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Lucinda Honeycutt



Written by

Lucinda Honeycutt


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As your ecommerce brand grows, you need efficient business processes in place to keep things running smoothly. Flxpoint is a data automation tool for ecommerce operations that connects suppliers, wholesalers, and sales channels for easier order management.

Flxpoint Review

If you’re looking for one tool to help you simplify operations, read our Flxpoint review to learn more about how it works and whether it is right for your business.

Flxpoint Overview


Flxpoint is an ecommerce operations platform based in Jacksonville, FL. The platform lets you connect multiple suppliers, sales channels, and accounting software tools to develop smoother business processes. Better operations mean a better customer experience, which means more money in your pocket.

Who Flxpoint is For

Flxpoint is ideal for high-volume sellers looking for a retail operations platform. It is best for enterprise-level businesses but works well for those with at least 500 monthly orders.

If you’re curious about how much money Flxpoint can save you, there’s a savings calculator on the official website.

For instance, if you have a single employee managing order whose salary is $45K a year and an average of 500 orders a month:

You’re spending 50 hours a month on labor, or $1,082/month. With Flxpoint, you’re spending 3.8 hours a month and $999/month, for a savings of 46.3 hours a month and $83. You save $983 in annual labor costs.

Double the order volume to 1,000 orders a month, and you’re saving 92.6 hours a month, and $1,164/month in labor costs, for an annual savings of $13,974 a year.

Flxpoint Pricing

Flxpoint offers simple pricing, with two plans to choose from, starting at $899/month when billed annually.

Plans include 10 connectors and 100K SKUs with five users. Additional connectors, SKUs, and users are billed as add-ons at $20/connector, $100/100K SKUs, and $20/user.

Small Business Plan

The Small Business plan is billed at $999/month with month-to-month pricing and $899/month with annual billing. It includes 2,500 monthly orders.

Enterprise Plan

Customer Enterprise plans vary based on order volume. Onboarding plans are approximately $5,000.

These plans include a dedicated senior product specialist, configuration workshops (either one or two a week, depending on the plan), source channel managed setups, workflow and rule setup and testing, and integration support. The higher tier plan includes external vendor communication, data rule building and assistance, and EDI testing and certification.

Customers have the option to extend dedicated support for an additional monthly fee.

Flxpoint Features

Product Information Management

Automated product data management keeps product information consistent across product catalogs on your sales channels. Once connected to suppliers, automatically get product information from multiple suppliers and data sources in a central location.

Supplier Data Integrations

Flxpoint integrates directly with the Inventory Source supplier directory, simplifying your dropshipping without custom development. With over 250 suppliers in the directory, complex dropship fulfillment workflows and inventory management are handled with a few clicks. You can set up the same product from multiple drop shippers, and route orders to the supplier that makes the most sense at the time.

Map Inventory Availability

FLXPoint workflows

Suppose you have multiple sources of the same product or inventory spread across multiple warehouses. In that case, you can use Flxpoint to map everything and get a clear picture of what is where across your inventory network.

Flxpoint offers custom inventory sync rules so that you can sync data from suppliers as often as it makes sense for you, from as often as every five minutes, to specific days based on when vendors make catalog updates available, and your product offerings stay up to date.

Multi-Channel Listing Management

A flat-rate pricing structure seems easy, but it doesn’t work when you have varying customer acquisition and order fulfillment costs from one channel to the next.

No matter how many selling channels you have, the channel-specific pricing rules are extremely beneficial for optimizing your price points for maximum profit.

The workflow engine features advanced tools to help support your ecommerce endeavors, regardless of the size of your network.

Distributed Order Management


An efficient order management process is crucial to maximizing resources and profit. Flxpoint makes it easy to set up automatic order routing rules based on several factors, such as:

  • Delivery location
  • Cost
  • Supplier/warehouse preference
  • Weight
  • Etc.

Eliminate manual processes with a custom order management workflow for edge cases, such as high-risk items, international orders, etc., so that orders meeting those criteria are automatically flagged for a closer look.

Invoice and Accounting Automation

The “Auto-Map” tool facilities invoice reconciliation without manual processes. Automatically match invoice costs to purchase orders to process payments without needing to manually enter data or spend time importing spreadsheets.

You’ll receive a notification if something doesn’t match up so you can address the issue manually.

Push the information into your accounting software, like Quickbooks.

Ecommerce Software and Marketplace Integrations

FLXPoint integrations

Flxpoint offers a variety of pre-built connectors to support the most common commerce solutions and sales channels, including:

Custom integrations are also available with the Flxpoint API. Building custom integrations comes at an additional fee.

Customer Support and Ease of Use

The Flxpoint tech support team is available to help you with any issues that may arise while you use the platform.

Investing in the guided onboarding plans ensures you get all the critical setup steps handled correctly.

In addition to support documentation, the customer success team is available via live chat and email.

Is Flxpoint What Your Ecommerce Business Needs?

If you have a brand new ecommerce business, then Flxpoint isn’t for you. Once you get to at least 500 customer orders a month, investing in Flxpoint is worth it to help you manage your ecommerce business successfully. It integrates easily with tools you’re already using, helping automate processes.

When you’re spending less time on tasks manually, you can put effort into more value-added tasks, so your business grows faster.

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