Shopper Approved Reviews: Right for Your Ecommerce Site?

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Lucinda Honeycutt



Written by

Lucinda Honeycutt


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If you’re looking for a tool suite to help you manage your online reputation, then Shopper Approved may be exactly what you’re looking for. It has everything you need to collect and manage user reviews, gather social proof, and boost your appearance in search results.

Shopper Approved Reviews

In this Shopper Approved review, we’ll highlight features, pricing, benefits, and more to help you decide if adding this to your ecommerce business is worth it.

What Is Shopper Approved?

Shopper Approved Homepage

Shopper Approved is primarily a review aggregator with additional tools available to improve traffic to your online store and boost your conversion rate – putting more money in your pocket.

Who Shopper Approved is For

The Shopper Approved platform is for ecommerce business owners who want to collect more seller and product reviews, and leverage those reviews across the internet to have more control over what people see when searching for their brand and products.

Consumers will leave reviews on their chosen online review platform, which can lead to a disjointed online presence. This platform prompts customers to leave a review on Shopper Approved and your own website, and allows you to distribute them to your chosen review destinations as well, giving you control over the entire process, and your online reputation. 

Is Shopper Approved Legit?

Yes! Shopper Approved is a legit review aggregator that only uses reviews from verified customers. The platform does not allow purchasing fake reviews. Since it only allows real reviews, the resulting review score is trustworthy.

Shopper Approved Pricing

Shopper Approved Pricing

Rating & Review Optimizer

Starting at $124/month, this plan includes:

  • Seller ratings
  • Google Seller Rating syndication (for PPC ads)
  • Video reviews with YouTube and Google syndication
  • Dedicated Review Certificate page for SEO
  • Seller Rating widgets, seals, and milestone awards
  • Customer review resolution system

Rating & Review Optimizer Pro

Starting at $199/month, this plan includes everything from the base plan, plus:

  • Product reviews
  • Google Product Review syndication
  • Product Review customizable widgets and seals
  • Smart product review widgets
  • Enhanced and expanded Search Optimized Certificate

Traffic & Conversion Stack

Starting at $294/month, this plan includes everything from the Rating & Review Optimizer Pro plan, plus:

  • Search optimized Q&A
  • Trust Guard® Total Website Protection and seal

Ultimate Traffic & Conversion Stack

 Starting at $499/month, this plan includes everything from above, plus:

  • Review destinations (Reputation Management)
  • Social evidence

Seller Ratings comes with a 45-day free trial, free shopping cart integration, free support, and API access.

Shopper Approved Features

The tool suite includes:

Product Reviews

The vast majority of shoppers admit reading online reviews influences purchasing decisions. They are powerful marketing tools because they serve as social proof and influence search engine optimization (SEO), which helps drive more traffic and boost your revenue. Shopper Approved is a Google Review partner, meaning reviews left will be syndicated to Google. 

Video Reviews

Video reviews are the most popular video category on YouTube, so Shopper Approved makes it easy to collect and display video reviews as well.

Shopper Approved automatically invites customers who leave 4 and 5-star ratings to leave a video review. You can incentivize them and select the ones you want to display before they go public. Once approved, the system transcribes the video and syndicates it to your YouTube channel, allowing you to further leverage SEO and organic traffic.

Local Reviews 

If you’ve got a local retail business, you can use the Shopper Approved platform to collect and respond to customer feedback and display it strategically across the web.

Reputation Management

Shopper Approved Reputation Management

With the Review Destinations tool, you have more control over your online reputation.

You can send a percentage of your verified customer reviews to various review platforms across the internet, such as Trustpilot, Facebook, Sitejabber, and Reseller Ratings, to name a few.

Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings are customer ratings and reviews the platform collects from verified customers about their shopping experience. Shopper Approved uses a unique two-step process that collects reviews from up to 33% of your customers. That’s up to 10x more than what you get with other review platforms.


Shopper Approved Q&A

Questions and answers on each of your products help provide shoppers with more information. Shopper Approved uses search-optimized Q&A so that the content shows up in organic search results, but links directly to your individual product pages.


Website Security

Shopper Approved Website Security Trust Symbols

Shopper Approved provides various security symbols, displayed in strategic locations throughout your site.  Trust signals like this are important, as they let your customers know their information is safe with you.

Social Evidence

Real-time widgets let you share information on your site, such as recent purchases, reviews, or subscriptions. You’re in complete control of what information displays on these widgets and when, so you can capitalize on popularity and fear of missing out (FOMO) to influence shoppers to purchase.

Ecommerce Software and Marketplace Integrations

Shopper Approved integrates with the most popular ecommerce platforms shopping carts, and other tools, including:

If you’re using something that’s not on this list, custom integrations are available at no extra cost – with Netsuite excluded.

Customer Support and Ease of Use

 Shopper Approved is easy to set up and use. You’ll start by scheduling a demo with one of the team members, who will walk you through the software features and how to use them. Once you sign up, you’ll get free assistance with integrating it into your online store.

Free customer support is available via toll-free phone, email, and a support desk/chat option. 

Is Shopper Approved Worth Adding to Your Ecommerce Site?

Online reputation management is a crucial part of running your business. With a tool like Shopper Approved, you can manage everything more efficiently, allowing you to focus your efforts on marketing and more value-added activities.

Leave Your Shopper Approved Reviews

If you have used Shopper Approved in the past or are a current customer, please share your experience with our readers. 

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