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Written by

Darren DeMatas


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As an ecommerce vendor searching for a dependable fulfillment service, there’s a good chance you’ve come across ShipNetwork. Our goal with ShipNetwork Review is to present you with a balanced platform overview. We’ll examine their company profile, principal features, services, cost structure, customer feedback, support quality, and much more to help you make an informed choice. So, let’s dive into this exploration journey with us.

Pros and Cons
Leading Enterprise Solution
Specialty Fulfillment Services
Large U.S. Footprint
No Locations Outside Of U.S.
No Custom Packaging
Not For Startups
Value 4.5
Features 4.5
Customer Support 3.0
Integrations 2.1
Scalability 2.5
Overall Score
User Rating
1 reviews

Knowing your options is crucial, especially when they can significantly affect your business success. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive review of ShipNetwork.

What is ShipNetwork and What do they do?

ShipNetwork, an innovative player in fulfillment solutions for ecommerce sellers, officially launched on August 1, 2022. It was created by owner and founder Devin Johnson and is based in Las Vegas. The birth of ShipNetwork is a result of the acquisition and rebranding of Rakuten Super Logistics, a reputable name in the industry since 2001. This rich ancestry, combined with key partnerships with a range of ecommerce platforms and carriers, places ShipNetwork in a strong and strategic position within the industry.


This Vegas-based company operates from 15 strategically located warehouses across the US, guaranteeing 100% order accuracy and a 2-day Delivery Network reaching 98% of the country. More than a shipping service, ShipNetwork helps businesses manage returns, assemble kits, fulfill subscription boxes, and even provides climate-controlled warehousing. Overall, they are committed to supporting ecommerce businesses through delivering effective solutions to meet their needs.

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 11
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :

How does ShipNetwork manage inventory for ecommerce sellers?

Inventory management is no easy task, but it’s critical to ensure smooth business operations. So, how does ShipNetwork rise to the challenge? Utilizing its robust, intelligent platform, ShipNetwork enables ecommerce sellers to maintain complete control and visibility of their inventory. This is advantageous as it allows businesses to keep accurate stock levels and reduce the risk of overselling products.

SmartFill Platform

By incorporating the user-friendly SmartFill fulfillment management platform, you cannot only track your inventory levels but also see exactly what’s happening in the fulfillment process, from order intake to final delivery. This detailed, real-time oversight is a game-changer for businesses, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that can boost efficiency and profitability. 

Lot Tracking

An exciting additional feature is the ability for lot tracking. This tool allows businesses to track goods in batches, keeping a tight control on expiry dates, and ensuring that batches maintain their uniformity. In industries with strict regulatory compliance needs, lot tracking can be incredibly beneficial. 

Returns Management

ShipNetwork efficiently manages and simplifies return processes through its comprehensive returns management service. This involves meticulous tracking, inspecting, and managing returned items, ensuring damaged goods are repaired or appropriately discarded and items in good condition are reintegrated into your inventory. Simultaneously, their SmartFill fulfillment management platform records each return, providing real-time insights into your return ratios and common issues, enabling you to make necessary adjustments to your ecommerce operations. 

You will no longer have to tackle guesswork or manual processing regarding returns — the fast, efficient, and automated return management is the ShipNetwork difference that ecommerce sellers can rely upon.

ShipNetwork offers no standard pricing but tailored plans based on individual business requirements. Prices are quoted after understanding each customer’s ecommerce needs and order volumes. You can readily access this personalized pricing strategy by initiating contact via their website or over the phone. 

Monthly Order Minimums
Set-Up Fees
Receiving Fees
Monthly Storage Fees
Picking / Packing
Monthly Order Minimums : 250 Orders
Set-Up Fees : $1,500
Receiving Fees : $0.09/item
Monthly Storage Fees : $20.99/Pallet
Picking / Packing : $0.92/Order + $0.32/Item

Though it’s not straightforward to compare these customized prices to other providers, this approach ensures the delivery of a cost-effective solution suited to your  ecommerce business needs. Since cost is not the sole factor to consider, remember to evaluate the effectiveness of the service, its features, and how these will influence your customer fulfillment experiences.


Global Logistics
North America
Latin America
ShipNetworkGlobal Logistics – ShipNetwork
North America :
Latin America :
Europe :
Asia :
Africa :
Australia :
FedEx :

ShipNetwork Pros

  • ShipNetwork is a one-stop solution for diverse order fulfillment needs.
  • Offers a 100% order accuracy guarantee, reducing repeat shipping costs.
  • It features a robust 2-day delivery network of over 15 US fulfillment centers.
  • SmartFill dashboard provides a clear view of order fulfillment processes.
  • Manages the whole shipping cycle, with options for suitable carriers.
  • Streamlines shipping processes via synchronization with ecommerce platforms.
  • Provides additional services like lot tracking and climate control.

ShipNetwork Cons

  • Unclear pricing details can be off-putting to some ecommerce operators.
  • Lacks integration with less popular or newer ecommerce platforms.
  • Absence of live chat feature or 24/7 customer service.
  • There are noteworthy negative reviews concerning their previous company and ShipNetwork online.

As a full-service logistics provider, ShipNetwork aims to cater to the diverse requirements of its ecommerce clients by offering an extensive range of features and services. Let’s look at the specific solutions that ShipNetwork brings its users.

Fulfillment Services
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
Climate Control
Kitting Services
Custom Packaging
Lot Tracking
B2B :
B2C :
D2C :
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
Climate Control :
Kitting Services :
Custom Packaging :
Lot Tracking :

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment has always been one of the pain points for ecommerce sellers. Managing stock, packing orders, and shipping them can get overwhelming. With ShipNetwork’s order management and fulfillment services, you no longer have to endure the hassles. The company takes complete control of your order fulfillment process. Once a customer places an order on your ecommerce platform, it’s forwarded to ShipNetwork’s fulfillment center.

With their sophisticated technology and diverse global network of fulfillment centers, they ensure precise picking-packing, swift deliveries, and greater customer satisfaction. Their system, directly integrated with your ecommerce platform, flawlessly maintains and updates inventory in real-time, preventing stock discrepancies and preserving business credibility.


ShipNetwork offers an extensive Xparcel service that bridges the connection between ecommerce sellers and reliable shipping carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL, not to mention various regional and local carriers. This diverse range of shipping options delivers on business needs while ensuring customer satisfaction through a handy parcel tracking feature and timely deliveries. By utilizing Xparcel, sellers can deftly manage the shipping process whilst driving business growth and profitability. 

The variable shipping speeds available through Xparcel provide apt flexibility for businesses. The three distinct speeds are Standard ground shipping delivering in 3-8 days, Expedited shipping ensuring delivery in 2-5 days, and Premium shipping serving the most urgent orders with a 1-3-day delivery window. Overall, the incorporation of Xparcel into an ecommerce seller’s supply chain can go a long way in bolstering customer service and business reputation.

Freight Forwarding

ShipNetwork’s SmartFreight service is a compelling solution for substantial volume shipping, especially for overseas operations handling cargo. Facilitating seamless door-to-door tracking of products from anywhere in the US and beyond also has the potential to lower freight costs. This is achieved by managing the shipping process from pick-up to delivery and offering sellers cost-effective carrier options for their cargo. 

Their freight forwarding service promises increased efficiency, made possible by the incorporated use of Xparcel and SmartFreight software. Alongside their established partnerships with trusted shipping providers, ShipNetwork ensures competitive rates. Thus, ShipNetwork’s service ensures reliable and swift transportation of goods and simplifies the complexities often associated with large-scale shipping operations. 

Kitting and Assembly 

Beyond just shipping, ShipNetwork offers kitting services, where multiple items can be bundled into a unique SKU. This service is perfect for businesses that offer product sets or packages, allowing for smart shipping decisions and potentially lowering packing and shipping costs.

Shipnetwork services

Additional Services

Subscription Box Fulfillment 

If your business model includes subscription boxes that ship regularly, ShipNetwork has got you covered. They provide specialized services for managing and shipping subscription orders, delivering a seamless experience for your customers. 

Temperature-Controlled Storage and Transport 

This is a crucial feature for businesses that deal in temperature-sensitive products such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. ShipNetwork provides temperature-controlled storage in all of its warehouse locations. Furthermore, it ensures that these products are transported in temperature-controlled environments to maintain product integrity throughout the journey. 

Project-Based Services 

This service could benefit you if you have unique shipping requirements or specific project needs. By offering custom project solutions, ShipNetwork can ideate and implement unique project-based services to meet your particular needs, giving you more control over how your products are handled and shipped. 

ShipNetwork offers robust integrations with several leading shopping cart platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, employing state-of-the-art technology for managing digital businesses. However, it’s important to note that businesses operating on platforms such as Adobe Commerce, Wix, Etsy, New Egg, and Wayfair may face limitations due to the lack of direct integrations. 

Adobe Commerce
New Egg
ShipNetworkIntegrations – ShipNetwork
Shopify :
BigCommerce :
WooCommerce :
Adobe Commerce :
Wix :
Amazon :
Walmart :
eBay :
Etsy :
New Egg :
Wayfair :
Shipstation :
QuickBooks :
Square :
Zoho :
Netsuite :
Squarespace :

ShipNetwork further facilitates customization in business systems through API integration, aiding efficient order fulfillment management. The service also connects to major online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace, providing ecommerce retailers with a seamless shipping process and a potential extended reach. 

Lastly, the SmartFill fulfillment management platform centralizes all order fulfillment activities, providing valuable insights and an overview of inventory status, shipping details, customer orders, and delivery timelines. Despite a few gaps in integration, ShipNetwork presents itself as a comprehensive choice for ecommerce retailers in the 3PL landscape.

Integrations ShipNetwork

While ShipNetwork sets the bar high for its customer service by providing comprehensive, US-based phone support, it leaves room for improvement. Specifically, the company currently does not offer a live chat support option or 24/7 coverage

Customer Support
Dedicated AM
Phone Support
Help Center
24/7 Support
Live Chat
ShipNetworkCustomer Support – ShipNetwork
Dedicated AM :
Phone Support :
Help Center :
24/7 Support :
Live Chat :

The absence of 24/7 support could be a sticking point for some ecommerce businesses that operate around the clock. This feature can be particularly crucial for businesses operating in different time zones or those needing assistance outside conventional business hours. 

However, their commitment to client education is evident in their comprehensive educational resources, including eBooks, case studies, webinars, and a blog on diverse ecommerce aspects.

The company is not without its critics. Online users have contested its efficiency, citing issues such as delayed shipping times and a lack of response from customer support. 

In the ever-growing ecommerce industry, keeping your options open is crucial. While ShipNetwork provides a wide range of excellent ecommerce fulfillment services, there are also other noteworthy alternatives you might want to consider. 

U.S. Locations
Non-U.S. Locations
Warehouse Management
Freight Management
Amazon Prep
U.S. Locations : 11
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
U.S. Locations : 40
Non-U.S. Locations : 9
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
eFulfillment Service
U.S. Locations : 1
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
Red Stag Fulfillment
U.S. Locations : 2
Non-U.S. Locations : 0
Warehouse Management :
Freight Management :
Amazon Prep :
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): If you’re selling predominantly on Amazon, FBA may be a suitable option. With FBA, you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they take care of storage, packaging, and shipping. They also handle customer service and returns for these orders. 
  • ShipBob: A tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. If you are looking for a modern, tech-savvy fulfillment solution, then ShipBob might be a great alternative. Their proprietary software and dispersed fulfillment centers offer 2-day shipping, similar to ShipNetwork. 
  • eFulfillment Service: This option is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers flexible and affordable order fulfillment solutions without requiring long-term storage contracts. It’s a family-owned business that prioritizes customer service and provides a more personalized touch compared to some larger providers. 
  • Red Stag Fulfillment: Known for its accuracy guarantee, Red Stag might be a good fit for sellers who want the assurance of precise, error-free shipping . They specialize in products over five pounds and provide services like same-day fulfillment, zero shrinkage allowance, and customer-friendly return policies. 

Every business is unique, and what works best for your business may change as you grow and evolve. We recommend thoroughly researching multiple fulfillment services before making a final decision. Remember, the goal is to find a fulfillment service that can grow with you and help your ecommerce business flourish.

Share your Experience & Reviews

We’d like to hear from you about your experiences with ShipNetwork. Whether you had a good or bad experience, your feedback will help create a more detailed and reliable picture of their service. 

Try to include details about their various services, the quality of their customer support, their pricing, and how well they stick to delivery timelines. Leave your detailed review in the comment box below. By sharing our experiences, we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge. Remember, your review could be a deciding factor for someone else.

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