs duties, and taxes, are clearly communicated upfront during the booking process. Additionally, eShipper provides detailed invoices that break down all charges, leaving no room for surprises. Rest assured that when you choose eShipper for your shipping needs, you can trust that there are no hidden fees waiting to catch you off guard.

eShipper’s Network and Shipping Coverage

eShipper offers its services to myriad ecommerce sellers globally. A significant advantage is the extensive scope of its network, which covers over 190 countries. This allows you to send your goods to a broad base of customers, irrespective of location constraints. Furthermore, domestic deliveries are catered to with similar efficiency through a vast network encompassing the whole of the United States and Canada.

With eShipper, you have the advantage of working with an array of top-tier carriers, including DHL, UPS, and FedEx. This plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe, quick, and efficient transportation of goods. eShipper’s partnerships with each courier also mean you often get discounted rates, helping to reduce your overall shipping expenses. This is particularly beneficial for businesses targeting cost-efficient operations. 

Beyond shipping services, eShipper also provides warehouse storage solutions across North America. These strategically located storage facilities allow for better inventory management and faster shipping times, which improves customer satisfaction. 

While they do ship globally, they only have a handful of fulfillment centers in North America.

Global Logistics
North America
Latin America
eShipperGlobal Logistics – eShipper
North America :
Latin America :
Europe :
Asia :
Africa :
Australia :
FedEx :

eShipper Pros

  • Flexible Pricing options: eShipper aims to be cost effective by ensuring that each business gets customized solutions like volume discounts depending on their needs.
  • Advanced analytics: eShipper generates detailed reports for better decision-making and effective campaigns.
  • Optimizing processes: eShipper allows businesses to monitor delivery times, costs, and feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Lots of integrations, including Amazon, Walmart, etc.

eShipper Cons

  • Rising expenses: Depending on the shipment volume and frequency, costs may accumulate quickly.
  • Integration challenges: eShipper’s integration with ecommerce platforms may sometimes be complex and require additional support.
  • Limited coverage: In some areas, eShipper might need more coverage, potentially limiting your market reach.

eShipper articulates an impressive range of fulfillment services that go beyond the traditional pick, pack, and ship model. Their tailored services are built around ecommerce sellers’ requirements, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency, refining supply chains, and elevating the overall customer journey. 

Fulfillment Services
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Climate Control
Kitting Services
Custom Packaging
Lot Tracking
B2B :
B2C :
D2C :
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
Climate Control :
Kitting Services :
Custom Packaging :
Lot Tracking :

Fulfillment Services Offered

As part of eShipper’s comprehensive fulfillment services, you’ll have access to an integrated system that consolidates all order management tasks, warehousing requirements, and shipping logistics. In effect, eShipper takes care of your inventory, ensures the secure storage of your products in its warehouses, and guarantees efficient deliveries to your consumers. Even amidst peak shopping seasons or unexpected supply chain disruptions, eShipper promises a resilient system that keeps your operations flowing smoothly, thereby offering a reliable and flexible service designed around your unique business needs. 

A standout feature of eShipper’s fulfillment services is its capacity to manage diverse product types. It can cater to any SKU, and handle a wide range of specific packaging and shipping needs. So, whether you run an ecommerce store that sells anything from miniature gadgets to large home appliances, eShipper has you covered. 

Furthermore, in an effort to ensure broader integration and increased flexibility, eShipper also offers a specialized integration feature for Walmart merchants. This allows sellers to seamlessly streamline their Walmart orders with eShipper’s robust system, managing their inventory, shipping, and returns under one umbrella. The integration with Walmart not only heightens operational efficiency but also assists in meeting the ever-evolving customer expectations, reinforcing the overall user experience.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

eShipper applies its wealth of knowledge and experience in warehousing and inventory management to considerably complement ecommerce endeavors. Its proficiency is demonstrated through several notable features: 

  • eShipper ensures efficient supply chains with strategically located warehouses.
  • Inventory accuracy is prioritized to maintain database integrity.
  • They optimize package size and weight, enhancing logistical efficiency while reducing shipping costs.
  • eShipper uses advanced inventory and demand forecasting analytics, enabling businesses to predict potential disruptions.
  • Their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction makes eShipper a top choice for ecommerce sellers.

Indeed, eShipper’s approach to warehousing and inventory management clearly provides added value, helping ecommerce businesses maximize efficiency and, ultimately, success in their operations.

eShipper offers seamless integration with an extensive range of popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more. This integration optimizes your supply chain by allowing the syncing of your online store and inventory in real-time. 

Adobe Commerce
New Egg
eShipperIntegrations – eShipper
Shopify :
BigCommerce :
WooCommerce :
Adobe Commerce :
Wix :
Amazon :
Walmart :
eBay :
Etsy :
New Egg :
Wayfair :
Shipstation :
QuickBooks :
Square :
Zoho :
Netsuite :
Squarespace :

By integrating your eCommerce platform with eShipper, you can automatically import orders, create shipping labels, update tracking information, and handle returns more efficiently. This feature simplifies your shipping processes and helps you save valuable time, which you can utilize to grow your business. 

Moreover, eShipper values eCommerce shipping analytics and provides you with insights into data like order volumes, delivery times, customer feedback, and shipping costs. These actionable insights drive data-informed decisions, meet consumer expectations, and aid in refining marketing and sales campaigns. In a nutshell, eShipper’s integration with eCommerce platforms provides cost-effective shipping solutions and a means to enhance operational effectiveness. 

In summary, eCommerce sellers find eShipper’s integration capabilities valuable. They enable them to automate and streamline shipping operations and execute data-driven decisions to improve business performance.

eShipper stands out in the shipping industry with its steadfast focus on customer service. They have built a firm reputation for providing exceptional support deeply rooted in a personalized approach. Their offerings extend beyond just shipping, focusing on fostering robust relationships and exceeding expectations. Here are some key features of their customer service: 

  • Dedicated Account Manager: eShipper offers personalized account management to cater to individual business needs and handle complex shipping scenarios.
  • Phone Support: Quick and efficient phone support is available at eShipper to address issues promptly and maintain smooth operations.
  • Help Center: Their comprehensive help center has guides and FAQs for immediate self-service assistance.
  • Live Chat: Real-time communication with eShipper’s support team is enabled through their live chat feature for immediate help.
Customer Support
Dedicated AM
Phone Support
Help Center
24/7 Support
Live Chat
eShipperCustomer Support – eShipper
Dedicated AM :
Phone Support :
Help Center :
24/7 Support :
Live Chat :
U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 1
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
The Fulfillment Lab
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 10
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 11
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 2
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 40
Non-U.S. Locations : 9
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
  • The Fulfillment Lab: Known for its global fulfillment services, The Fulfillment Lab offers a personalized approach to third-party logistics (3PL) solutions. Their customized services include custom package designs, brand management, and global two-day shipping.
  • ShipNetwork: As a comprehensive shipping solution, ShipNetwork provides real-time shipping rates and offers an advanced analytics platform for analyzing inconsistent shipment data. Their robust platform also supports optimized routing for quick and efficient delivery.
  • ShipHype: Another worthy competitor in the ecommerce fulfillment space, ShipHype offers complete 3PL services with competitive prices, including warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Their integrated platform syncs with most ecommerce platforms, ensuring seamless coordination between sales and deliveries.
  • ShipBobShipBob is a tech-driven fulfillment solution that caters to ecommerce sellers of all scales, promising a swift, reliable and cost-efficient service. It excels in advanced inventory distribution, custom packaging, and creating exceptional customer experiences.

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To conclude, eShipper is a reliable, data-driven fulfillment service provider dedicated to cost reduction and boosting customer satisfaction. But remember, every ecommerce operation is different and thus requires a tailored solution. Checking diverse user experiences can be insightful before you decide.

If you’ve used eShipper, your feedback, and testimonials are welcome below, as they could aid ecommerce sellers in making informed decisions about fulfillment services. Please share your thoughts on their service, Pricing, features, and return rate experience. Your contribution matters!

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