Alibaba Vs AliExpress: Which is Better for Your Business?

Written by

Darren DeMatas



Written by

Darren DeMatas


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Using Chinese suppliers is one of the most cost-effective ways to get products for your ecommerce business.

Two platforms people use for product sourcing are and AliExpress. You can also get suppliers from other parts of the world on Alibaba, but mostly from Asia. Do you know how popular Amazon is here in the United States? That’s how popular these two platforms are in Asia.

Let’s take a closer look at Alibaba vs AliExpress.

Alibaba vs AliExpress

If you haven’t heard of either one of these Alibaba Group brands, you might be living under a rock. A lot of people mix these sister companies up. Probably because the same brand owns them, but they are entirely different things. Alibaba Group, founded by Jack Ma, owns 58.2% of the market share of all e-retail sales in China. 

In this post, we compared Alibaba and AliExpress to help you understand which Chinese supplier is better for your online shopping business.

What Is Alibaba?

what is alibaba is the world’s largest business marketplace. It is a B2B platform, so you will see B2B transactions with a minimum quantity of up to 500.

The kind of sellers you’d see there are manufacturers, trading companies, and resellers. It works as a directory where you get the potential suppliers’ information – product, certification, contact, and other details. You will also see verifications. One verification to look out for is the gold supplier membership. It helps you know suppliers who have been verified by a third agency and are legal in their locations.

For payment, there are various methods. To be protected, use one under the buyer protection service. Alibaba offers secure payment and trade assurance.

Alipay, another brand of Alibaba Group, serves as escrow for the secure payment system. It ensures that your supplier doesn’t get paid until you get your products. Alipay is limited to only reputable suppliers in the wholesale program, though. As for the trade assurance program, it helps you submit formal complaints and get a refund if your product has quality issues or doesn’t meet the product specifications. But again, not every individual supplier uses it.

Keep in mind that since most items are custom products, Alibaba takes longer to ship products.

alibaba sourcing guidelines

Using Alibaba

  1. Navigate to the official website.
  2. Sign up for an account. The website will walk you through the steps required to set up your account.

You are not required to have a business license to open your account. That said, your local government may need you to take care of a few legal requirements before you can sell the wholesale products you source from Alibaba. It’s your responsibility to find out what these business requirements are and make sure you fulfill them.

After your account is set up, use the search bar to search for products or suppliers. Make sure you take advantage of the search filters because if you don’t, you’ll end up with unlimited results.

If you have a specific product in mind, you can post a request for quotations. Also known as an RFQ, this will alert suppliers that you’re looking for quotes. You’re basically advertising what you’re looking for, and letting the suppliers reach out to you.

Your draft should include the following:

  • All your requirements
  • Your preferred payment method
  • Shipping destinations

After you receive quotes, you can evaluate them and choose the supplier that works best for you. Check their profile for the verification badge to make sure they are legit. Negotiate your price, and go from there.

What Is AliExpress?

what is aliexpress

AliExpress, on the other hand, is designed as a legitimate B2C marketplace. There’s a bit of business-to-business mixed in here too. It’s as popular as Alibaba, coming in as the world’s favorite shopping app. It works like most ecommerce stores; you can order as little as one item, use a cart, and pay through the platform.

Every payment made on AliExpress is under the buyer protection service with very few exceptions. The protection ensures that you get quality products. If you receive a nylon bag instead of a kimono, BYS could help you get your money back.

aliexpress buyer protection

Items on AliExpress have a fixed price. Just like eBay and Amazon, you see $4, it is $4 for you. The only exception is if you are buying in bulk. Even then, not every seller will give a discount. However, on Alibaba, you can negotiate.

With all these connections, little wonder Alibaba is the 9th most valuable brand in the world.

By the time you are done reading this post, you should know which of these two marketplaces you would find suppliers and get your products from.

Using AliExpress

  1. Visit the website or download the mobile app. 
  2. Create your free account.
  3. Search for the products you want. 
  4. Read the information about the products before adding anything to your cart. 
  5. Read information about the seller themselves.
  6. Pay close attention to the shipping terms. If you don’t see free shipping listed, you’ll see details about the shipping costs.
  7. After you’ve finished adding the chosen individual items to your cart, complete the checkout process. Fill out the details, including your name, shipping address, and credit card information. Choose your payment method and shipping option, then finish your transaction.
  8. ​After your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with tracking information once it ships. After you receive the order, go back and rate the seller.

Differences Between Alibaba and AliExpress

  • Alibaba is for B2B products, whereas AliExpress is for B2C.
  • Alibaba prices are lower because of the focus on wholesale.
  • You can negotiate prices on Alibaba, but they’re fixed on AliExpress.
  • Fewer international sellers are on Alibaba, with most of them based in China.
  • AliExpress is best for smaller orders and offers a wider range of products.

Business Models

Alibaba is great if you want to sell private label products. You will not get that from AliExpress. Dropshipping and white label may be different. Essentially, either of them will suit you depending on the ecommerce business model you are going for. Another thing I’ll add is that the way they operate will also help you figure out which is best for you. I have explained all of that below.


With a dropshipping business, you capture an image of the dropship product from the supplier’s store, upload it on yours, take orders, and the supplier takes care of the fulfillment. Dropshippers wouldn’t have to deal with inventory and shipping. Alibaba and AliExpress work differently in this regard.

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress suppliers are great for dropshipping. You will see a lot of shops offering dropshipping services; you can order items separately to be delivered directly to your customers.

On AliExpress, you will have access to millions of products, even trendy ones like ‘make America great again’ face cap. In most cases, you can decide your retail price and control your margins, because you are not bound to a suggested price.

Also, you can choose to ship your products from either the US or China.

aliexpress united states suppliers

This is good for you if your customer lives in the US, making the delivery time shorter. All you have to do is copy the product from AliExpress to your store, set your prices, sell your product, purchase from Aliexpress and have it shipped directly to your customer.

Alibaba Dropshipping

Alibaba is not for you if you want only to run a dropship brand.  Most Alibaba suppliers do not dropship. What you would see is a bigger Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that will be delivered to one location. Delivering 500 t-shirts to one customer (except if ordered) makes no sense.

With dropshipping, many other people selling the same product as you. How does your online retail differentiate? Although some brands have grown from it, it’s better you combine dropshipping with something else. If you are so into dropshipping alone, you should look into print on demand. None of the Alibaba brands are so great for POD, though. You can use any of the print-on-demand sites in this article.

White/Private Labeling

AliExpress White Label

Very few sellers offer white label, and none offer private label services. Most often than not, those offering white labeling are also on Alibaba. You will have to sift through a lot of sellers by contacting them to confirm if they offer that. If you are looking to build a brand from white-label or private label products, AliExpress is not worth looking into.

Alibaba Private Label

When it comes to finding private label manufacturers, Alibaba is one great source. Manufacturers are all over the place looking to create custom-designed products or add little modifications.

You can get suppliers by searching based on products or suppliers.

Alibaba private label

There are thousands of products listed. From the results, you can choose to find out more details about the manufacturer.

ALibaba supplier page

Or contact them to find out what modifications they provide with the products. You can also take a look at their feedback for response time and reviews by other buyers.


As for wholesale buying, it depends on what you’re looking for.

Go to AliExpress sellers if you are looking to stock up on a few products, but Alibaba wholesale is better if you are looking to wholesale a ton of pre-made products at once. However, if you want customized products, Alibaba is probably better for you.

Wholesale rates differ though.

I tried it with mermaid leggings. This is the product on AliExpress.

aliexpress wholesale

The fixed price per piece is $6.30. Going to Alibaba gave me something way lower.

alibaba wholesale

The wholesale pricing is $2.50 -$5.00 per piece. If you negotiate well with your bulk seller, that’s a lot of money saved.

The reason for the difference in wholesale price is that suppliers on Alibaba offer most products at factory prices. But, there is a minimum order requirement of 50 pieces against the one piece on AliExpress.

When searching, look out for the least expensive product. I know people say the lower the price, the lower the quality. While this is true in most cases, it is not always true for Alibrands. If you have found the lowest price of the same product, you have probably found the manufacturer. All others might be resellers who bought from the manufacturer and are selling on the same platform.

If you want to go into wholesaling, any of the platforms is fine. AliExpress is better for wholesaling because you are not branding anything.

Look around, read reviews, and chat with the sellers before you make a decision.

Minimum Order Quantity

I have mentioned MOQ a hundred times already. MOQ is the Minimum order quantity; it’s the lowest number of pieces you can order per item. This is an essential aspect of product sourcing that you must look out for. Both platforms are very different in this regard.

AliExpress MOQ

You can order one product on AliExpress. Very few types of sellers make theirs ten. This is because most products on AliExpress are already manufactured and ready for processing. Since the products are ready, typical sellers don’t spend on customization. Hence, you can throw one individual product in your cart.

Alibaba MOQ

Most products on Alibaba allow modifications. To modify products, manufacturers require a certain number of units to be made at a time. That is the best way they can make a profit. As a result, you will see products with an MOQ of 50 or as high as 500 (or more).

Note that some suppliers place an MOQ that isn’t really the MOQ. You may see one, but it’s actually ten. The reason is either they forgot to update it, or your modification request makes the MOQ go up. Either way, ensure that you ask suppliers before you pay for the product(s).

Lead Time

Time is money, is knowledge, is power. With every extra minute spent on your product, potential customers are taking their business elsewhere. You can’t rush it so much, but it’s best you know what you are going into before you make an order and curse at the manufacturer due to what you think is a delay.

Lead time is simply the time between when you make your order and pay a deposit and when your order has been made. Shipping time is usually calculated separately. Lead time varies with each supplier, each product, and each modification. It can be somewhere between 2 weeks to 6 months. Essentially, it is order preparation time and production time.

AliExpress Lead Time

The products on AliExpress are already manufactured and ready for delivery. You wouldn’t have to deal with production time. Since you are using AliExpress, your item may not be so big to be shipped via sea freight. This takes a huge chunk away from order preparation time. The only time you should deal with here will be your shipping time which may be 5 to 40 days.

Alibaba Lead Time

If you are not asking for any customization, your order preparation and production time is lesser than if you were. The order preparation time includes the time it takes the supplier to identify the products you want, correctly fill your order quantity and prepare the final product for delivery. This includes preparing for preservation throughout shipping, especially for complex products. This time can take anything from 15 days to 6 months.

Production time works with order preparation time. Just like the latter, the more complex your customizations are, the more time you will wait. Production could take up to 30 days. Confirm the number of days from your supplier.

For shipping, it depends on the method you choose. If you order 500 or more quantities, it may not qualify for ePacket. You will have to use sea freight, and that could take another month.

If time is very important to you, choose AliExpress. Just keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to customize or private label anything. If building unique products is more important to you, choose Alibaba and get ready to wait.

You can use this time to build your ecommerce store and demand.

Shipping Costs

Shipping cost varies on both platforms.

AliExpress Shipping Cost

It depends on the shipping company you choose. You may pay nothing or pay as high as $61 for a product that is just $6. I know. High.

Aliexpress shipping options and costs

If you really need to use AliExpress and you cannot make use of ePacket, the best way around it is to target items that offer free shipping.

aliexpress free shipping products

AliExpress still tops Alibaba in regards to shipping. You still have ePacket, and in a few cases, AliExpress offers Standard Shipping that is free.

Alibaba Shipping Cost

Alibaba is much different. Whatever cost you pay depends on what you and your supplier agree on. Your supplier may decide to ship the samples free to you, but don’t expect that with a bulk order.

If your supplier is so generous that you get low prices, wonderful. If they aren’t, get ready to pay. You’d have to agree on delivery terms.

If sea freight is chosen, you will pay up:

  • Load
  • Ship to dock
  • Documentation
  • Ocean freight to USA from China
  • Unloading and trucking to your destination/warehouse.

All of this with taxes, peak season delays, and other transaction fees. You could pay up to $2,000 if not a lot more, especially if you are ordering a lot.

If you are using FedEx, DHL, or UPS, the cost is much lower.

Alibaba vs AliExpress: Side By Side Comparison

Both platforms have their uses. AliExpress is great if you want to start small and not order a lot or deal with customizations and lead time. So, if you plan on dropshipping, move to AliExpress. It is also good for a retail ecommerce business. In addition, the process of finding and connecting with suppliers is not complex.

Go to Alibaba if you are thinking of private label or white label for your online store. If you are going to use Alibaba to stock your ecommerce platform, there will be a lot of time spent verifying what you can get, what licenses are available, and other details.

On either side, there are things you wouldn’t get and things you would. I have placed all of that side by side. Look at it, consider your plans and choose the most suitable for your business.

Not so much interactionWork directly with manufacturers
No MOQ in most casesMOQ of at least 50 in most cases
Can only negotiate the price of bulk itemsCan negotiate the price of any item
Lead time is not so longLead time can be long – up to 6 months
Private Label: Cannot modify productsPrivate Label: Can modify/customize products
White Label: Can Add Your LogoWhite Label: Can Add Your Logo
Free shipping is very possibleFree shipping depends on the ‘generosity’ of the supplier
Shopping cart presentNo shopping cart
The seller will handle fulfillment if you input your buyer’s addressYou take care of order fulfillment yourself
Low startup costsLow cost possible but higher than AliExpress due to higher MOQ


AliExpress is an online retail service owned by the Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba Group. It is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, offering a wide variety of products from around the globe. As with any online marketplace, there are always questions about trustworthiness and security when it comes to making purchases.
The good news is that AliExpress has taken steps to ensure that customers are protected when making purchases. They have a secure payment system, buyer protection policies, and a dispute resolution process to ensure that customers get what they pay for.

One of the main disadvantages of Alibaba is that it can be difficult to verify the quality and authenticity of products. Many suppliers on Alibaba are based in China, which means that buyers may not have access to the same level of product quality control as they would if they were buying from a local supplier. 

It is generally safe to order from Alibaba, as long as you take the necessary precautions. Alibaba is a large online marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers from all over the world. It offers a wide variety of products, ranging from electronics to clothing and accessories.

So, Which One Will You Choose?

So, there are high chances that you will find quality products from good suppliers on Alibaba or AliExpress. It’s up to you to choose the platform that best serves your motives. Look out for suppliers selling what you want to build your ecommerce business on, and contact them before making an order.

I know that it is easy to get caught up in excitement, especially on AliExpress, and order so much for your small business. But slow down, contact them, verify every piece of information they have displayed, and get a sample before you make a bulk order. It’s important to be on the lookout for scams.

If you are looking at financing options for your next inventory order, consider Payability. They offer both accelerated daily payouts on online marketplaces such as Amazon and capital advances based on your future ecommerce sales. There are no credit checks, and you can be approved for funding in only 24 hours.

Are there any questions still lurking in your mind? Type away in the comments, and I’ll answer them immediately.

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