The Best 20 Online Marketplace Options for Selling Products

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Written by

Darren DeMatas


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As ecommerce grows, so does the number of online marketplaces across the globe.

It’s important to take advantage of these marketplace options. Doing so will increase your sales and let you tap into a sensational opportunity.

Amazon and eBay are two ecommerce sites you might be familiar with already. But, there’s more!

As you start looking into online marketplaces, you’ll notice some are more popular in specific regions than others. And, certain sites are better for one type of product over another.

If you’ve tried something like Facebook marketplace in the past, you certainly realize these sites are beneficial. Now is the time to explore these online marketplaces further.

The list below describes high traffic online marketplaces where you can sell your products to consumers.

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best platform to sell online. As you explore the options, you’ll see certain online marketplaces are more popular than others. The following will explore the best and the brightest of the bunch to give you a good place to start your ecommerce research.

What Are Online Marketplaces?

New to the concept of online marketplaces? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Not everybody has ventured into selling through online marketplaces. Even though it’s a popular way to sell items, many companies don’t realize the true value of doing so.

If this sounds familiar and you’re eager to learn more, the first step is understanding what an online marketplace is.

An online marketplace is a website that sellers and buyers trade through. Buyers can make all of their purchases from different vendors on one convenient site.

This is an excellent opportunity for online sellers to take advantage of to sell their products.

As you review the list of ecommerce marketplaces, there are factors to consider to pick the right vendor site.

Consider the following when comparing online marketplaces:

  • Location: The country of the ecommerce site and what buyers use that site.
  • Products: Products offered on the sites and where your products would fit nicely.
  • Cost: Consider the price of your products and fees. Various fees may include listing fees, annual membership fees, commission fees, shipping costs, fulfillment costs, and payment processing fees.
  • Popularity: Look at the website traffic and number of active buyers.
  • Competition: Make sure you consider competition with other sellers.
  • Features: Consider customer service, tech support, and advertising.
  • Fulfillment: Make sure fulfillment benefits are extensive and suit your needs as a seller.

Top Online Marketplaces for Selling Products in 2024

The following list focuses on actual online marketplaces where you can sell your products to consumers. It highlights which sites operate in specific regions. All of this information will help you decide where to set up your online shop.


Some online marketplaces don’t just operate in one country or continent. They do so globally. These global marketplaces open up a world of opportunities for online sellers to enjoy.


amazon home page

Online selling giant Amazon has a global reach. It’s one that surpasses many others and has a large visitor market share.

From North America to Asia to the Middle East, Amazon is expansive with regard to its covered regions.

You may already be familiar with Amazon as a buyer, but the seller options are equally fabulous.

Amazon offers various options for sellers. You can sell your products through the site and handle the shipping duties or use Amazon FBA to have these tasks handled for you.

When you sell on Amazon the seller fees range from 8-25%.

If you don’t mind paying these seller fees, Amazon is always a good online marketplace to start with. You can even sell handmade goods on Amazon.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Homepage

The global ecommerce company, Alibaba Group, is a popular option. It has many marketplaces under its main company and all have loyal followings.

AliExpress is one online retailer. Launched in 2010, AliExpress offers over 100 million products on its site.

To get started, you have to be approved to be a seller on the site.

AliExpress has legitimate and safe sites in multiple languages and ships to more than 200 countries and regions.

When you sell your products on AliExpress, you’ll pay a commission fee of 5-8% on every transaction.

Alibaba is another Alibaba Group online marketplace. See Alibaba vs AliExpress.

Wholesale sellers who sell on Alibaba choose from two different memberships with varying price levels and membership inclusions.

The basic plan is $2,399 and the premium plan costs $4,199.

A payment processing fee is added to each order. Plus, a service fee is also added if the order exceeds a certain price.


Ebay Homepage

eBay is an ecommerce site that is one of the founding virtual sales sites, having been in existence since 1995.

With 170 million buyers using eBay, your products will have lots of eyes on them at any given time. This expands your income opportunities when you sell on eBay.

You may have used eBay as an individual buyer in the past. However, eBay’s not just for private individuals selling a small inventory of items.

It’s a successful avenue for companies and ecommerce vendors who sell through this global ecommerce site.

There are many good reasons to sell through eBay as an online seller.

One of the reasons relates to the long history of eBay in this industry. With 25 years of experience as an online marketplace, you know that this company knows how online selling is done. And, done right!

eBay charges seller fees in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. You can choose from various plan levels and select the right plan for your individual selling needs.

If you decide to set up an eBay store,  there is a monthly fee. You’ll pay anywhere from $4.95-$2,999.95 per month. This is in addition to your annual subscription fee.

If you decide to sell on eBay, consider all aspects of your business to determine which eBay selling format is right for you. Also consider the fees, taxes and subscription levels when doing so.


Etsy Homepage

Etsy is a prime online marketplace to use if you sell vintage or handmade products.

This is a popular site for small businesses and artisan vendors just starting out. It’s also an ideal way to try online sales for the first time.

And, don’t worry about site traffic. Etsy is widely used by online shoppers and will draw potential customers in.

With 33 million buyers across the globe, this is a promising site for your vendor store items.

Etsy charges a $0.20 listing fee per item. The site also charges a 5% transaction fee and 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee.

If you offer products in the handmade items niche, Etsy is a good online sales platform to check out.

jd homepage is China’s second-largest ecommerce site. It offers an opportunity for international vendors to sell products in China.

Ecommerce business owners have two selling options: sell goods to for resale or sell the products on your own on the website.

With the first option, you get paid outright. With the second option, you pay a 2-10% commission to on every sale you make.

There’s also a $1,000 annual fee to sell on, so you should keep this cost in mind.

However, if you sell many products and want exposure on this highly-visited ecommerce site in China, it’s likely worth it.



Rakuten is the fourth largest online market site in the world.

This virtual marketplace is a good one to use if you’re eager to start selling in Japan. Plus, this is a reputable and frequently used site for buyers in Japan.

Rakuten has 105 million active users which means sellers have a huge customer base.

In addition to being a leading Japanese ecommerce platform, Rakuten has global reach with its wide array of products.

Rakuten provides each vendor with their own space to sell products. The benefit of this setup is that you have an online shop to call your own. It’s a great way to build your brand name! Want a quick and easy way to add your products all at once? Check out this guide to generating a Rakuten product feed to upload your products.

One of the seller features of Rakuten is its CRM tools. This will help to entice first-time customers to return and purchase additional products.

When you sell your items on Rakuten, you’ll also have access to an ecommerce consultant. This consultant will walk you through the selling process and help you operate your store in the most efficient way.

Sellers pay $39 per month to sell on Rakuten. They also pay a commission fee on each item sold (price based on category) and a $.99 per item sold fee.

If you’re looking to reach a large buying audience, Rakuten offers one of the top ways to do so.

North America

In 2023, ecommerce sales on marketplaces in the U.S. are expected to reach 385 Billion. From technology sites to general product sellers, many companies offer their items for sale in this area. And, as the numbers show, it’s pretty good business!


Newegg homepage

Newegg is a popular U.S.-based ecommerce site with a keen focus on technology products.

Newegg specializes in technology items and is one of the top technology-based marketplaces. It also offers products from other categories, including home, tools, health, and sports.

Sellers pay commission fees ranging from 8-15%. The exact commission fee will depend on the product sold.

You can also choose from amongst a few membership plans, ranging from free to $99.95/month.

Sellers can opt for a seller store where you handle the finer details or use the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) fulfillment service.

Additional features include a cross-border fulfillment service, customer support, and Newegg marketing manager assistance.

Target Plus

Target Homepage

Target is a popular retailer in the U.S. that shoppers visit for clothing, accessories, home decor, toys, electronics, groceries, and more.

Target launched Target Plus to further expand its online offerings. This new site is a way for buyers to shop approved partners and enjoy Target benefits at the same time.

Target Plus is still in its beginning stages, but vendors don’t have to be uncertain as to potential sales. Let’s face it. The Target name is well-known enough to draw in a huge crowd of eager buyers.

If Target selects you as a Target Plus vendor, you’ll be able to sell your products on this globally-recognized website. Pretty cool, right?

Target Plus shoppers flock to this site as they have expanded product offerings. Plus, they can enjoy free shipping and 5% RedCard holder discounts.

Buyers use Target Plus because it’s a well-known name with many product options. In addition, the buyers get the same Target benefits that they would if they shopped in-store.

The added bonus is that they have new and different products to choose from online. This makes it a popular shopping site and one you might explore.

As a seller, you benefit when these individuals shop Target Plus. They’re connecting with you as a third-party vendor and buying your products through a top virtual marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Homepage

Another big brand name retailer, Walmart, is offering a third-party marketplace similar to Target.

The difference is that third-party sellers can put in an application with Walmart Marketplace whereas Target Plus has to ask you to join.

Walmart Marketplace used to only be available to U.S. sellers. However, this is gradually changing and Walmart is now starting to use vendors from other countries.

If you want the best shot at selling your products through Walmart Marketplace, here are some tips. Offer interesting products, excellent customer service, and reliable fulfillment options.

Walmart Marketplace is a good option if you’re looking to cater to an audience that frequents these marketplaces and buy from trusted partners.

As a seller, you might have a better chance with Walmart Marketplace than Target Plus. Since Walmart Marketplace lets you apply,  you don’t have to wait to be asked like you do with Target Plus.


Wish with Wish Express tags

Included in the top 10 list of ecommerce marketplaces in the world, Wish is a household name. It’s also a site you should consider selling your products on.

With over 300 million customers, it’s easy to see that Wish is on the minds of many online shoppers.

And, sellers like Wish, too.

The seller fees are reasonable and Wish merchants only have to pay when a sale is made. There are no listing fees charged. This means no hidden costs or exorbitant listing fees you have to worry about.

Wish operates on a revenue-sharing platform. When all is said and done, you’ll usually receive about 85% of the total sale price.

If you want Wish to handle the shipping and warehousing for you, the Fulfillment by Wish service will come in handy.

This is perfect for those vendors who’d rather be hands-off when it comes to the storing and delivery aspect of the online sales.


In 2023, the total value of the ecommerce marketplace covering Europe is projected to hit $730 Billion. And, it’s likely that the value will grow this year. With sites offering expansive product categories and reasonable sellers fees, you can see why European marketplaces are favored.



Allegro is in the list of the top five online marketplaces in Europe. This site offers a variety of product categories where you can sell your items online.

With more than 14 million customers, you are bound to see some frequent traffic to your listings. As a side note, the listings do have to be translated into Polish.

Some popular categories include beauty, health, sport and tourism, and art.

Allegro also offers marketing and advertising support. This will help get more eyes on your products and make it more likely for sales to come your way.

Allegro charges a commission fee and other fees, which can be calculated on the site.

cdiscount homepage

Cdiscount is one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces in France.

With almost 50 categories on Cdiscount, you are bound to find a category in which your product fits on this French ecommerce website.

Distribution is top-notch with this virtual marketplace. There are more than 18,500 locations around France where you can pick up products. Plus, Cdiscount offers a fulfillment service, Cdiscount Fulfillment.

Cdiscount charges 39,99 euros for a monthly subscription and there’s a commission fee on each sale. The exact amount of the commission fee is based on the product category.


zalando homepage

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform and sells clothing and shoes to the adoring public.

This ecommerce marketplace offers well-known brands and draws in a loyal following.

Vans, Ray-Ban, and Levi’s are just a few of the top brands you can find on Zalando. But, there are many other brands listed on the site as well.

In addition to being one of the UK marketplaces, Zalando is available in other countries as well.

If you want to get your foot in the door of an online marketplace where inventory sells at lightning speed, Zalando is it!

In order to sell through Zalando, you have to be a part of its Partner Program.

Zalando charges commission fees of 8% per sale.


Asia is a leader in online sale sites and marketplaces. Online vendors sell their products in Asia and offer an extensive array of products at reasonable prices. Asia sites do well with online sales. Buyers like these sites because they get good deals and variety. And, as for sellers, they gain a large customer base when they sell through online websites in Asia. It’s a win-win for all!

When we speak about Asia, we shouldn’t forget that the Middle East has a 28% of the population between 15 and 29 which makes this region perfect for e-commerce. With the population of so many young people who are willing to shop online, this area can be very interesting for new ventures.


lazada homepage

Lazada is Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce market site.

This website offers plentiful products for sale ranging from women’s fashion to home appliances to electronics.

With 23 million active customers, Lazada draws in the buyers. The products are wide and varied and the price is right.

In addition to loving the loyal following that Lazada has, sellers will also enjoy the aspect of no commission fee or sign-up fee.


shopee homepage

Shopee is a leading online shopping platform that covers Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

There’s no commission fee or listing fee for sellers who use Shopee. This alone is an enticing draw to list your products on this site.

Another favorable aspect of Shopee is six language operations. This means your customer reach is greater.

In order to get started on Shopee, simply submit an application and wait for the approval.

Once approved, you can get set up and start selling products. Some of the categories include women’s clothing, men’s clothing, beauty, personal care items, tech gadgets, and more.

With wide and varied categories, you are sure to find a spot where your specific product fits on Shopee.



Taobao, founded by the Alibaba Holding Group, is similar in context to eBay.

Sellers can choose to offer products at a fixed price, via auction, or through negotiation.

The product categories are impressive and you will likely find a category in which your particular products fit perfectly.

You can create an account on Taobao and take advantage of many useful features. These features include useful promotion programs and sales campaigns.


tmall homepage

Tmall is another one of Alibaba Holding Group’s sites. This site is extremely popular and has 400 million active users applauding the offerings of Tmall.

Not only is Tmall popular since it’s associated with the Alibaba Holding Group, a leading ecommerce company, but it offers great products!

Clothing, jewelry, tech products, and more line the virtual shelves of Tmall. The extensive makes one-stop-shopping easy as can be on Tmall.

Sellers flock to Tmall because of the loyal fan base that it has. More site visitors equate with more sales and sellers love this fact.

If you decide to set up shop on Tmall, you’ll pay annual fees of $5,000+. This is in addition to 2-5% commission fees on retail sales.



Tokopedia is an Indonesian website that sells everything from shoes to toys and beyond.

Alibaba Group Holding’s Tokopedia has been operating its multifaceted ecommerce site since 2009.

And, with 80 million active users, this selling site is one to consider using.

Tokopedia makes selling easy. They even offer a fulfillment service.

If you don’t want to handle the shipping and storage duties, you can use Tokopedia’s fulfillment service, TokoCabang.

Regular sellers who operate on the basic plan sell for free. Sellers in the Official Store are charged up to 15% for every product sold.

If you’re part of the Power Merchant group, you pay a 1% service fee with every transaction. This is in addition to your monthly subscription fee. However, with this program you’ll receive access to promotional events, advertising credits, and other incentives.

Latin America

Latin America features some up-and-coming online sites where vendors can sell to a large group of eager buyers. The more popular these online markets get, the more the number of sellers and buyers increases.



Americanas, Brazil’s leading online marketplace, has around 45 million visitors per month.

Launched in 2014, this online ecommerce site features everything from beauty products to home appliances.

Before you start selling, you’ll need to apply with Americanas. In your application you’ll fill out some business-related forms so you can become a seller on the Americanas site.


linio homepage

Linio is one of the biggest online marketplaces where you can sell your products in Latin America.

With 20 million active users, Linio is getting recognized more every day as a top online seller in this region.

Linio is based in Mexico but has a loyal following in other countries, including Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru.

The site is known for its fast delivery times, reasonable commission rates, and multiple payment options.

Linio charges a commission fee of 7-15% on every completed order.

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre homepage

Mercado Libre is a site that allows you to sell to various countries with a single account.

The Mercado Libre Cross Border Trade program makes it easy to offer your products to individuals in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

You can ship your own products or make use of Mercado Libre’s shipping partners to get the job done for you.

As for seller fees, there are no listing fees but there is a commission fee that ranges from 16-17.5%.

Ecommerce Market Options Are Wide and Varied

Now that you know what ecommerce marketplaces are available to you, it’s time to start narrowing down the options.

Remember, keep factors such as location, cost, products, and popularity in mind. This will help you select the ecommerce market that will make you the most money and be most effective.

If you’re just starting out in ecommerce, you should read up on how to start an ecommerce business. Having a step-by-step guide on how to start an ecommerce business will make the venture less daunting and more organized. Even if you have a general idea as to how to begin your business journey, it’s always a good idea to learn more. You might also want to consider selling on your own site. Check out the podcast, How to Break Free From Your Ecommerce Marketplace

There are many opportunities available whether you sell on an ecommerce marketplace or build an ecommerce website. Good luck with your future ecommerce business!

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