Our Top 10 Klaviyo Competitors & Viable Alternatives

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Darren DeMatas



Written by

Darren DeMatas


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Klaviyo is a popular platform for email marketing and automation. Few would fail to find value in this clever and intuitive software, though that doesn’t mean it is the ideal choice for every ecommerce company.

Klaviyo Competitors

There are countless marketing software options on the market, each offering different tools and pricing options. Before you get started with Klaviyo or a Klaviyo competitor, you’ll want to consider the long-term benefits, as switching and relearning a different marketing platform down the road can be a headache. 

In this article, we will introduce the best Klaviyo alternatives to help you find a good fit for your online business. We will also cover what to look for in email marketing software, including features and company qualities. 

What to Look for in Email Marketing and Automation 

Email marketing tools vary considerably from one to the next. While there are some core features shared by most email automation and marketing software, knowing what your company needs is vital to choose the best solution.

Here are some powerful features to consider when investing in ecommerce email marketing software:

Variety of Templates

A common feature of any type of marketing automation software is templates. Pre-made layouts and designs are a low-tech way to save time and effort. This is especially true for universal email marketing strategies like sale ads, coupon codes, and abandoned cart email reminders are common.

Robust Email Builder

Often, your email account provider’s basic email creation tools aren’t enough to craft compelling, eye-catching emails. Additional layouts and graphic elements can go a long way when creating high-quality emails. Drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to save email templates can be a huge time saver. 


Especially for busy entrepreneurs, you don’t always have the luxury of working from your desk. Being able to see reports, tweak ads, or even create an entire email campaign from a mobile device can be a necessary convenience. Any email and marketing software worth its salt should be mobile-friendly for you and your audience. 

Spam Testing

Few things are more frustrating than putting hard work into an email marketing campaign only to have your messages get flagged for a silly reason. Instead of converting leads and growing your audience, all you’re doing is filling their spam folder. Some email marketing software can review your messages to check for red flags that may get mistaken for spam.

Flexible Pricing

Realistically, pricing is one of the most important determining factors when choosing marketing automation software. Overpaying will limit your ROI, while paying too little might mean underpowered tools. Consider the benefits of flexible pricing plans with scalable options to get the most for your money. 


The goal of marketing and automation software is to make your job easier. Without an intuitive UI and streamlined design, some software solutions are as cumbersome as they are helpful. Try a demo of any ecommerce email marketing solutions you are considering before getting invested. 

Integrations and Plugins

Integrations are key to effective automation software. The ability to tie analytics to marketing, marketing to social media, and so on can save untold hours. Plugins are another efficient way to overcome obstacles without reinventing the wheel. Be sure to factor in the growth potential of any marketing automation solutions you are considering, including integrations with third-party tools.

Amazing Support

With any company or service you decide to do business with, receiving quality support can be very important. If a problem arises and you need a quick fix, the last thing you want is to sit on hold or wait days for a response to come back. Look up user reviews for customer service beforehand or even try contacting the support line to see how responsive they are.

Reporting Capabilities

Aside from helping speed and enhance marketing efforts, most automation workflows rely on large customer data sets to be effective. That same data can be used to create helpful reports for any number of reasons, such as online marketing, identifying trends, or optimizing future customer touchpoints and drip campaigns. Well-designed marketing software should include robust reporting options by default and notifications for important business trends.

Klaviyo Alternatives


While Klaviyo is an excellent option that checks most of the boxes above, it isn’t the best fit in every case. Below are some other popular options that may better suit your business needs.


Active Campaign

If you want to establish meaningful customer connections and develop your ecommerce business, you need email marketing, a sales CRM, and messaging automation to accomplish your objectives. That’s what ActiveCampaign is all about. The software features event tracking, site monitoring, and marketing automation abilities for full email automation potential. ActiveCampaign does not solely focus on email marketing; It includes everything you need to effectively market your business and automate customer connections. 



Omnisend is specifically designed for ecommerce vendors, particularly those running a Shopify store. This omnichannel marketing service is aimed at companies operating in multiple online arenas. 

Omnisend comes with ready-made automated emails and consolidates all of your channel marketing into one place for easy automation and email contact management. Don’t waste time automating your automation software over multiple dashboards by repeating the same steps for customers across channels.

Brevo (Formerly) Sendinblue


Brevo’s easy drag-and-drop email editor gives you complete control when configuring your email campaigns. You can choose from pre-made templates and customize them to suit your needs. Ideal email marketing tools make connecting with your audience easy, including additional options for sending text messages. 

The customer segmentation feature lets you send tailored ads to specific groups in your email list based on a number of filters. Automation tools can save you time and enhance productivity by handling some customer segments independently.



SendX is very new but already surpasses some established options with its user-friendly interface and automation. This platform is built for ecommerce stores and integrates with Shopify. SendX’s automation isn’t limited to email; It can also be used to create forms, pop-ups, and landing pages. SendX might not be an all-in-one ecommerce marketing package, but by concentrating primarily on email marketing, SendX is easy to learn and straightforward to use. If you are looking for a simple and effective email marketing solution, SendX is an ideal option.



Drip is an ecommerce CRM designed explicitly for B2C companies, providing automated email marketing software. Drip offers a visual editor that simplifies the process of formulating email campaigns based on carefully chosen settings, enabling users to constantly send the most personalized message to the right customer at the perfect time. The visual builder is easy to use so you can create attractive messages that will improve customer conversion rates.



GetResponse is an all-inclusive email marketing tool that offers instant results thanks to its combination of automated marketing, emails, and landing pages. Design expert email campaigns with GetResponse’s beautifully-crafted, highly-responsive messages. Easily send them to your subscribers to increase both customer engagement and sales. 

All it takes is a few simple steps to launch a complete marketing campaign like a pro. Construct versatile email sequences based on a customer’s journey and use drag-and-drop creation tools to construct fully adaptable action plans and customer tracking (including triggers like abandoned cart emails).



Utilizing SmartrMail for customized email marketing could not be easier. This software allows you to send the perfect email to each potential buyer with intuitive tools. SmartrMail allows you to create tailored emails based on individual customer behavior and interests for a more personalized customer experience. 

Thanks to helpful templates, you can also create attractive product email newsletters in seconds. SmartrMail lets you create recipient groups with easy customer lead management, such as smart abandoned cart tracking to turn visitors into customers.



Business owners around the globe use Mailchimp to their advantage. Mailchimp is a one-stop marketing tool with everything from data gathering and channel management to ROI analysis and target audience identification. Even if coding isn’t your thing, it’s easy to get going with Mailchimp. Live chat and SMS integrations have made transforming website hits into email subscribers easier than ever. Of course, all of this is in addition to the host of powerful email tools that MailChimp is known for.



Marketing teams can streamline the customer acquisition process by utilizing Ortto’s quick and intuitive ecommerce platform. With email personalization, in-app messages, and text messages, you can cultivate interest and transform leads into clients. 

Ortto allows you to automate the entire customer experience journey and has helped over 10,000 enterprises so far. Using Ortto, online stores can consolidate customer information, segment audiences, and deliver tailored omnichannel marketing through automation. You can even use A/B testing to find what works best for customer retention and acquisition.



Listrak is a marketing automation platform meant for merchants who want to streamline their email marketing efforts all in one place. Listrak focuses on retail businesses, assisting them in personalizing the consumer journey across physical stores, websites, social networks, and email addresses, no matter the size of the company. 

Listrak is a comprehensive platform for small businesses and enterprise-level companies to reach their marketing goals by strengthening customer interactions to create loyal customers.

Why Email and SMS Marketing Automation Is Important

Effective digital marketing relies on constant contact with customers through a steady stream of content and advertising. Communication also needs to be targeted at specific customer types based on their archetype and where they are in their customer journey. Manually creating and tracking all of this information becomes unmanageable at a certain point, which is why automation is vital. Let software handle the sorting, delivery, and even design of thousands of emails per month to save you valuable time on marketing tasks.


Klaviyo is a suite of marketing automation tools designed for ecommerce companies and other online brands. The primary focus is streamlining email and SMS marketing through a variety of features and automation. Klaviyo enables companies big and small to efficiently manage and deliver vast email marketing and SMS campaigns all from a single platform.

While Klaviyo is intended for use by internet companies, including B2C businesses and B2B brands, there is nothing stopping other organizations from using it. For example, schools might find convenience in being able to segment email recipients and deliver mass emails in a few simple clicks. 

First and foremost, Klaviyo is a software solution that facilitates email and SMS marketing automation. It is a popular solution for ecommerce brands looking to boost their marketing efforts and customer lifecycle optimization.

While Klaviyo has some features you would expect from a CRM, this is not the intent of the software, and you should probably integrate Klaviyo with a compatible customer relationship management platform like WordPress. This will ensure scalability and the flexibility to manage other aspects of customer relationships. 

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Software

The right email marketing software will have the tools you need without a bunch of extra tabs and menus you’ll never use. Scalability is also important, as you might end up wanting more advanced features in the future as your business grows, but choosing the option with all of the bells and whistles usually ends up costing extra money and time when navigating the dashboards. 

Consider what you are looking for in email automation and additional functionality, then narrow down which options check all of those boxes. From there, focus on what else is important to you, like additional software solutions, the best customer support, or the lowest pricing. Email marketing software shouldn’t be viewed as transactional but as a long-term investment in your business’ growth.

There is no shortage of Klaviyo competitors to choose from when it comes to email automation software, and no best solution for every company. Explore what different email marketing platforms have to offer and compare the frontrunners side-by-side to make a final decision.

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