Shippo Reviews: Is It Worth It?

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Looking for easy-to-use shipping software to help manage orders and expedite your fulfillment process? Shippo is a lightweight, user-friendly shipping platform that can do just that!

No monthly fee required
No package limits
International shipping
Limited customer support options
No support for USB mail scale
No shipping rates at checkout
Value 5
Features 4
Customer Support3
Integrations 5
Ease of Use 5
Overall Score
User Rating
95 reviews

Shippo lands in a sweet spot between functionality and usability. It offers enough in the way of features and integrations to improve the efficiency of most ecommerce businesses, but is also much easier to use than most shipping management suites.

That said, Shippo isn’t the most powerful shipping software on the market. But if you are looking for a simple shipping solution for your small business, Shippo is an extremely welcoming and useful tool. Read on for our full Shippo review.

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What Is Shippo?

Shippo is a no-nonsense platform that helps businesses streamline their shipping process. You can easily compare shipping rates and choose the best carrier for each order. 

Shippo is a valuable tool for ecommerce businesses or any company that relies on delivering products to customers efficiently.

CompanyCarriersInternational ShippingReturns ManagementFulfillment ServicesInsurance
Easyship100+Via Partners
Shippo85+Via Partners
Ordoro8Via Network

How Does Shippo Work?

Shippo simplifies managing and tracking shipments for ecommerce. It works by integrating with various carriers and consolidating all shipping information into one easy-to-use platform. 

Users can connect their online stores to Shippo, and the platform automatically imports order information and generates shipping labels. Shippo also provides real-time tracking updates, allowing businesses and customers to monitor the status of each shipment effortlessly. 

Overall, Shippo streamlines the fulfillment process, saving businesses of all types a lot of time and money.

Shippo Pricing

Shippo’s flexible pricing options to meet the needs of most businesses. They offer three tiers depending on the size and needs of your business.

The Starter plan has no subscription cost but is limited to a single user. It allows for up to 60 labels per month and has limited features (such as automation tools). 

The Professional plan starts at $10/month for up to five users with all features unlocked. As your shipping needs grow, so does the price, up to $200/month for up to 10,000 labels. 

For over 10,000 shipments per month, the Premier plan is a custom solution that goes up to 15 users. It also comes with some additional perks, like advanced reports and dedicated customer support.

PricingFree TrialMonthly FeePay as You GoShipping Discounts
Stamps.com28 Days$19.99-$34.99+Up To 84%
ShippingEasy30 Days$0-$159.99Up To 84%
Easyship30 Days$0-$200+Up To 89%
ShipEngine30 Days$0-$600+Up To 84%
ShipStation30 Days$9.99-$229.99Up To 84%
Shipworks30 Days$9.99-$799Up to 77%
Shippo30 Days$0-$200+Up to 90%
OrderCup30 days$25-$180
Ordoro15 days$0-$149Up to 88%
QuickbooksYes$15-$100Up to 26%

The pay-as-you-go model gives companies more flexibility and frees them from restrictive contracts. There are no hidden fees, making it easy for businesses to understand and manage their shipping costs. 

Shippo offers competitive pricing options with tested and proven tools that will save companies money.

Shippo Software Features

Shippo has a range of fulfillment services that make shipping and logistics management easier for businesses. Some of the key features include:

  • automated shipping label generation
  • real-time tracking updates
  • rate comparison across multiple carriers
  • batch label printing
  • address validation

Additionally, Shippo software integrates seamlessly with popular ecommerce sites and marketplaces, allowing businesses to streamline their shipping processes and provide a better customer experience.

Shipping FeaturesTracking PageShipping Rates at CheckoutSMS NotificationsRecurring Order AutomationSCAN Forms

Shipping Features

Shippo partners with over 85 carriers from all over the world to offer amazing prices and versatile service for each delivery. Handling returns on the platform is easy, which will save you a lot of hard work and anxiety. 

The shipping discounts are the highest among the competitors, which will absolutely save you money. Adding insurance only takes a couple of clicks, thanks to Shippo’s incredible UI.

The best options and rates will present themselves once you put in the package details. You can even automate steps of the process, such as saving frequently used package dimensions and rules for international shipping.

Shipping FeaturesMultiple User AccountsUSB Scale SupportBranded Returns PortalDropshippingSeller Fulfilled Prime

Though it isn’t a game changer in the world of shipping tools, the Shippo features include everything you need in an extremely well-designed system. If you’re looking for a tool that is effective, but not complicated, this is it.

Ecommerce Integrations

Shippo makes integrating with any leading ecommerce platform effortless. These include the following:

Ecommerce IntegrationsShopifyBigCommerceWooCommerceWixSquarespace

Other Shippo integrations include Mercari, Weebly, and Webflow. The fact that Shippo is so easy to set up and has so much integration potential is great for growing businesses.

Shopify and Shippo Integration

Not only will it save you time and headache, it leaves plenty of room for expansion if you add new ecommerce platforms.

Marketplace Integrations

Shippo makes integrating online stores from popular online marketplaces super simple. All you need is your merchant account credentials to add the store to your dashboard.

Once you sync your store, all orders are seamlessly imported into Shippo. You can even set up workflows to automate what happens to those packages. 

Shippo can streamline your order management process for the following platforms, and more:

Marketplace IntegrationsEtsyAmazoneBayWalmart

When customers make a purchase on a platform like Amazon, their shipping information is automatically pulled into Shippo. With a few clicks, you can print their label, saving time and reducing errors.

Customer Support

On paper, Shippo customer service looks subpar. The fact is, the software is so fool-proof and user-friendly that there is little need for technical support. 

Shippo support has a blog, help center, and API documentation. These resources provide troubleshooting tips and tutorials that can help Shippo customers out of most jams. 

However, if you find yourself stuck, you can submit a support ticket via the Shippo website. When you contact Shippo, you can include screenshots to aid in explaining issues and receive accurate, expert software advice.

Customer SupportDedicated AMPhone Support24/7 SupportHelp CenterLive Chat

Shippo Alternatives

Shippo is a strong contender for shipping tools. It covers the basics well and is near-effortless to use. However, if you need more powerful shipping management software or features not included in Shippo, consider these alternatives.

Best For Ecommerce
Best For Small Business
Best For Discounts
Best For Ecommerce
Best For Small Business
Best For Discounts


Ironically, ShippingEasy isn’t as easy to use as Shippo. It does, however, offer slightly better support, more integrations, and some more powerful features.

At the same time, you will probably spend considerably more on ShippingEasy’s price model than Shippo’s. Partly because ShippingEasy only uses a few carriers, such as FedEx. 

But if you are interested in the extra features of ShippingEasy, it is probably worth the price difference. (Just note that Shippo works with more carriers for the cheapest rates, which can help you squeeze more out of your shipping budget).

ShippingEasy is another lightweight platform best suited for small operations that use USPS. Expect basic features like label printing and postage discounts. can save very small businesses money, but if you want more time-saving automation and integrations, Shippo is a better choice. is a poor choice for large operations or businesses showing rapid growth.


Easyship is similar to ShippingEasy in a lot of ways. Both offer slightly more than Shippo in terms of integrations, software features, and support, but also cost more.

They also aren’t as easy to use. However, Easyship stands out as the obvious choice for dropshippers among these three options.


ShipStation is a more powerful platform designed for large-scale ecommerce operations. You will find more features than Shippo, but at the cost of user-friendliness. 

Not that Shippo isn’t viable for big companies. It can be, but usually only if the fulfillment operation is already somewhat streamlined. 

If you ship lots of custom-sized boxes, one-of-a-kind items, or have a massive and diverse inventory, manually configuring Shippo will be a pain.


ShipEngine is a step up as far as features and integrations, but not by a wide margin. If you enjoy Shippo’s easy-to-use interface, but find it a little lacking in options and features, you may want to consider ShipEngine.

Expect a similar number of carriers and discounts, slightly better features and functionality, but fewer ecommerce integrations, at a much higher price. 

Because of the cost difference, ShipEngine is probably only worth the upgrade if your operation handles a high volume of orders. If your business is growing quickly, the extra functionality may be worth it for the long-term game (assuming you are using a supported platform).

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Does your company use Shippo? Are you enjoying the simplicity or wishing you had more features? Share your mistakes and successes in the comments!

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