100+ Simple Things to Make and Sell Online For Profit

Written by

Darren DeMatas



Written by

Darren DeMatas


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Wondering if you can start an online business selling DIY crafts and make some extra cash?

The opportunity for a craft business is massive.

Globally, the craft business is projected to hit $50.9 billion in 2024. With a unique idea like making crafts from beeswax or running a subscription box business with different crafts each month, you should be asking – what products could you make and sell to tap into that?

Crafts to Sell Online

You shouldn’t just pick up any craft and think you’d make extra money from it. You also have to put the right side of your brain to work. You need an in-demand product niche and a target audience ripe for marketing. You find that through proper research.

When you are the manufacturer, you are in complete control of your brand marketing. The buck stops with you when it comes to quality and price. If you’re an artist, there’s no limit to what you can sell.

Not the DIY type? Don’t fret. You can still sell handmade products by private or white labeling them. You can also bundle like products to create your own subscription boxes.

Short on DIY project ideas? I’ve got over 100 things to make and sell. Whether you’re a beginner or a small business looking to expand your offerings, there’s something on this list for you.

Before sell crafts on marketplace like Etsy, realize the long-term opportunity is better on your own site.

Sites like Etsy continually squeeze the profit margin out of sellers. Don’t be the victim of changing policies that kill profitability.

I looked into the market for products that people are searching for and buying and narrowed it down to 10 categories of crafts that you can make and cash in on. In addition to showing you the top DIY products that are in demand, I’ve also included resources and tutorials to show you how to make them.

Please do not blindly copy these ideas and try to sell them as your own. Use them to inspire your own business idea.

You can turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for market research to help guide you, too.

9 Home Decor Product Ideas

Crafts To Make and Sell

People want to see unique pieces in their homes, and that interest keeps on growing; it could be because of the ideas on Pinterest or sellers just dishing out some really high-quality stuff.

Whatever the reason is, entering this market makes a lot of sense. The industry is set to clock in at an estimated $838.6 billion by 2027. You should look into selling any of these:

Pixel Art / Paintings

Pixels are popular things to make and sell. The monthly search volume for pixel art on Amazon is 1700 a month. Google keyword volume comes in at 205K per month.

Paint a few originals and use print-on-demand when you sell them. You can also sell frames via drop shipping as a cross-sell. You can sell these on Merch by Amazon, too.

Pexel Art


Having clocks is about time management, but they are also being bought to match the home decor. The monthly search volume on Google is 34,000 and Amazon is 26,768. Check out this DIY Lego clock.

Fabric Wall Art

Fabric wall art falls under the broad category of wall decals, which has a monthly search volume of 42,000. If you wish to specialize in Fabric wall art, the search volume is 1200 on Google and 70 on Amazon.


The doormat market is going well. On Amazon, the monthly search volume is 2,000, and Google comes in at 3,400 searches monthly. If you’re good at making things, this Braided doormat could be a winner

Seashell Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are functional items that people will always buy. The monthly search volume is 57,900. This lovely seashell mirror could be one of the most profitable crafts, as some of these go for 4-figures on Wayfair.

Real Seashell Mirror

If you live by the beach, your supply is basically free. You just need to sell 6 of these per month to have a 6-figure business.

Pillow Cover

Although people are searching for pillow covers on Amazon – 36,000 – and Google – 19,000-, the trick to selling them is specializing to a specific audience. The design of a child’s pillow cover is different from that of an adult athlete. You don’t even need to know how to sew to make one.

Mason Jar Vase

Creating interesting pieces for a house is one way to go. Decorated mason jars are great for displaying pottery and plants, especially those that can be used as vases. You can also sell some old unique pieces for a lot.

Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs are used in porches, backyards, and even inside the house. The search volume on Amazon is 18,000, and Google is 45,000. This article is a great resource for making Hammock Chairs.

Wood Print

I am not an artist, but I appreciate the art of printing out images on wood. Woodworking and artwork prints fascinate me.

There are people looking to transfer their wedding photos into wood or get a landscape painted on wood in their living room. With wood print, print-on-demand is most profitable because you are printing based on order.

The search volume on Google is 2,100, and Amazon clocked in at 50 this past month.

9 Handmade Jewelry Examples

Selling DIY Jewelry

Selling homemade jewelry at craft fairs is one of the most common ways to make sales and cash in. But now, people are piling up to purchase homemade jewelry online because of the convenience. In fact, the ecommerce jewelry market grows at a 6% rate yearly, with the US in second place at $2.7 billion in revenue.

To leverage this, you do have to realize that – like every other creative business – making jewelry takes a lot of time, creativity, skill, and effort. Ideas may not come every time, and if you are looking to sell different designs, this might pose an issue for you.

People typically don’t search specific keywords when jewelry shopping. They tend to use general keywords and look for something they like within that category.

Moving on to the best DIY jewelry you should sell in 2023, we have:

Locket Necklace

Lockets have been around for a long time, and people still buy them. The monthly search volume on Google is 21,000, and on Amazon, it is 3,100.

If I were to sell these, I would learn how to make a vintage locket first.


Wearing cufflinks has always been a fashion thing for men because of the limited number of jewelry we can wear in a formal setting; women are also catching on to this piece. 35K people on Google are searching for how to wear them. 8.8K people are searching on Amazon looking to buy them.

Check out how to make your own cufflinks.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs have been around since before the Greek aristocrats of old were born. Enough people are still searching for them on Amazon (6.1K monthly searches), to mention here.

Join the market as a seller on Etsy with some unique pieces.

Viking Bracelets

We are in a Viking jewelry wave again, thanks to Game of Thrones and Vikings. This could be an awesome niche for the right person. Learn how to make them.

Buddha Bracelets

Buddha bracelets are now used for more than what they were originally made for – prayer. They have become fashion jewelry for men (and some women) who sell. I love them – they are simple and look good.

For every product idea, search volume is important before you go on to make it. For this product, it is 4,400 on Google. It’s clear that it’s being bought – the Amazon search volume is 350.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are easy to make and are great if you have failed to learn how to crochet or knit.

They are a cheaper option to gold chains, so people buy them. You can combine these with Buddha bracelets or sell them as a standalone.

Sales are usually higher during summer or events like Coachella, but it’s still bought in any season. Currently, the monthly search volume is 10,800.

Double Pearl Earrings

This is one product that people buy these days, though it’s not as popular as it used to be, with 820 in monthly search volume. You can make them with pearls or any gem you can afford to start with.

Beaded Tassel Necklace

Tassels aren’t just for curtains these days. From stylish earrings to necklaces and scarves, they have become a style favorite for some people. While the search volume is not high up there with friendship bracelets, it has 40 monthly searches on Amazon and 200 on Google.

Steampunk Earrings

The search volume of Steampunk Earrings on Google is 400, and Amazon is 800. The good thing about learning this craft is that you can choose to start making necklaces and any other steampunk jewelry too.

8 Hair Care Products and Accessories Ideas

Selling DIY Hair Care Products

I don’t think the hair care or accessories market will ever go down. For one, the hair care market is poised to bring in over $148 billion in revenue by 2030.

Secondly, people will always want to take care of their hair, and a good number of them are looking to accessorize their hair for different functions, be it for weddings or casual outings.

The best hair care and accessories crafts to make and sell now include:

Lace Front Wigs

Wigs are not a new trend, but the trendy rave for them increased recently. Most sellers use their websites to sell them – which is the best option. The monthly search volume on Amazon is 24,000, and Google is 35,000.

It is a good market; materials that are bought for about $10 are sold for $25 and above in finished products. Learn how to make a lace frontal wig


Anytime there’s a major British event, there’s always a spike in the sales of this product; they still sell at any season. The number of searches on Google is 17,000, and Amazon is doing well with 2,700 searches. Find out how you can make them.

Hair Jewelry

The number of searches occurring monthly for hair jewelry is 10,300. One good piece to start with is hair chains. You can learn to make them and sell them for a good amount.

Hair Barrette

People search for hair bows – 12,402 monthly search volume – because the word ‘barrette’ is not too popular. You can look into selling them. The monthly search volume on this exact phrase is 1,600 on Google and 458 on Amazon. You can make one in 1-minute.

Crochet Headband

A quick search on Amazon or Etsy will show you that people buy these things for between $10 – $30. The search volume is 5,000 on Google and 150 on Amazon. Be a part of this by learning how to make a Knotted headband.

Hair Pins

In the large market that is Hair accessories, Hairpins are one highly-searched item, with 11,000 in Amazon monthly volume and 12,000 on Google. Check out a video to learn how to make them.

Hair Comb

Hair combs are another accessory that people search for, with 8,600 in Google monthly search volume and 9,000 on Amazon.

Lace Headbands

One product you can look into is lace headbands. The search volume is not as strong as I’d like, with 60 on Amazon and 600 on Google. Lace headbands could be a nice cross-sell with hair pins.

9 Paper Craft Ideas

Selling Stationery Crafts Online

The ease of technology has made us prefer eCards, online notes, word documents, and emails over physical stationery. Add that to the ‘print less’ movement. Sales are going down for stationery products.

Nevertheless, ‘paper and pencil’ crafts still sell, especially in the holiday seasons, as a result of the personalized feel they bring. Printables also have some of the cheapest crafts to make.

Right now, stationary that people buy often include:

Personalized Stickers

You can make hand stickers, laptop stickers, door stickers, bumper stickers, band stickers, and more personalized stickers. The CEO from CustomSticker.com shows that custom stickers become more popular, especially die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers. And people love stickers and stick them anywhere. Search volume comes in at 109K on Google and 148K on Amazon. One of the most searched products in this niche is laptop stickers which have a volume of 41.5K.

Pencil Cup

While some of us use random cups to place our pencils, there are people looking for better pencil cups. On Amazon, the search volume is 6,000, and Google is 1,600. You can learn how to make pencil cup here.


Bookmarks are thin items that we use to mark the pages of our books in order to return to them with ease.

Not all books come with bookmarks, so people are searching for them. The Google search volume is 60,000, and Amazon is 25,000. This is a market you should look into.

    Pencil Pouch

    Like pencil cups, pencil pouches are used to store pencils, sharpeners, pens, glue sticks, erasers, and more. There is a lot of interest in this product; Amazon shows 54K as the monthly search volume. You can easily learn creative techniques and personalized touches to make a unique and functional pencil pouch.

      Glass Magnets

      Glass magnets are not expensive to create. They are used as pins for boards and wall decor. Specific searches for DIY magnets are 150 on Amazon and 800 on Google. While this is not so much, if you are interested in making a very easy craft, you can look into this.


        A paper notebook is a product that most people will use at some point. A specific search for handmade notebooks is just 150 on Google and 100 on Amazon, but since it’s one product that people need, you have a large market in notebook sales.

        On Amazon, notebook itself has 158,000 searches monthly, but that could include the laptop.

          Desk Pad

          A desk pad is used to protect your desk. Some people also use them to beautify their desks. There is a good enough search volume of 22K on Amazon and 10K on Google. You can choose the materials you would use; leather is more expensive, and colored wallpaper is a cheaper choice.

            Greeting Cards

            Research shows the greeting card market was valued at $19.25 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.9% from 2023 through 2030. This is a good market to sell in; the Google search volume is 15,000, and Amazon is 10K.

            There are so many types of greeting cards for different audiences, so you need to narrow your niche down.

              Bulletin Board

              This is another market that has a high search volume. The amount of searches in the past month on Amazon is 34,000, and Google comes in at 32,000. It is worth looking into. Dive into the world of bulletin board crafting now!

                13 Apparel Product Ideas

                Selling DIY Apparel

                One basic need of humans is clothing, and people obsess over clothes a lot. That aside, this industry is quite huge; the market is expected to grow to $122.98 billion in 2023.

                Handling the sales of apparel is not so hard too because they are easy to store and small to ship, but there are a lot of people selling them. The industry is so competitive.

                To succeed, you have to hone in your niche and be very creative and informed. The good thing is that you can cross-sell – bow ties and suspenders, for example – or start with a pouch and sell higher with a tote bag.

                These are great apparel crafts to sell now:


                There are many types of pouches to make. From makeup bags to fashion pouches. There were 12K searches for this product in the past month on Amazon and 14K on Google. This DIY mandarin orange slice snack pouch is really cute.

                Tote bag

                Tote bags are a type of handbag that is very large. Women are the primary users of this bag, and from my search, the monthly search volume on Amazon is 34K, and Google comes in at 277K.

                Here’s an easy-to-follow tote bag tutorial.

                Sunglasses case

                Even if summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make and sell sunglasses cases. There are places in the world that need it all year round. The monthly search volume comes in at 4,200 on Google and 13,000 on Amazon. here is the DIY tutorial to make sunglasses case

                  Boxy bag

                  Boxy bags are used for many things, from carrying toiletries and lunch and traveling necessities. You can decide to make boxy bags that are specific to one use. Lunch bags and travel bags have a good market, but monthly searches on the general term ‘boxy bag’ are just 150 on Google and 10 on Amazon.


                    Scarves sell at any time of the year, more so during Winter or Autumn. There’s also a large audience that you can narrow down to. The monthly search volume on Google is 14,000, and Amazon is 12,000.


                      Beanies – like scarves – sell more during the cold seasons, but there are still people that buy them at any time, and since you are selling online, you are not restricted to your geographical season only. It’s summer, but the search volume on Amazon is 67,000, and Google is at 111,000. I think this is a good market.


                        Mittens are another product you should look into creating. Google search volume is at 19,000, and Amazon is at 12,000.


                          There are so many types of socks to make. You can choose thin slip-on socks for shoes, winter woolen socks, football socks, socks for babies, and more. Socks sell at any season. The monthly search volume on Google is 158,000, and on Amazon, it’s a whopping 2,620,000.

                            Leather belt

                            Belts are a necessity for most outfits. I narrowed it down to leather belts because they are the most popular. Secondly, apart from knitted/fabric belts, they are the only ones that you can do yourself with some basic sewing skills. The monthly search volume is 9,900 on Google and 14,000 on Amazon.

                              Bow ties

                              If you chose to make bow ties, your market is large. There are 4,700 monthly searches on Amazon and 4,900 on Google. You can also cross-sell with Suspenders.


                                Suspenders are another easy-to-make craft, with a monthly search volume of 36,000 on Google and 28,000 on Amazon.


                                  The custom t-shirt business is worth billions of dollars. There’s also a good number of niches in here. An interesting idea is Christian t-shirts, which currently have a volume of 3,600. The monthly search volume of T-shirts is 17,000 on Amazon and 23,000 on Google. Learn How to make a t-shirt design from scratch here.

                                  Hand warmers

                                  The search volume for hand warmers is 47,000 on Google and 8,284 on 66,000 Amazon. Explore the art of hand warmer making and start earning.

                                    9 Candle and Incense Product Ideas

                                    Making Candles To Sell Online

                                    The demand for candles and incense will go higher as the weather drops.

                                    I like them because they are one of the easiest crafts to make; their recipes are usually easy to follow. There are also different types, and they all sell well both online and offline.

                                    Another good thing about selling this craft is that you can cross-sell with candle jars or incense holders

                                    The items below are what you need to make sales and fulfill orders now.

                                    Incense sticks

                                    Incense sticks are very easy to make. Within 24 hours, you can get a large batch out. People are also searching for it a lot. It’s 9,600 on Google and 17,000 on Amazon for monthly searches.

                                      Incense holders

                                      If you chose to make incense holders, incense sticks are a nice cross-sell to consider. The monthly search volume for the holders on Google is 600, and Amazon is 450.

                                        Wax melts

                                        This billion-dollar market is easy to rank in. With 20,000 searches on Amazon and 28,000, this is a profitable market. Learn more about it here Make wax melt tart cubes.

                                        Votive candles

                                        “Candles” in general, has a high search volume, coming in at 122,000 on Google and 175,000 on Amazon. You can also niche down to more specific types of candles. Votive candles are another good product, with a 15,000 monthly search volume on Google and 17,000 on Amazon.

                                        Novelty candles

                                        Novelty candles make great gifts for family and friends. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can do with colors, designs, shapes, and style.

                                        Pillar candles

                                        The monthly search volume for pillar candle is 10,000 on Google and 13,000 on Amazon. Learn How to make pillar candles to make many online.

                                        Candle jar

                                        Candle jars are made with natural ingredients and sold in glass jars. The monthly search volume is 700 on Google and 1.2K on Amazon.

                                        Herbal incense

                                        There are different herbal materials you can use to make incense. You can look into that if you are interested. The monthly search volume on Google is 1,600, and Amazon is 200.


                                        I have seen so many shapes and sizes of candle holders. It’s a nice way to show off your creativity. It’s even better that you can rank easily for this keyword.

                                        The monthly search volume is 21,000 on Google and 14,000 on Amazon.

                                        13 Cosmetics and Beauty Product Ideas

                                        Crafts To Make and Sell7

                                        Selling homemade beauty products is another perfect way to turn your hobby into a full-time income stream. You could choose to sell hair products, skin care products, or makeup. Any of them make great gifts.

                                        Whatever one you choose, ensure that you stick with the rules for homemade cosmetics that are present wherever you live and in the market you sell.

                                        This market has some of the most expensive products to create, but it also has some of the fastest-selling products. With just about any price point available and many opportunities to cross-sell, options products you should look into include

                                        Lip balm

                                        Lip balm is used by anybody and at any season. The market is set to be at 3.12 Billion by 2028. For the monthly search volume, it is 29K on Google and 64K on Amazon. Learn Homemade strawberry lip balm recipe to sell online.

                                        Lip scrub

                                        With the increase in the popularity of face scrubs, interest in lip scrubs and other lip treatment items is growing as well. The monthly search volume on Google is 22,000, and Amazon has 15,000. Learn Homemade chocolate sugar lip scrub recipe and sell it online.

                                          Body scrub

                                          When it comes to exfoliating, body scrubs are a cheap go-to.

                                          There’s a lot of interest in this product; the monthly search volume on Amazon is 22,000, and on Google, it is 31,000.

                                          Solid perfume

                                          With the popularity of liquid perfumes, solid ones fall a little behind. There’s still a good market for solid perfume. In the past month, solid cologne was searched 7,500 times, and solid perfume was searched 3,100 times.

                                          Bath bombs

                                          People are going crazy over bath bombs. They turn your water into color and sort of explode while at it. There are many fans, hence the monthly search volume of 34,000 on Google and 76,000 on Amazon. Turn your bath bomb passion into profit! Learn the tricks of crafting and selling bath bombs to build a thriving online business.

                                          Milk baths

                                          Milk baths have their benefits. Some experts say that it relieves stress. People are buying into it. The monthly search volume on Amazon is 1,300. Google comes in at 6,400. Learn the key ingredients and techniques for creating irresistible Milk baths for your online store

                                            Face powder

                                            Everyone uses face powder. If you are going to specialize in making setting powder, then your audience is mainly women. They have a growing interest in homemade face powder. It has a monthly search volume of 3,200 on Google and 3,600 on Amazon. Craft face powder masterpieces and tap into a thriving beauty market.


                                              Shampoo will always sell. You don’t need to make every type of shampoo, though. Dry shampoo is a good niche to stay in. The search volume for dry shampoo is 136,000 across both Google and Amazon. You can also choose the liquid shampoo if that interests you.

                                              Soap bars

                                              Soap bar was searched for on Amazon 17K times last month. Google had 3.2K searches. You can specialize and make natural soap. The volume on that is 6.1K on Amazon.

                                              Shower jellies

                                              Shower jelly – like shower gel – is used when cleaning up. They are also used to give a hot/cold muscle massage. People also like them because of their design. On Google, there are 450, and 100 on Amazon. Simple ingredients, stunning results – the perfect formula for crafting shower jellies that will have online customers hooked!

                                              Foot soak

                                              Pedicure items still sell a lot. Foot peel, for example, has a volume of 12,700 searches. Foot soak here comes in at 13,000. Get creative with some essential oils to come up with unique scents. Craft invigorating foot soak blends to dominate the online wellness market.

                                              Body wash

                                              Except if you live on an island all alone, you’ll need to wash up regularly. Body wash has a high search volume (113,000 on Amazon and 28,000 on Google). It’s also easy for you to rank for this keyword as long as you put in the effort and the right tactics.

                                              Beard oil

                                              Beards have made a comeback. A lot of men have been pulled in, so sales of beard care and growth products have gone up too. There were 74,000 searches on Amazon in the last month. Google search was 32,000. Unlock the secrets of homemade bread oil and turn it into online gold!

                                              9 Kitchen Product Ideas

                                              DIY Kitchen Products

                                              Kitchen products are essential for preparing and storing food, and they are the last items that come to mind when we think of crafts, but they sell well. You can sell them at any season so there are reduced restrictions here.

                                              Trending products to sell in this category include:

                                              Cutting Board

                                              A cutting board is an essential kitchen item, so you have a large market to sell to. The monthly search volume on Google is 57,000, and Amazon comes in at 113,000.

                                              Hot Handle Holder

                                              The demand for this product is not so high, probably due to other alternatives. Search volume on Google is just 90, and Amazon is 400. Nevertheless, they are easy to make.

                                              Personalized Wine Glass

                                              A personalized wine glass has etched characters on it. The search volume on this specific keyword is 600 on Google and 400 on Amazon. People would search for wine glass over personalized/etched glass and then choose.

                                              Utensil Box

                                              The search volume for utensil box on Amazon is 250, and 100 on Google. It is not as popular as it once was, but is still workable, especially when cross-sold with other items. Discover a variety of crafting techniques and designs to captivate online shoppers.


                                              Aprons have been used long before the world wars. They are still in demand to date. They have a monthly search volume of 68,000 on Google and 46,000 on Amazon.

                                              Salt and Pepper Shakers

                                              You can go the easy way by painting already-made shakers to glow them up or make them from ‘somewhat’ scratch. Whatever one you prefer, there’s a good market. The monthly search volume on Google is 19,000, and 40,000 on Amazon.

                                              Knife Holder

                                              If you are interested in woodworking, this upcycled knife holder is a great idea. Upcycled products are a great way to capitalize on current ecological trends while taking advantage of the increasing popularity of online shops. The monthly search volume on Google is 4,900, and on Amazon, we have 11,000.

                                              Rope Bowl

                                              You could call it a rope bowl or a rope basket. With rope basket, average volume is 7,000, but with the bowl, we have 1,540. Master the art of rope basket making and establish your online basket empire.

                                              Liquid Dish Soap

                                              Dish soap is used to wash dishes, pots, and some other utensils. Liquid dish soap was searched 1,700 times on Amazon in the last month. Google came in at 500. While that is not high up there, this product is one you should not ignore because people don’t always search for the exact word, but it’s used in almost every house.

                                              8 Kids Product Ideas

                                              Selling Kids Crafts

                                              The good thing about selling kid’s products is that you’ll never run out of people to sell to. By 2030, the number of kids in the US will be about 80 million, and they influence $500 billion worth of household spending.

                                              For craft makers, one good news is that the sale of traditional toys is pushing past $22 million (this doesn’t include video games), and clothes for children have skyrocketed past that. While it’s not growing at a fast rate like the jewelry industry, it’s easy to reach out to customers through ads and bloggers.

                                              If you have an interest in making tiny things, then this could be your thing. You can take your pick from the products below to make tons of cash from:

                                              Baby Cocoon

                                              Cocoons have become a photography trend for babies. They are also called sleep sacks. An alternative is swaddle wraps which were searched 1,250 times during the past month. The search volume for baby cocoon is 350. You can crochet it:

                                              Pacifier Clips

                                              Parents complain of pacifiers falling out, so they need clips. Little wonder that the search volume on Amazon is 24,000 and Google is 6,000. Since people will keep on having children, you’ll always have an audience to sell to. Design delightful Pacifier Clips and capture hearts (and orders) online.

                                              Plush Toys

                                              Plush toys or stuffed animals are needle/sewing machine work. Kids love them, some adults still use them. The monthly search volume on Amazon is 2,700, and Google is 5,700.

                                              Toy Bucket

                                              Some kids have a lot of toys, so they need an organizer to keep things clean. These are easy to make. The world of Toy Buckets is your oyster! Get creative, craft amazing designs, and watch them fly off the virtual shelves!

                                              Toddler Sleeping Bag

                                              When going camping, one thing that is needed is a sleeping bag. Making sleeping bags for kids is one good product idea. The search volume on Google is 3,600, and on Amazon, it is 2,800.

                                              Crayon Organizer

                                              Although I placed this in the kids’ section, there are some adults that use them because they fit other items like pencils or toothbrushes when traveling. The search volume on Amazon is 250 and on Google, it is 450. Master the art of crafting Crayon Organizers and bring joy to customers.

                                              Baby Shoes

                                              In the footwear industry, baby shoes are one of the easiest to make. There are a lot of searches too. During the past month, 64,000 searches were done on Google, and 16,000 searches were made on Amazon.


                                              This is a market where products are sold for as high as $100,000. It will take a lot of time to create a dollhouse worth that much, but demand is also high. The monthly search volume on Google is 18,000, and on Amazon, it is 13,000. Find out how to make a simple dollhouse:

                                              6 Pet Product Ideas

                                              Selling DIY Dog Treats

                                              Following kid’s items and home decor are pet products. Many pet owners consider their furry companions as part of the family, and they are always searching for ways to keep them happy with food, treats, toys, and other accessories.

                                              The items you should create to sell here include:

                                              Dog Biscuits

                                              Dogs love treats. Homemade dog treats? Even better. The search volume is 3,400 on Google and 4,900 on Amazon.

                                              Leash Holder

                                              Having a place to store your dog’s leash is nice; it helps to combat misplacing it. People are catching up on this, with the search volume on Amazon being 300 and Google at 200.

                                              Dog Steps

                                              Dog steps/stairs were searched 12,000 times on Amazon in the last month. Google search was 8,700. If you want to make and sell products in a niche market, you have an audience to target.

                                              Cat Tents

                                              In making cat houses, one option that people buy is cat tents. They are one of the easiest products you can make in the cat house category.

                                              The search for cat houses was 4,600 times, and cat tents specifically came in at 600. The options for cat tent creation and commerce are endless.

                                              Pet Bowl Stand

                                              An elevated dog bowl prevents too much litter when a dog is eating/drinking. In the past month, it was searched for on Amazon 1.3K times. On Google, it was 1.2K.

                                              Catnip Toys

                                              Some Cats enjoy catnip. Cat owners look into it for one reason or another since Cats react differently to it. The search volume on Amazon is 3.8K. Google is a mere 1.2K, which is up significantly compared to our last update when it was just 1,988 and 70, respectively. This is a good market still. Discover a treasure trove of DIY techniques here.

                                              9 Other Product Ideas

                                              DIY Phone Cases

                                              The crafts in this category don’t fall into any of the categories above, but people are buying them online, and the search volume for them is quite good too.

                                              Phone Case

                                              Phone cases are trending, and it is not just because they protect your phone. Celebrities make it even better by popularizing them. The search volume on Amazon is 28K, and on Google, it’s 33K.

                                              Homemade vanilla

                                              You can make vanilla extract and sell it. The search volume for organic vanilla extract is 4,700. Craft your own premium vanilla extract and share the delicious

                                              Tablet and iPad case

                                              The specific search on iPad cases in the last month was 103,000. People buy them for the same reason they buy phone cases.


                                              Without a keychain, most people will always lose their keys. No wonder the search volume on Amazon is 64,000 and Google is 61,000. Create unique keychains that make a statement.

                                              Ring dish

                                              For people that own a lot of rings/jewelry, a ring dish is a miracle. The search volume on Google is 3,700, and Amazon is far ahead with 4,200 searches in the past month.

                                              Cup cozy

                                              Cup cozy is mainly used for keeping drinks warm. Sales are higher during cold months. Right now, the search volume is just 450 on Google and 150 on Amazon.

                                              Toothbrush holder

                                              If you like to make interesting products, this is one market that you can test your skills and sell. I have seen toothbrush holders that are funny to look at and ones that are simple. The search volume for this product is 14,000 on Google and 65,000 on Amazon.


                                              For some people, seeing water rings on the coffee table is not nice. For some, it’s just about the aesthetics that the coaster adds. The monthly search volume on Google is 6,700, and on Amazon, it is 18,000. Transform everyday materials into beautiful, functional coasters.

                                              Polymer clay charms

                                              The monthly search volume of polymer clay charms in the past month on Google is 700, Amazon came in at 150. You have a market to sell this easy-to-make craft, despite its decline in popularity.


                                              There are many homemade products that can sell well, depending on your skills, interests, and market demand. Popular options include gift baskets, food items, candles, bath and body products, jewelry, and artwork.

                                              Regardless of what you want to make and sell, you have to know your target audience. Develop a unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition. 

                                              Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements surrounding the sale of homemade products in your area.

                                              There are countless products that you can make yourself and sell. Start with your skills and interests, then find something with market demand. 

                                              For instance, if you love Christmas, consider making personalized ornaments. You can open an Etsy shop, your own Shopify store, and sell at local craft fairs. Though it’s a seasonal business, you could expand into other handmade items as you grow.

                                              Easy things to sell depend on various factors, such as your market and demand. Consumer needs change all the time – so the best thing you can do is stay on top of market research. Digital products, like online courses or digital printables, are easy because you create the material once and sell it over and over. You don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping.

                                              Yes, you can make and sell a variety of products, from pet supplies to cosmetics. You can create your own craft business from the ground up – starting with selling on marketplaces and expanding to other channels later.

                                              There are Plenty of Things to Make and Sell Online for Profit

                                              I hope my list of things to make and sell sparked some thoughts of your own! If you’re not sure whether to start, YouTube is full of tutorials to help you hone your craft. It’s a great way to expand your skill set.

                                              But before you run off to launch your website, you need to know the essentials of running an online boutique. This will prepare you for some of the challenges and opportunities that will come up along the way. Making crafts is one thing, selling stuff online is something completely different.

                                              Do you have any questions or concerns about selling your crafts online?

                                              Let me know in the comments.

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